[EN] The 2013 Year Recap. Few words about past and future…

IMG_2077Nothing special happened. The World not going to end, it was only 2013 Year End. On the Eve of first full work week of 2014 (in Poland we have something similar to UK’s Bank Holiday, but it’s result of too strong Catholic Church in my country – it’s another completely unnecessary day off, just after xMass and Silvester Day) I should write something similar to my summary of 2012. I will try write this post in the same order like last year, and maybe in future years too. This year was a little bit different than year before, I work more, travel less, made few interesting projects and got some failures. But I still think that I didn’t use all my time which I can. I missed something last year, and I’ll try to find it in next twelve months. And here is my summary based on the last year schema:

Professional Job
I’m still work in the same place and I do almost the same things (even the company has changed). Non-Standard hours in 24/7/265 &1/4 in a year. I thing that something should change this year, or… everything else is under NDA statement.

I renewed my MCT certification, but I hadn’t enough time for providing as much courses what I want. This point definitely must be change in next few months.

For few months I leave SQL Server, SharePoint and Azure areas and have been focused for corporate security and cyber security. For this year I’ve plan for working more with Microsoft products, but security risk, ISO, cyber security and compliance will be very important topic in my professional life this year.

User Group (s)
Leading of my group Polish SQL Server User Group in Wroclaw is not very easy task. But I organized few meetings in last year, with good (more or less) opinions from attendees. And I still have few moments each month for managing our channels: SITES:PLSSUG, SQL Day Conference, SQLDay Workshop,FAN PAGES:PLSSUG, SQL Day, SQL Day Workshop; TWITTERS:PLSSUG, SQL Day Conference; and YouTube. It’s not only this group, I’m also active member of Polish Computer Society (Data Security Division) and occasionally colaborate with other groups.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time for blogging. I’ve three (no, in fact four) public blogs when I published only about eighty posts. I should increase this factor twise or more. I’ll try to scheduling/planning more post for this year.

I love speaking. Even my sessions not always got very good opinions (when different audience and differenf events meet same speaking style and subject – results could be different too), I’m very happy and proud to sharing my knowledge, ideas, practices for other peoples. In last year I had great opportunity for speaking at local user group meetups (6 sessions / Wrocław) and first time at international user groups meetups (3 sessions / Birmingham, Maidenhead, Budapest), IT Conferences (16 sessions / Kiev, Kharkov, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Norwich, Dublin, Rheinland, Stockholm, Moscow, Cluj-Napoca), Internal Sessions in Corpo (6 sessions / Wrocław) and Other Professional Conferences (4 sessions / Łódź, Wrocław, Warsaw).  Not too much, but really nice result.

Social Media
Be social, Say More, Here and Learn More, Tech Someone. They are my personal rules. Even ‘be sociable’ is not very popular in Poland (yet) I trying to use my social networks for many purposes from reading and learning through meeting new peoples, ideas, opinions, facts and fictions, to teaching and helping peoples. One of very important hashtag is of course #sqlhelp / read more at old post from Brent Ozar blog. List of my social networks expanded from last year, but core is the same: Twitter, LinkedIn, GoldenLine, Facebook.

Year of 2013 it was year of conferences. I have been on few SQL Saturdays (Exeter, Kiev, Kharkov, Rheinland, Dublin, Moscow), SQL Bits XI (Nottingham), IBM IT Forum, ISSA European Conference, Info Security, Service Desk & IT Support, Oracle Day, EMC Forum, SQL in the City, IT Camp, SQL Relay (whole week), SQL Rally, TechEd Europe, DevDay, 1337 Speak, Symantec Future and many smaller events in Poland.  I missed (4th year in a row) The MVP Summit and PASS Summit. And I hope that this year I’ll going to Seattle twice… (or once for long time).

Travelled a little. Again, not too much and not enough. Not same walue like last year (2012) but… My basics app for travelling – TripIt – collect all informations about my trips. I visited four countries for first time: Romania, Ucraine, Sweden /yes I have been in Karlskrona once in my previous life, but is not counted/ and Russia. The last one was most complicated with the Russian Federation Visa process, but with fantastic help of my MVP Leads (Yulia and Maria) everything finished good. And in final result I’ve two visas in my passport (hmm… maybe based on nationality the visas fighting between in the dark night?). Travel full stats: 33 trips, 99 days on trip, distance of 70 533 km, 46 cities and 13 countries.

2013 it was not ‘writer’s year’. I made some documentations, but I posted only few news on professional’s portals and no one article, no chapter in the book and of course no book. That’s really bad.

Less collaboration with SQL Server or Microsoft community. I tried to do my best for local communities such Microsoft SQL Server Hungarian User Group {HUG-MSSQL} and ‘eastern’ groups like SQL Server User Groups in Ucraine and Russia. But last year has been focused definitelly more for enterprise security, in first half of Year worked in MNE7 Project {MultiNational Experiment 7}, and in second half in MACCSA {Multinational Alliance for Collaborative Cyber Situational Awareness} with fantastic security persons from whole world worked for goverment, corporations and military sectors.

Recognision is very iportant. I’m proud to be honoured as MVP for SQL Server 2013, and still be in Friends of the RedGate PLUS and active member of few community groups.


Last year was better than previous in some areas, and it was worse in two or three. My plan for this year is simple: be more…