[EN] Closer to PASS Summit (actually on my desk)

I’m a little bit closer to PASS Summit 2015. I have plan to visit Seattle this year, even I still have no flight tickets. But I’m actually a little bit closer to PASS Summit again. In 2013 I won at one of SQL Relay UK event fantastic USB Stick with all PASS Summit 2012 General Session. 32 GB size USB Stick with 23 GB of videos and material from whole PASS Summit 2012 Conference:


I watch many of them, hovewer probably not all; some dev stack or as/rs sessions are not very interesting for me – just because of different sdomain of my work. I had no chance to went to PASS Summit never. But I watched all transmission form PASSTV at latest PASS Summit 2014 Conference. As always one of my screen was covered by TweetDeck and I send a lot of twitts, comments, questions. imageFinally I take a part of PASSTV Challenge for most interesting comments, sentences, ideas. And finally I’m one of the three winners! YAY!

At last SQL Saturday No 418 Manchester {TWITTER} I had great pleasure to meet Karla Landrum (Community Evangelist for PASS) {TWITTER|BLOG|LINKEDIN} again. And I got my Competition Challenge Award: fantastic USB Stick with all PASS Summit 2014 General Session. 32 GB size USB 3.0 (!) Stick with 26 GB of videos and material from whole PASS Summit 2014 Conference:


Cannot wait to see it! But more, more I cannot wait to go to PASS Summit 2015 Conference to see those sessions off-line but live on stage!


[EN] T-7 Days till my next session… at SQLSat Manchester

LOGO__SQLSatManchesterA week in advance annoucement. I’m very happy to be one of the speakers at upcoming SQL Saturday No 418 in Manchester (England). This conference will be hosted by my very good friend Chris Testa-O’Neill {BLOG|LINKEDIN|TWITTER} and his team in very interesting place. The event will take place at the Mechanics Institute in Manchester. Founded in 1824, it’s goal was to provide adult education to the local area, especially in the areas of science and technology.  This SQL Saturday will be splitted for two days:

Friday: with six excellent pre-conf/workshops:

  • SQL Server Business Intelligence | Chris Testa-O’Neill
  • Database source control workshop | Alex Yates
  • Practical R: A hands-on training day | Stephanie Locke
  • Building Big Data Solutions with Microsoft Azure HDInsight | Graeme Malcolm
  • SQL Server 2014 In-memory technologies – Columnstore, In-Memory OLTP | Tony Rogerson
  • Machine Learning without a PhD in statistics | Andrew Fryer

Saturday: with twenty nice more excellent sessions focused for topics: Business Intelligence, Azure, Business Analytics, Data Practices and DBA. And list of speakers is really, really impressive:

Bob Duffy + Satya Jayanty + Chris Testa-O’Neill + Gavin Campbell + Dmytro Andriychenko + Alex Whittles + Stephane Haby + Graeme Malcolm + Stephanie Locke + John Martin + Alex Yates + Ben Cooper + Steve Wharton + Ian Macdonald + David Dye + Kevan Riley + Andrew Fryer + David Williams + Terry McCann + Uwe Ricken + James Rowland-Jones + David Morrison + Adam Aspin + Neil Hambly + Emanuele Zanchettin + Tony Rogerson + Chris Adkin

International company, many experts: MVPs, MCMs. A lot of ons of discussions, coffee, comments, swags, networking opportunities and Saturday full of knowledge.

I will present one of my favourite session AD 2015. 2AM A Disaster Just Began… at 1:30 PM in Dean Room.

More details and resitration are available at the conference page: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/418/EventHome.aspx