[EN] SQL Server 2012 Pocket Consultant by O’Reilly

BOOKLET__SQLSRV2012PocketAdminGuideMicrosoft Press has published (by O’Reilly of course) new small book about SQL Server – this time for SQL Server 2012 of course. Some basic information: the general author (as almost always) is William R. Stanek; publisher (of course) is Microsoft Press, book size: 592 pages, ISBN:978-0-7356-6376-3 | ISBN 10:0-7356-6376-9. Book is available in print and digital formats, and is not expensive (about 32 USD).

But what You can find inside this book? Lets see it:

PART 1: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Essentials
Chapter 1 Managing Your SQL Servers
(Using SQL Server Management Studio, Managing SQL Server Groups, Managing Servers, Using Windows PowerShell for SQL Server Management, Starting, Stopping, and Configuring SQL Server Agent, Starting, Stopping, and Configuring MSDTC, Managing SQL Server Startup, Managing Server Activity)
Chapter 2 Managing SQL Server Services and Clients
(Managing SQL Server Component Feature Access, Managing the Network and SQL Server Native Client Configuration, Understanding the Services Configuration, Configuring SQL Server Services)
PART 2: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management and Security
Chapter 3 Implementing Policy-Based Management
(Introducing Policy-Based Management, Working with Policy-Based Management, Configuring Central Management Servers, Managing Policies Throughout the Enterprise)
Chapter 4 Configuring and Tuning Your SQL Servers
(Accessing SQL Server Configuration Data, Techniques for Managing SQL Server Configuration Options, Configuring SQL Server with Stored Procedures)
Chapter 5 Tuning and Linking Your SQL Servers
(SQL Server Management Studio Essentials, Working with Linked Servers and Distributed Data, Configuring Authentication and Auditing, Tuning Memory Usage, Configuring Processors and Parallel Processing, Configuring Threading, Priority, and Fibers, Configuring User and Remote Connections, Managing Server Settings, Managing Database Settings, Managing Linked Servers, Troubleshooting Configuration Problems,)
Chapter 6 Database Administration Essentials
(Database Files and Logs, Database Administration Basics, Creating Databases, Altering Databases and Their Options, Managing Database and Log Size,Manipulating Databases, Tips and Techniques)
Chapter 7 Implementing SQL Server 2012 Security
(Overview of SQL Server 2012 Security, SQL Server 2012 Authentication Modes, Special-Purpose Logins and Users, Permissions, Roles, Managing Server Logins, Configuring Server Roles, Controlling Database Access and Administration, Managing Database Permissions)
PART 3: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data Management
Chapter 8 Manipulating Schemas, Tables, and Views
(Working with Schemas, Getting Started with Tables, Table Essentials, Working with Tables, Managing Table Values, Using Views)

Chapter 9 Using Indexes, Constraints, and Partitions
(Creating and Managing Indexes, Working with Columnstore Indexes, Column Constraints and Rules, Creating Partitioned Tables and Indexes, Compressing Tables, Indexes, and Partitions)
PART 4: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Optimization, Maintenance, and Recovery
Chapter 10 Automating and Maintaining SQL Server 2012
(Database Automation and Maintenance, Using Database Mail, Using SQL Server Agent, Managing Alerts, Managing Operators, Scheduling Jobs, Automating Routine Server-to-Server Administration Tasks, Multiserver Administration, Database Maintenance)
Chapter 11 SQL Server 2012 Backup and Recovery
(Creating a Backup and Recovery Plan, Selecting Backup Devices and Media, Using Backup Strategies, Creating a Backup Device, Performing Backups, Restoring a Database, Restoring the master Database)
Chapter 12 SQL Server 2012 Profiling and Monitoring
(Monitoring Server Performance and Activity, Working with Replication Monitor, Working with the Event Logs, Monitoring SQL Server Performance, Configuring a Management Data Warehouse, Solving Performance Problems with Profiler)

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