[EN] PowerShell Impressions

I’m not a fan of PowerShell. Yes, not yet. But sometimes PowerShell is necessary – even not for work task, but maybe for learn something. Yesterday I just tried to use PowerShell on my laptop (with Windows 81. on board). And as many of you know I’m a little strange person – using Spanish version of systems, even living in Poland (ok, sometimes apps are in Catalan or Icelandic or other languages).

And I open my PowerShell Gui. Because I never use PowerShell on this machine, when I use Get-Help command I got answer (in Spanish):

Pict. 1 – Having not any Get-Help library. Do You want to execute Update-Help cmdlets?

Crapy. What will happen if I would be able to work with Spanish version of PowerShell? It’s a standard for my command line and sometimesis not easy to use:

I was able to choos only one, right option: {S} that means Yes, update for library just started (in light blue part of screen. Of course I was a little aftraid, because I’m ready for work in Spanish Windows version, I’m not good enough to work with Spanish PowerShell version. But fortunatelly after update I saw:

Pict. 2 – Standard English based PowerShell Get-Help library.

Simple things make me happy!