[EN] October 2015 and my public speaking and presence

public-speaking_thumb3_thumbSeptember was busy. Really Busy. I attended for SQL Saturday #411 in Cambridge and CloudSEC in London. And I had great opportunity to speak in Zeist, Copenhagen, Utrecht, Vianen, Wroclaw.  And most important – I found enough time to move from Leicester – where I spend last seven months) to Nottingham. Much, much better place. But of course – even I can stop, I don’t want to. So my October plans are as follows:


To hear someone, to see someone, to meet someone, to be inspired. My plans are a little flexible (even my calendar is not):


  • SQL Relay – London|London,England|12th October {SITE}
  • SQL Relay – Bristol|Bristol,England|13th October {SITE}



Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course I will have some chance to increasing my speakers skills here:

User Groups Meetings:

  • Last & Final Leicester SQL User Group Meeting|Leicester, England|14th October {SITE} | session: 2AM A Disaster Just Began
  • UnExpected Ukrainian SQL Breakfast|Kiev, Ukraine|16th October| session: Round Table Light Discussion


  • SQL Relay – Nottingham|Nottingham, England|07th October {SITE}|one session: SQL Server Backup in the Era of the Cloud
  • Internet & Mobile World|Bucharest, Romania|08th October {SITE}|keynote sesson: Data.Collaboration.Trust
  • SQL Relay – Cardiff|Cardiff, Wales|14th October {SITE}|one session: SQL Server Backup in the Era of the Cloud
  • SQL Relay – Birmingham|Birmingham, England|15th October {SITE}|one session: SQL Security in the Cloud
  • SQL Saturday #418 Moscow|Moscow, Russian Federation|17th october {SITE}|two session: TBA & TBA



I have one confirmed public training in October – my authored SharePoint MasterClass as a part of CQURE Academy.

Workshops & Trainings:

  • SharePoint 2013 for ITPro Masterclass|Reykjavik,Iceland|19th-23rd October {REGISTRATION}|


Workshops in the Future:

  • Windows Azure SQL Database – A Journey from Zero to be Hero|Southampton,England|4th December {REGISTRATION}|Early Birds!

As You can see, a lot of places and dates where and when you ca meet me. Hope you will find amoment to say Hi!

[EN] SQL Relay Autumn Tour – Day Four

A series of short post about SQL Relay Autumn Tour in United Kingdom, where I speaking, networking, helping and doing more fun and business things. Fourth day in Caerdydd. Last day of first week of tour. Wales. Cymru. Cardiff. Caerdydd. I have been in Wales once, one year ago I just back from SQL Saturday Dublin to United Kingdom via ferry and Holy Head. And I have been in Cardiff once, when I changed my train. But this time I travel on different route via super great three miles long The Second Severn Crossing (Welsh: Ail Groesfan Hafren LINK). Really amazing.


We park our bus on big mall car park, and moved for pint of local beer and next green curry. In Cardiff I spend two nights in really great citi center located hostel in good bunk bed room, and friendly stuff. And just to three minutes from St Davis Hall (Welsh: Neuadd Dewi Sant). Very interesting, multi cultural place and we got three levels: level two with speakers room, level three for reception desk, dba sessions, alt(ernative)tech sessions keynote and lunch, and finally level five for bi sessions. And here we had another great agenda:

Keynote | Microsoft
Sponsor Sessions by Microsoft & Acorn

SQL Server / DBA
Help, my table’s too big! | James Skipwith
Designing, Implementing and Running SQL Server Always On Availability Groups | Daniel Sol
High Performance and Highly Available SANLess Clustering | Mark Round
SQL Server Query Performance Tuning: A 12 step process | Scott Klein
Maintenance Plans for Beginners | Tobiasz Koprowski

Business Intelligence
Ad-Hoc SSIS for Business Analysts | Andre Kamman
Dave’s SQL Fun Time Hour | Dave Morrison
Introduction to Power BI Websites | James Boother
The News Column: ColumnStore Indexes in SQL Server 2014 | Andrew Whettam
"But SSRS Can’t Do That" – How to make it do that! | Oz Locke

Alt Tech
Continuous Delivery for Databases | James Smith
The Dark Side – Introducing some NoSQL alternatives to your RDBMS | Richard Munn
Fast and flexible data wrangling with data.table in R | Matt Dowle
Guerrilla training – implementing "Self-Service" BI | Steph Locke
Managing multi-vendor technology environments | Gavin Payne

Here I had time for attending for two sessions, and visit some streets arround venue. Absolutely fantastic luch with sandwiches and cookies, and fruits. And no limited coffee. Really good keynote by Anthony Saxby on the theatre style stage, which we used for final raffle. And really great audience on my sessions. This day we stay in Caerdydd, so after packing whole our stuff we went to speaker dinner in pure indian restaurant, where… I ordered chilli masala. And I know – this is one of my favourite indian main course. After the dinner, we (with James and Andre) discovered local pubs and micro brewery.

And I learned one more think. Even bank branch is opet till 7pm, it doesn’t mean that we can do everything there – the cash desk is open just till 5pm. 

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