[PL] Pierwsze przecieki na temat certyfikacji z SQL Server “Denali”

Na blogu Jamesa Serry (Senior Business Intelligence Architect) pojawił się wpis mówiący o planowanych ścieżkach egzaminacyjnych z SQL Server code name “Denali”, który ma być następcą Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Na podstawie odzewu społeczności na post umieszczony na blogu Born To Learn zatytułowanym: SQL Server “Denali” Experts–We Need You! James opisał prawdopodobny (dodam od z własnych źródeł, że bardzo prawdopodobny) kierunek certyfikacji z SQL Server “Denali”.

W skład całego procesu ma wchodzić siedem egzaminów, podzielonych na dwie ścieżki:

  • SQL Server “Denali” Business Intelligence
  • Writing queries with Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
  • ETL Developer or Data Warehouse Developer.
  • BI Developer.
  • BI Architect
  • SQL Server “Denali” Database Professional
    • Writing queries with Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
    • Implementing, Configuring, and Maintaining  Microsoft® SQL Server®
    • Building, Supporting, and Developing Databases for Microsoft® SQL Server®
    • Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft® SQL Server®

    Jest to zasadnicza zmiana w porównaniu do obecnej ścieżki obejmującej trzy kierunki certyfikacji:

    • Database Administrator
    • Database Developer
    • Business Intelligence Developer

    Dodatkowo na stronie SolidQ pojawiła się informacja iz magicy z tej firmy będą pracować nad trzema nowymi kursami szkoleniowymi z zakresu SQL Server “Denali”.

    Oj będzie się działo, będzie…

    [EN] A little bit words about Juneau… phase one

    LOGO__SSDT_JuneauCTP3Juneau. Very close to Denali (code name of next edition of SQL Server). But what is it exactly? Few days ago (about 11th July) Microsoft delivered for SQL Server Peoples new version of new tool. His (or her?) name is Juneau. It is capitol of the state of Alaska. On the other side: it is SQL Server Developer Tools (SSDT) in version 3 of Community Technology Preview. Yes I know. Where I have been on CTP1 and CTP2 time? Somewhere… but not here. Hope to see CTP3 as last before next SQL Server release.

    What exactly Juneau is: based Microsoft Product Team public information: …is a project announced at SQL PASS on November 9, 2011. SSDT represents our continued investment and commitment to integrating data into the development experience when targeting SQL Server and SQL Azure.  SSDT unifies SQL Server and SQL Azure development for both professional database and application developers. Integrated within the Visual Studio environment, it accelerates development of T-SQL, Reporting, Integration Services, Analysis Services, and data-enabled .NET projects. In addition, SSDT can be installed standalone without Visual Studio, a commitment we are making to professional database administrators (DBAs) that want the full set of SQL Server schema and T-SQL capabilities, but not necessarily the full Visual Studio application development environment. SSDT will ship with the next release of SQL Server (SQL Server code-named “Denali”) in 2012, and the public Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP3) will be publicly downloadable this summer at the same time as the SQL Server “Denali” CTP3. SSDT supports SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server “Denali”, and SQL Azure development

    As I wrote before this CTP3 is available for everyone, so You can go HERE for downloading, or wait for may next post to know a little bit more about installation. About the requirements… Microsoft said: because it is installing via Web Installer, all what You need will be downloading and installing in the process of installation Juneau. Uff. I hate this sentence. So next post will be about requirements, and next one about installation… In the meantime short announcement look like this:


    Upss… I forgot, in next posts I’ll use different system (probably I have one in English…)

    This post is my first in the series of few posts about this tool. Next posts I will write as soon as possible…

    [EN] SQLBits voting ends soon!

    So, folks. SQLBits 9 is coming. A little earlier which I expected, but the date is acceptable for me (of course, I’m kidding). This time, second of year-2011 edition will happen in Liverpool on last September’s weekend. The formula of SQLBits is the same last time: Thursday: Pre-Conf >> Friday: Paid Conference >> Saturday: Free Community Event. Price are not very high (especially for passonates od SQL Server working in Europa – especcially outside Poland). Pre-Conf subjects (You can register for Your favorite HERE) are interesting:
    Automate and Manage SQL Server with Powershell with Allen White
    Upgrading your DBA Skills to SQL Server Denali with Christian Bolton
    End to End Business Intelligence Using Microsoft Sharepoint with Duncan Sutcliffe
    Master your data with MDS
    with Jeremy Kashel
    Controlling and Optimising Eecution Plan Compilation, Recompilation and Caching with Maciej Pilecki
    DAX Deep Dive with Marco Russo
    SQL Server Storage Engine and MDF File Internals with Mark S. Rasmussen
    Data Vault in a day with Martijn Evers
    SSIS Performance Design Patterns with Matt Masson
    High Availability and Disaster Recovery for the Novice DBA with Satya SK Jayanty

    But for me, the Saturday: Free Community Event is most important. Why? 1st: it’s for community by community; 2nd: I’ve submitted my session to; 3rd: You can choose what You can see (so maybe my session too) from below sessions (sorted by session level):
    2 sessions for CAREER TRACK:
    200 | Branding Yourself for a Dream Job | Steve Jones
    200 | IT Team Management Crash Course | Kevin Kline
    40 sessions for DBA TRACK:
    100 | Index Fundamentals | Christina E. Leo
    100 | LogParser-quicker than SSIS, easier than BCP | Jonathan Allen
    200 | Apply Intelligent Laziness to the Management Data Warehouse | Jennifer Stirrup
    200 | HA/DR-Focus on Options, Comparisons and Interoperability | Chirag Roy
    200 | High Availability of SQL Server in the context of SLA | Tobiasz Janusz Koprowski
    200 | Preparation for Disaster | Steve Jones
    200 | SQL Storage for the real world | Brett Roux
    200 | Ten Horrible Mistakes By the Accidental | Kevin Kline
    200 | What do all those DBCC Commands do | Neil Hambly
    200 | Working with Server Side Traces | Christina E. Leo
    300 | Beware of the BLOB! | Mark Broadbent
    300 | Disk IO Tuning for Microsoft SQL Server Newbie | Kevin Kline
    300 | Explore the world of Dynamic Management Objects (DMO) | Neil Hambly
    300 | Gather SQL Server Performance Data with PowerShell | Allen White
    300 | Inside Ola Hallengrens Maintenance Solution | Ola Hallengren
    300 | Master Data Services-how easy to implement using SQL Server. | Satya Jayanty
    300 | Performance Testing with Visual Studio Load Test | Hue Holleran
    300 | POSH Clustering | James Boother
    300 | READPAST & Furious: Transactions, Locking and Isolation | Mark Broadbent
    300 | Replication-Best Practices, Troubleshooting & Performance | Neil Hambly
    300 | RoboDBA | Andre Kamman
    300 | SQL Server Denali-Always On Deep Dive | Bob Duffy
    300 | SQL Server Query Tuning | Klaus Aschenbrenner
    300 | SQL11-DENALI: Whats new for|and Developers | Satya Jayanty
    300 | The Accidental Cube Administrator | Bob Duffy
    300 | The forgotten|daily essential checklist | Francesco Quaratino
    300 | Transaction Log Performance and Troubleshooting-Deep Dive | Chirag Roy
    300 | Troubleshooting TempDb| Klaus Aschenbrenner
    300 | Turbocharge Database Recoverability Performance | Chirag Roy
    300 | We have control!-Controlling Resources in SQL Server | Chris Testa-O’Neill
    300 | What PCI Compliance Can Teach Us About SQL Security | Nigel Ainscoe
    400 | Advanced SQL Server 2008 Troubleshooting | Klaus Aschenbrenner
    400 | Automate Policy-Based Management using PowerShell | Allen White
    400 | Demystifying Database Metadata | Mark S. Rasmussen
    400 | Hey PowerShell Eventing, can you notify me ? | Laerte Junior
    400 | Knowing the Internals, Who Needs SQL Server Anyway? | Mark S. Rasmussen
    400 | SQL Server 2008 Database Internals | Klaus Aschenbrenner
    400 | SQL Server Index Internals | Klaus Aschenbrenner
    400 | SQL Server Upgrade: take help from tools and best practiceS | Satya Jayanty
    400 | Why are we Waiting.. Part 2 | Neil Hambly
    21 sessions for DEVELOPER TRACK:
    200 | CTE by example | Peter Doyle
    200 | Database unit testing with visual studio 2010 | Anthony Brown
    200 | Introduction to service broker | Anthony Brown
    200 | Let Service Broker Help You Scale Your Application | Allen White
    200 | Making the SQL developer part of the team | Richard Fennell
    200 | SQL Azure-Design Concepts | Geoff Clark
    200 | T-SQL : Bad Habits to Kick | Aaron Bertrand
    200 | Understanding and Preventing SQL Injection Attacks, Demo Edition | Kevin Kline
    200 | Virtualisation on a Developer’s Laptop | Gavin Payne
    300 | “Cursors are Evil” | Dave Ballantyne
    300 | Around the world (of query plan operators) in 50 minutes | David Morrison
    300 | Busted! A journey into the most common TSQL & Tuning myths | David Morrison
    300 | Crossing the river of time: Periods in SQL Server | Martijn Evers
    300 | How to Detect and Solve Deadlock Problems in SQL Server 2008 | Milos Radivojevic
    300 | Performance tuning from the field | Simon Sabin
    300 | SQL tuning from the dot.net perspective | Bob Duffy
    300 | The Art of War-Fast Track Data Warehouse and Fragmentation | James Rowland-Jones
    300 | TSQL Performance Recommendations | Milos Radivojevic
    300 | Understanding SQL Server Execution Plans | Klaus Aschenbrenner
    400 | Building a SSMS Add-in; The Agony and Ecstasy | Mark Pryce-Maher
    400 | SQL Server Do It Yourself practices | Satya Jayanty
    10 sessions for DENALI TRACK:
    200 | Basic BISM | Chris Webb
    200 | Blurring the boundaries with Contained Databases | Martin Cairney
    200 | Data Quality Services-Making Data Suitable for Business | Allan Mitchell
    200 | High Availability with SQL Server Denali AlwaysOn | Justin Langford
    200 | Master Data Services in SQL Server Denali | Jeremy Kashel
    200 | Whats New in “Denali”-Database engine and client tools | Aaron Bertrand
    200 | Whats new in Denali-Sql Server Developer Tools | Dave Ballantyne
    200 | Whats new in Denali-TSQL | Dave Ballantyne
    300 | To Err on the safe side: Denali T-SQL Error handling | Martijn Evers
    300 | Whats New in SQL Server Denali for SSIS | Matt Masson
    35 sessions for BI TRACK:
    100 | Design and Implement|Like Edison! | William E. Pearson III
    100 | MDX and DAX-compare and contrast | Mark Whitehorn
    200 | Attribute Discretization in Analysis Services | William E. Pearson III
    200 | Data Vault, the new datawarehouse supermodel | Martijn Evers
    200 | Documenting Your Integrated Microsoft|Solution | William E. Pearson III
    200 | Getting Dimensional with Data-UDM will still be relevant! | Chris Testa-O’Neill
    200 | iPad and Powerpivot-Mobile Business Intelligence in action | Jennifer Stirrup
    200 | Making Full Use of SharePoint for Business Intelligence | Duncan Sutcliffe
    200 | PowerPivot and QlikView 101 | Alex Whittles
    200 | Using Change Data Capture in ETL Routines | Duncan Sutcliffe
    200 | Writeback-Here Comes the Sun | Stephan Stoltze
    300 | Beyond Plateaux: Optimize SSAS via Best Practices | William E. Pearson III
    300 | Creating a Meta Data Driven SSIS Solution with Biml | Marco Schreuder
    300 | DAX Programming Patterns | Alberto Ferrari
    300 | Fast Track to Spatial Reporting | Jason Thomas
    300 | Generate SSIS Packages with Biml | John Welch
    300 | Handling Advanced Data Warehouse Scenarios in SSIS | John Welch
    300 | Kerberos-All You Need to Know in One Hour | Duncan Sutcliffe
    300 | Many-to-Many: Multiple Calendars in a Single Cube | William E. Pearson III
    300 | PowerPivot for SharePoint Fundamentals | Bob Duffy
    300 | Programming SSIS | Abolfazl Radgoudarzi
    300 | SSIS Custom Components | Dave Ballantyne
    300 | SSIS Gotchas Tips & Tricks | Sutha Thiru
    300 | Tuning Analysis Services Processing Performance | John Welch
    300 | Vertipaq vs OLAP: Change Your Data Modeling Approach | Marco Russo
    300 | What’s new in DAX 2.0 | Marco Russo
    300 | XML in SSIS | Abolfazl Radgoudarzi
    400 | Advanced data modelling for data warehouses and cubes | Alex Whittles
    400 | Advanced SSRS. Find out what you have been missing. | Emil Glownia
    400 | Analysis Services Architecture : The life of a query | Kagan Arca
    400 | Designing an SSIS Framework | Andy Leonard
    400 | Implementing Real-Time Data Warehouse | Sutha Thiru
    400 | Many-to-Many Relationships in DAX | Alberto Ferrari
    400 | Reporting Services and SharePoint Integration | Rob Carrol
    400 | The many adventures of the utility dimension | Tomislav Piasevoli

    It’s a lot, isn’t? Yes, 108 sessions and You can choose 10 sessions HERE. Of course You must be registered user on SQLBits site. I just voted :) So, make Your duty and see You in Liverpool.