[EN] T-15 minutes to start (but T-7 weeks)

8:45 AM. Friday. Yes! T-15 minutes to start. Exactly in seven weeks at the same time (almost ‘cos not Leicester, but Utrecht time zone) I will start to countdown for my workshop before SQL Saturday No 434 in Utrecht (Netherland). Two more great workshops will be delivering in the same time in different rooms and all three workshops will be provided by SQL Server MVPs:

  • Hugo Kornelis {T|B}Understanding Execution Plans – L.400
  • Dejan Sarka {T|B}Data Mining Algorithms in SQL Server, Excel, R and Azure ML – L.300

My workshops will be a complement for both workshops above. Not only with levels – we will cover all standard levels 200/300/400; but with subjects too – dba,performance/bi, data mining/dba, cloud:

  • Tobiaz KoprowskiWASD-A Journey from Zero to be Hero – L.200

It will be my second workshop about Windows Azure SQL  Database (ater full workshop in Kiev almost year ago: http://bit.ly/1DyHQw0 ) and before next one in Southampton (pssst is not annouced yet). I’m very happy to be selected few weeks ago, and actually working with preparation for this workshop. Full desciption for it are below:

LOGO__SQLSaturday434Windows Azure SQL Database and our Journey from Zero to be Hero. Four years on the market, continuously changing, but still not good enough recognizable. in AD2015 is right time to change this. With a full day Pre-Conf we start on our Premise instances, next we touch the Sky, and as parachute masters we will back to the Earth. On my full day Pre-Conf I want to show you how we can work with Windows Azure SQL Database (formerly known as SQL Azure) and we will focus on:
• pros and cons
• differences
• place to start
• security
• tools, methods and ideas
• SWOT analyse
• backup and restore
• RPO, RTO, ROI, SLA, SLO and more
• Service Level Agreements,
• compliance and responsibility
• best and worst practices

Slides, talks and of course few hour of labs with SQL Server on Premise, SQL Server in the Cloud, In eight (or maybe nine hours) you will learn about everything what you need to start your own journey in the cloud.

Requirements for this workshop:
* Windows 8 or 8.1 (preferred) / Windows 7 is possible (but some workshop feature will not work) / Windows 10 possible too
* SQL Server 2012 minimum in Standard Edition installed (SQL Server 2014 preferred) {LINK:
* Active Microsoft Azure Account {LINK: http://bit.ly/1n0AV52}
Each attendee will get printed slides and labs and extra materials useful materials from my special community collection.

Of course after pre-conference seminar, a standard SQL Saturday will happen and we still have place for you. You can go to sites and register for:


  • 25th September – Pre Conference Seminar | Van der Valk Hotel – Vianen, Prins Bernardstraat 75, 4132 XE Vianen, Nederland
  • Early Birds price 199 EUR is valid till 5th of September, after normal price 249 EUR will start
  • 26th September – Full Day Free Conference | University of Utrecht – Marinus Ruppert Building, Leuvenlaan 21, Utrecht, Utrecht, 3584 CE, Netherlands

Register, join us and have fun in Utrecht!

[EN] The Redgate Way in AD 2015

LOGO__FORG2015I’m very very happy to be Friend Of Redgate. I’m member of this fantastic program for last three/four years. My first “Friends of Redgate” sencence appears in my mailbox in fall of 2011. Since this moment I’m trying to be active in this way. My stardard job as Friend is part of evangelization – not as good as my friends Grant Fritchey {TWITTER|BLOG} or Steve Jones {TWITTER|BLOG}, but because they both always inspiring me, I’m trying to be better year by year – is speaking and talking about arround, with Redgate’s ingeniously simple stuff. Speaking continuosly need improvement. Session writing, demo testing, then presenting and collecting opinions is a hard job. Sometimes I failed, sometime I rocking. But improving my session is my primary goal for this year. Not only by quantity but with quality.

In next two weeks I will spend almost three days in Redgate Headquarter in Cambridge. First day will be oriented for two main focus:

     >> Friends of Redgate Things: opinions, ideas, project team exchange, project and product managers talk, constructive advices and more

     >> Business Perspectives: because I just moved to England, hope that collaboration with Redgate could be alittle closer than before

Next two days it will be focusing for intensive learning workshops in Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) Training mode:

    Database Source Control – If you want to take the first step in improving your database development process with DLM, this is the workshop for you. You’ll learn how to: || Source control your database – the first step in any DLM process || Deploy your databases from source control || Monitor and track database changes across development, testing, and production environments. Workshop outline:
              – Introduction to Database Lifecycle Management (DLM)
              – Source control: an overview
              – SQL Source Control & Redgate DLM tools
              – Lunch
              – Deploying from source control
              – Branching and merging
              – Migration scripts for complex changes
              – Tracking changes across environments with DLM Dashboard
              – Networking and beer!

    Database Continuous Integration – Ready to do database continuous integration (CI) as part of Database Lifecycle Management? Then this is the workshop for you. You’ll learn how to: || Link your source control repository to a build system || Trigger database builds automatically when you make a change || Use Redgate’s DLM tools to test your database changes || Lay the foundations for package-based deployment of your database. Workshop outline
              – Introduction to Database Lifecycle Management (DLM)
              – Continuous integration (CI): an overview
              – CI & Redgate DLM tools
              – Automating builds
              – Lunch
              – The SQL CI plugin
              – Introduction to SQL Test
              – How to automate tests
              – Tracking changes across environments with DLM Dashboard
              – Networking and beer!

Both workshops will be provided by one of two Redgate DLM Trainer Tom Austin >>  Tom has spent the last 7 years working at Redgate, focusing on our DLM tools. He’s worked closely with customers from many different industries to improve efficiency and productivity in their development environments. Recently he has been involved in webinars focusing on database versioning using SQL Source Control
sing SQL Source Control. You can still register for one of those workshops plus another one named: Automated Database Deployment not only in United Kingdom but in United States (of America) too:

          – April 10 2015 | Database Continuous Integration | LA, USA | $500 | Ike Ellis | REGISTER

          – April 22 2015 | Database Source Control | Cambridge, UK | £300 | Tom Austin | REGISTER

          – April 23 2015 | Database Continuous Integration | Cambridge, UK | £300 | Tom Austin | REGISTER

          – April 24 2015 | Automated Database Deployment | Exeter, UK | £300 | Alex Yates | REGISTER

          – May 15 2015 | Database Continuous Integration |Bellevue, WA | $500 | Northwest Cadence | REGISTER

          – May 20 2015 | Automated Database Deployment | London, UK | £300 | Alex Yates | REGISTER

Learning? Yes, definitely very good planned two April’s days. Teaching? Yes, definitely more sessions with those subjects at User Groups, Saturday Conferences and middle-week conference in future months. If you will go to Cambridge, stop and say hello (or bring excellent coffe from Redgate’s Level Zero Cafeteria.

[EN] T-2 weeks till ITCamp–Are You Ready?

LOGO__ITCamp2014One year ago I visited Capitol of Transylvania first tme. Cluj-Napoca. Beautiful, tourist-friendly city in Romania (but close to Hungary). I had great pleasure to speaking for dozens of hundreds attendees which chosed my session. And it was great success. I got really great feedback for my session not only from organizers, but (which is most important) from attendees.

This year I will back to IT Camp, but for more days. I’m really happy to inviting for my thee moments at this conference:

  • Wednesday, May 21st – I will presenting my first full Pre-Conf. That’s exciting, and I’m very proud to got invitation from Tudor Damian {BLOG | TWITTER} for this action. My full-day workshop subjest is simple: High Availability of SQL Server in the context of Service Level Agreement. And I’m only one non-local speaker for pre-conf day, all other three experts are:
  • Agile in practice (Radu Vunvulea)
    Automating your IT infrastructure using PowerShell (Razvan Rusu)
    Mobile Device Management with Windows Intune and SCCM (Adrian Stoian)

  • Thursday, May 22nd – first conference day with four tracks and many not speakers not only from Romania, but from many place from the world. In blue line at 5PM I will presenting session: SQL Server Source Control about controling code for SQL Server Development, using Visual Studio and more, Cloud (and no-cloud) Source Control Application, and RedGate Software.
  • Friday, May 23rd – second and last day of conference. I hope that between those two days of conference I will find time for visiting city center. Early morning at 9AM in green line I will presenting session: SQL Azure from Plan, To Backup, To Cloud about Cloud Services and Backup and Restore features.

It is one of the biggest conference in Europe, even almost all speakers are from Romania this time all sessions will be presenting in English – I hope that more attendees will be ready for activity attendance, for speaking, commenting, asking and sharing knowledge. And here is the amazing list of speakers:

Tim Huckaby, Peter Leeson, Alex Ionescu, David Giard, Raffaele Rialdi, Jonathan "J" Tower, Martin Kulov, Andy Cross, Adam Granicz, Alessandro Pilotti, Ciprian Jichici, Adrian Stoian, Cristian Lefter, Valy Greavu, Tiberiu Covaci, Tiberiu Radu, Petru Jucovschi, Lorant Domokos, Florin Cardașim, Dan Nicola, Florin Coroș, Răzvan Rusu, Florin Loghiade, Claudia Jelea, Alex Mang, Romulus Crișan, Attila-Mihaly Balazs, Silviu Niculiță, Bogdan Toporan, Dan Ardelean, Radu Vunvulea, Mihai Tătăran, Tudor Damian.

I hope that oraginizers will be ready, and they have really big speaker room (last year speaker room was awesome).


Last important and logistic data:

  • WHERE: Hotel Grand Italia, Romania, Cluj-Napoca
  • WHEN: May 21st (pre-conf), May 22nd-23rd (conference)
  • SITE and REGISTRATION: http://ITCamp.ro/