[EN] MAY 2016 and my public speaking and presence

April was a little busy month, again. But May and June (ok, next six-seven weeks) will be extremely busy. I have been registered for few events, most of them as a speaker, or community helper. With connection of my ‘making money’ life and family business things in May… my schedule is almost full.


To hear someone, to see someone, to meet someone, to be inspired. My plans are a little flexible (even my calendar is not):

User Groups Meetups:

  • SharePoint User Group UK West Midlands|Birmingham, England|11th May {SITE}
  • Information Security Division PTI Poland|Wroclaw, Poland|24th May {SITE}


  • SQLBits XV – Not of This World|Liverpool, England|4th-7th May {SITE}


  • SQLBits Pre-Con > DBA 2.0–How to Advance Your Career in a Changing Landscape |Liverpool, England|4th May
  • SQLBits Pre-Con > New SQL Server Upgrade and Migration: Project Chinook |Liverpool, England|5th May



Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course I will have some chance to increasing my speakers skills here:


  • SQLDay 2016 – VIII Anniversary PLSSUG Annual Conference|Wroclaw, Poland|17th May {SITE} | one session: AD 2016. 2AM A Disaster just began…
  • Data Security for Government Organizations|Warsaw, Poland|18th May {SITE} | Opening Debate: TOP 10 intriguing issues related to information security and one session: Mirage of Security (Part. 3): Untold
  • SQL Saturday No 508|Kiev, Ukraine|21st May {SITE} | one session: AD 2016. 2AM A Disaster just began…
  • IT Camp 2016|Cluj-Napoca, Romania|25th February {SITE} | one session: Encryption in SQL Server in AD 2016


  • SQL Saturday No 508 > Storage, Backup and Restore Management in the Cloud World|Kiev, Ukraine|20th May



I have two confirmed internal training in May:


  • Core SharePoint 2013 skills|Manchester, England|10th May
  • Corporate Strategy for IT|High Wycombe, England|12th-14th May


As You can see, a lot of places and dates where and when you can meet me. Hope you will find a moment to say Hi!

[EN] 1Q 2015 and my public speaking and presence (updated)


As I expected, and as I planned – year 2015 should be more busy, more funny, more special than every previous years in my “community area age”. I can split all my public speaking and presence plans for three roles: attendee, speaker and trainer. And here are my plans for first three months of current year.


Sometimes I’m going for user group meetings, conferences, public debates or just exhibition just for attending. To hear someone, to see something, to be inspired. I have plans for attending for events below:

User Group Meetings in series of #GeekWeekWro

    User Group Meetings

      • Information Security Division|Wroclaw, Poland|16th Jan {SITE|FACEBOOK}
      • Leicester Speakers Club|Leicester, England|9th Feb {SITE}
      • Leicester SQL Server User Group|Leicester, England|18th Feb {SITE|TWITTER}
      • British Computer Society|Leicester, England|19th Feb {SITE|HEADSITE}|cancelled by me
      • Oxford SQL Server User Group|Oxford,England|26th Feb {TWITTER}|cancelled by me
      • SharePoint User Group UK|Leicester, England|12th Mar {SITE}
      • Polish Information Processing Society Board Meeting|Warsaw, Poland|21 Mar|
      • SharePoint User Group UK|Cambridge, England|24th Mar {SITE}


        • SharePoint Saturday Sweden|Stockholm,Sweden|14th Feb {SITE|TWITTER}
        • SQL Saturday No #374|Vienna, Austria|28th Feb {SITE|TWITTERHASH}|cancelled by me
        • SharePoint Saturday AbuDhabi|Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates|14th Mar {SITE|TWITTER}|cancelled by me
        • Cloud Expo Europe|London, UK|11-12 Mar {SITE|TWITTER}
        • Data Centre
        • SEMAFOR 2015. Security Management Audit Forum|Warsaw, Poland|26-27 Mar {SITE}


        Speaking is one of the favourite part of my life. I love speaking and sharing knowledge. Even sometimes I failed (based on some reasons) I always try to do my next session better and better. And I will try to get as many sessions as possible this year, because only live experience is the right way to the top. My speaking in this quarter is limited but bigger than I expected on New Year’s Eve:

        User Group Meetings

          • Sweden SQL Server User Group|Stockholm, Sweden|12th Feb {SITE|FACEBOOK}|session: TBA
          • Sweden SQL Server User Group|Malmö, Sweden|13th Feb {SITE|FACEBOOK}|session: TBA
          • SQL Cardiff User Group|Caerdydd, Cymru|31tst Mar {SITE|FACEBOOK}|Battle of the Beards > session: SQL Azure Tips and Tricks for beginners


            • PASS SQLRally Nordic 2015|Copenhagen, Denmark|2nd-3rd Mar {SITE|TWITTERHASH}|session: SQL Security in the Cloud
            • XIV SQLBits SuperHeroes Edition|London, England|4rh-7th Mar {SITE|TWITTER|FACEBOOK}|session: AD2015. 2AM A Disaster just Began…
            • 7th Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization|London, England|18th Mar {SITE|TWITTER}|session: Trust. The Primer and will be Cloud Security Panelist
            • Cluj Innovation Days|Cluj-Napoca,Transylvania|19-20 Mar {SITE|FACEBOOK}|session: Data Cloud Innovation
            • CEE MVP Open Days|Belgrade, Serbia|29-30 Mar {SITE|TWITTER|FACEBOOK}|session: You’re MVP? Go To Travel!


            Actually is basement for my surviving. I have some training scheduled, and I’m working on other which I can put into my calendar. As independent trainer I can choose any training for/from any company and I have no barriers. I’ve scheduled my authored MasterClass: SharePoint 2013 for ITPro with CQURE Academy {TWITTER|SITE} another courses with The Knowledge Academy {TWITTER|SITE}, and I’m writing now two new authored courses, which should be available from beginning of second quarter. Locations? Nothing in Poland, just in United Kingdom, The Netherlands, East Midlands and Scandinavia.  I’m also open for consultancy, implementation and audits project, definitely more in this year than in previous decade.

            [EN] SQLBits XIV – pre-conf, sessions, discount and community

            Largest SQL Server conference in Europe. Legendary SQL Bits. In March 2015 fourtheenth edition named: SQLBits SUPERHeroes will back to London {CONFERENCE PAGE}. This edition will be largest than ever, and most interesting ever. With some changes about pre-conf, sessions, and events arround everything sounds exciting. The orginizers team listen the audience, and this is result of it:

            Precon Training

            Duration: One Day

            A full day of immersive content delivered by world class experts in their respective fields. These sessions are designed for you to focus on the subject of your choice. SQLBits XIV has the biggest range of precon sessions to date.

            Normal Sessions

            Duration: 60 minutes

            The traditional format of SQLBits has been to run 60 minutes sessions on a given topic. We still continue to support this format during the course of SQLBits XIV 

            Extended Sessions

            Duration: 75 minutes

            New to SQLBits XIV, and based on feedback by speakers as well who cite that some sessions require 75 minutes to deal with more complex or longer topics.

            Double Sessions

            Duration: 2 hours with a 15 minute break

            When you are able to attract the best speakers in the world, we all want to spend more time with them. The Double session always both attendees and speaker to provide greater insights into the topics they present.


            LOGO__SQLBits_SuperheroesDo you need more? Start to plan how many days you will spend in London, based on this question: What happens during the days?

            • Wednesday – Is a day dedicated to the Precon session format
            • Thursday    -  Is a combination of all the formats with half of the conference centre dedicated to the precon format, the other to the other formats
            • Friday – Is a combination of normal, extended and double sessions
            • Saturday– Is a combination of normal, extended and double sessions

            Hundreds of standard sessions has been submitted and you can vote for those sessions (ten which you want to see) here. And if you are not sure about Pre-Conference seminars, look for the list:

            Wednesday 4 March 2015

            • Become an Enterprise DBA with Sean McCown and Jennifer McCown Managing hundreds of servers is difficult if you haven’t been shown how. You need to change the way you think about your environment. Learning syntax isn’t enough. You have to put the different strategies together to be able to exercise your vision.
            • SQL Server Reporting Services with Chris Testa-O’Neill This precon will explore the creation of reports, through to the deployment and management of reports into production. Providing you with the ability to work productively with Reporting Services after completing the precon
            • Mastering T-SQL Querying Fundamentals with Itzik Ben-Gan T-SQL is rooted in mathematics. Mastering it can take a lifetime. In order to write correct and robust code the most critical thing is to learn the fundamentals correctly. This seminar provides you with strong foundations to build your knowledge on.
            • Understanding Execution Plans with Hugo Kornelis Reading and understanding execution plans is key to understanding and fixing ill-performing queries. This full-day seminar will teach you everything you need to know about execution plans. Attend this seminar if you want to hone your tuning skills!
            • Upgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 with John Q Martin With Microsoft SQL Server 2005 going End Of Life in early 2016 it is vital to start planning your migration to a supported version of Microsoft SQL Server. let me help you get ready for this by helping you understand the process and tools available.
            • Storage and Virtualisation for DBAs with Denny Cherry This session will be a two part session in which we will be focusing on two of the biggest topics in the DBA field. How to properly design your SAN storage solution and how to properly design your virtualization solution.
            • Optimize “All Data” with a modern data warehouse solution with Adam Jorgensen Most of the world’s data exists in a combination of on premise, cloud and non-relational forms. This session will teach you the options, best practices, and patterns to acquire, store, process and analyze all forms of data in a modern solution
            • A practical guide to using charts & graphs! with Dan Bulos Choosing between the multitudes of chart types can be challenging. The session will cover how to select the right style of chart to accomplish your purpose, whether that is analyzing data to gain insights or producing a dashboard.
            • Better Performance Through Parallelism with Adam Machanic This full-day seminar will teach you the ins and outs of Windows scheduler internals, SQLOS, intra-query parallelism, and patterns that can make your parallel queries many times faster. After attending you will be in full control of your CPUs.
            • Data Wars: The Cloud Awakens with Matt Masson Come to this session to see the forces of business and IT armed with Power BI for Office 365 and Azure Data Services do battle with an increasing number of challenges in the workplace. Who will win?
            • A Day Inside SQL Server with Bob Ward If you want to know the internals of SQL Server then this is the session for you. Prepare to have your brain melt in this deep session from the man who knows.

            Thursday 5 March 2015


            And of course is not all. Pre-conf and standard conference day (Wed, Thu, Fri) are paid. Early bid price for full four days and SuperHero Party is 699 GBP. But as always Saturday is community day – so you are very welcome, even you not have budget for full four days (and You can join for Friday’s SuperHero Party). If you are member of SQL Server Community – doesn’t matter from where (from SQL Server FAQ in United Kingdom, or from Polish SQL Server User Group in Poland, or from different community)  you can get 5% discount from your User Group Leader – just ask.

            I will be there, so see you in London ExCel!