[EN] T-7 Days till my next session… at SQLSat Holland

LOGO__SQLSatHolland2015A week in advance announcement. I’m very happy to be one of the speakers at upcoming SQL Saturday No 434 in Utrecht. It will be my third SQL Saturday – after one in Cambridge (Sept 12) where I only work as room monitor, and today’s very exciting session in Copenhagen. If you follow me you probably well know that I have been in The Netherlands just few days ago. On Friday before SQL Saturday in Cambridge I delivered two sessions at Software Developer Network Event in Zeist. This time I will go to Netherland for few days. After night trip NOT-LGW then flight to AMS and another short trip to Utrecht I will be there from Thursday noon till Sunday morning.

This time SQL Saturday will be a two-day-event for me. On Friday [25th September] I will deliver full day pre-conf seminar, as well as two other great (greatest than me) speakers:

  • WASD-A Journey from Zero to be Hero | Tobiaz Koprowski |L200
  • Data Mining Algorithms in SQL Server, Excel, R and Azure ML | Dejan Sarka |L300
  • Understanding Execution Plans | Hugo Kornelis |L400

It’s very exciting. It’s my second SQL Saturday Pre-Conf Seminar; the first one I delivered in Kiev a year ago. I know that there is not as much attendees registered now (in compare of famous pre-conf by Dejan and Hugo) but I’m sure that, we will have a very interesting, full of knowledge and discussions training day.

On Saturday [26th September] (this time my session will be served at early morning) each of attendees can choose from several sessions delivering by many great speakers:

Klaus Aschenbrenner + Bob Duffy + M Streutker + David Williams + Denny Cherry + Aaron Bertrand + Gabi Münster + Scott Klein + Joost van Rossum + Neil Hambly + Matija Lah + Jan Pieter Posthuma + Tanja Vukov + Janko Radusinovic + Edgar Walther + David Postlethwaite + Hugo Kornelis + Jan Van humbeek + Niels Naglé + Hylke Peek + Henk van der Valk + John Martin + Hugo Kornelis + Henk Vlootman + Leonard Lobel + Joseph D’Antoni + Dandy Weyn + Niall MacLeod + Sander van der hoeff + Dejan Sarka + Peter Jonk

Speakers from both sides of Atlantic, from Central Europe, few Islands, even Balkan territory.  A lot of of discussions, coffees, comments, swags, networking opportunities and Saturday full of knowledge. And local beer from Utrecht (i hope..)

I will present one of my newest session SQL Security in the Cloud at 9:00 AM in Zaal A

More details and resitration are available at the conference page: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/434/eventhome.aspx

[EN] September 2015 and my public speaking and presence

public-speaking_thumb3Holiday is over. Finally. Even not for me ‘cos from begining of this year I work in different model – I’m my boss – and I really love my job – so I have holiday always or never. Anyway. I have few corfirmed sessions at deferent conferences with different countries, and few conferences where I will be attendee (almost only attendee). Here is the list and I’m sure that we will meet somewhere. 


To hear someone, to see someone, to meet someone, to be inspired. My plans are a little flexible (even my calendar is not):


  • SQL Saturday #411|Cambridge,England|12th September {SITE}
  • CloudSEC|London,England|17th September {SITE}
  • CyberSEC Forum|Cracow,Poland|28th-29th September {SITE|TWITTER|FACEBOOK}

User Groups Meetings:

  • Sekcja Bezpieczeństwa Informacji|Wroclaw, Poland|30th September {SITE}

Workshops & Trainings:

  • Data Culture Days|London,England|22nd September {SITE} |full workshop by Microsoft: Dashboard in a Day



Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course I will have some chance to increasing my speakers skills here:

User Groups Meetings:

  • Sekcja Bezpieczeństwa Informacji|Wroclaw, Poland|30th September {SITE} | just short introductionary session


  • Software Development Network Event|Zeist,Netherlands|11th September {SITE}|two sessions: Windows Azure SQL Database for Beginners and SQL Server Source Control in the Cloud
  • SQL Saturday #413 | Denmark|Copenhagen,Denmark|19th September {SITE}|session: Azure SQL Database Tips and Tricks for Beginners
  • SQL Saturday #434 | Holland|Utrecht,Netherlands|25th-26th September {SITE}|session: SQL Security in the Cloud

Workshops & Trainings:

  • SQL Saturday #434 | Holland|Utrecht,Netherlands|25th September {REGISTRATION}|full day pre-conf: Windows Azure SQL Database: A Journey from Zero to be Hero {level 200}


As You can see, a lot of places and dates where and when you ca meet me. Hope you will find amoment to say Hi!

[EN] T-15 minutes to start (but T-7 weeks)

8:45 AM. Friday. Yes! T-15 minutes to start. Exactly in seven weeks at the same time (almost ‘cos not Leicester, but Utrecht time zone) I will start to countdown for my workshop before SQL Saturday No 434 in Utrecht (Netherland). Two more great workshops will be delivering in the same time in different rooms and all three workshops will be provided by SQL Server MVPs:

  • Hugo Kornelis {T|B}Understanding Execution Plans – L.400
  • Dejan Sarka {T|B}Data Mining Algorithms in SQL Server, Excel, R and Azure ML – L.300

My workshops will be a complement for both workshops above. Not only with levels – we will cover all standard levels 200/300/400; but with subjects too – dba,performance/bi, data mining/dba, cloud:

  • Tobiaz KoprowskiWASD-A Journey from Zero to be Hero – L.200

It will be my second workshop about Windows Azure SQL  Database (ater full workshop in Kiev almost year ago: http://bit.ly/1DyHQw0 ) and before next one in Southampton (pssst is not annouced yet). I’m very happy to be selected few weeks ago, and actually working with preparation for this workshop. Full desciption for it are below:

LOGO__SQLSaturday434Windows Azure SQL Database and our Journey from Zero to be Hero. Four years on the market, continuously changing, but still not good enough recognizable. in AD2015 is right time to change this. With a full day Pre-Conf we start on our Premise instances, next we touch the Sky, and as parachute masters we will back to the Earth. On my full day Pre-Conf I want to show you how we can work with Windows Azure SQL Database (formerly known as SQL Azure) and we will focus on:
• pros and cons
• differences
• place to start
• security
• tools, methods and ideas
• SWOT analyse
• backup and restore
• RPO, RTO, ROI, SLA, SLO and more
• Service Level Agreements,
• compliance and responsibility
• best and worst practices

Slides, talks and of course few hour of labs with SQL Server on Premise, SQL Server in the Cloud, In eight (or maybe nine hours) you will learn about everything what you need to start your own journey in the cloud.

Requirements for this workshop:
* Windows 8 or 8.1 (preferred) / Windows 7 is possible (but some workshop feature will not work) / Windows 10 possible too
* SQL Server 2012 minimum in Standard Edition installed (SQL Server 2014 preferred) {LINK:
* Active Microsoft Azure Account {LINK: http://bit.ly/1n0AV52}
Each attendee will get printed slides and labs and extra materials useful materials from my special community collection.

Of course after pre-conference seminar, a standard SQL Saturday will happen and we still have place for you. You can go to sites and register for:


  • 25th September – Pre Conference Seminar | Van der Valk Hotel – Vianen, Prins Bernardstraat 75, 4132 XE Vianen, Nederland
  • Early Birds price 199 EUR is valid till 5th of September, after normal price 249 EUR will start
  • 26th September – Full Day Free Conference | University of Utrecht – Marinus Ruppert Building, Leuvenlaan 21, Utrecht, Utrecht, 3584 CE, Netherlands

Register, join us and have fun in Utrecht!