[EN] Eyes Of Ireland at one Saturday in March

LOGO__SQLSaturday105Next year “The 2012 Year” (and I don’t think only about the date) looks to be very exciting. In fact I should writing: “The 2012’s Year”. Yes, because I think about New SQL Server 2012 World Premiere. If You are familiar (and I know that is), you have same feelings. Excitement. Expectation. Love. Sehnsucht (sounds better than longing).   Fascination.  A mystery. Joy.  A masterpiece. A New World.

One of the first big event in my area (EMEA) for all of us (except local groups meetings) will happen in Dublin. Yes, I think about PASS SQL Saturday No 105. This event will be a Three Track (for DBA,DEV and BI sectors) about SQL Server 2012. PASS – The Organizer – with collaboration of some companies (such as ProData, Redgate, SQL Sentry, Microsoft) friends and community provide this event in heart of Dublin, at 24th March next year. For this event The Event Committee had very big problem with choosing best session for presenting. They received a lot of sessions submissions:

T-SQL : Bad Habits to Kick Aaron Bertrand Beginner
What’s new in SQL Server 2012? Aaron Bertrand Beginner
Kama Sutra of SSIS: A guide to loving ETL Bill Fellows Beginner
Understanding Microsoft Certification in SQL Serve Chris Testa-O’Neill Beginner
SQL Server Internals: It’s What’s for Dinner! Christina Leo Beginner
SRS Report Builder for Business Intelligence David Eichner Beginner
Locked? Not on a school night please! Ian Meade Beginner
Locked? Not on a school night please! Ian Meade Beginner
Power View from the Data Visualisation Perspective Jen Stirrup Beginner
Running SQL Server on Amazon EC2 Mark S. Rasmussen Beginner
Analysis Services for the DBA Mark Stacey Beginner
SQL IO for beginners (and all non-gamers) Mark Stacey Beginner
Error Handling in ETL Michael Sexton Beginner
Effective Data Management using Data Compression Neil Hambly Beginner
SSDT is here, so what’s up ? Niko Neugebauer Beginner
Lego Sets: Relational Building Blocks Rob Volk Beginner
Tame Your Unruly Data…With Constraints! Rob Volk Beginner
Demystifying SQL Azure Vikas Sahni Beginner
An Overview of PowerPivot William E Pearson III Beginner
Attribute Discretization in Analysis Services (BI) William E Pearson III Beginner
Design and Implement BI Like Edison! William E Pearson III Beginner
Getting Started with MDX: The (Very) Basics William E Pearson III Beginner
PowerPivot for Excel: For Those Unacquainted … William E Pearson III Beginner
Bridging the Chasm: BI Theory vs. Practice William E. Pearson III Beginner
Overcoming Barriers and Avoiding Mistakes with BI William E. Pearson III Beginner
PowerPivot Vs QlikView 101 Alex Whittles Intermediate
Making Data Fit for Business using DQS Allan Mitchell Intermediate
A better SSIS? – Migrating a datawarehouse to 2012 Andre Kamman Intermediate
Build a monitoring system with Powershell Remoting Andre Kamman Intermediate
2012 TSQL Sweets Bill Fellows Intermediate
Using SQL Azure Database Federations Bob Beauchemin Intermediate
Getting Dimensional with Data Chris Testa-O’Neill Intermediate
Notes on SQL 2012 Highly Available BI Environments Chris Testa-O’Neill Intermediate
We have control! Resource Control in SQL Server Chris Testa-O’Neill Intermediate
What’s Buried in the Plan Cache? Christina Leo Intermediate
Working with Server Side Traces Christina Leo Intermediate
Through the virtual looking glass Gavin Payne Intermediate
A temporary fix for a short term problem Ian Meade Intermediate
Dynamic code for efficient searching Ian Meade Intermediate
Dynamic code for efficient searching Ian Meade Intermediate
Achieving HA using SQL Server 2012 Always On Jack McCullough Intermediate
Storage Best Practices & Performance optimization James Baldwin Intermediate
Business Intelligence in Azure: SSIS & SSRS focus Jen Stirrup Intermediate
SQL Server 2012: Business Intelligence & Data Viz Jen Stirrup Intermediate
Database Design Contentious Issues Karen Lopez Intermediate
Designing and managing VLDBs on SQL Server Klaus Aschenbrenner Intermediate
Distribued Replay with SQL Server 2012 Klaus Aschenbrenner Intermediate
Plan Caching in SQL Server Klaus Aschenbrenner Intermediate
SQL Server Troubleshooting with Extended Events Klaus Aschenbrenner Intermediate
UNIQUEIDENTIFIERS as Clustered Keys in SQL Server Klaus Aschenbrenner Intermediate
READPAST & Furious 2 "Denali Drift" Mark Broadbent Intermediate
Analysis Services & the Management Data Warehous Mark Stacey Intermediate
Architecting a BI solution – not just hardware Mark Stacey Intermediate
Messages from Mercury – MESSENGERdata in PowerView Mark Stacey Intermediate
PowerPivot with NASA data Mark Stacey Intermediate
Slowly changing dimensions- an integrated approach Mark Stacey Intermediate
ETL as MDM Michael Sexton Intermediate
Form And Substance: The “T” of ETL Michael Sexton Intermediate
Identifying and Solving Sort Warning Problems Milos Radivojevic Intermediate
Parameter Sniffing Problem with Stored Procedures Milos Radivojevic Intermediate
TSQL Performance Tips Milos Radivojevic Intermediate
Extended Events – New Age of Profiling Neil Hambly Intermediate
Embedding Security into your SQL Solutions Niall Flanagan Intermediate
Embedding Security into your SQL Solutions Niall Flanagan Intermediate
SQL Server Edition & Licensing Niall Flanagan Intermediate
The joy of SSIS packages development (C# Remix) Niko Neugebauer Intermediate
Your database is safe Niko Neugebauer Intermediate
Revenge: The SQL Part 2: The Sequel! Rob Volk Intermediate
Revenge: The SQL! Rob Volk Intermediate
Making the most of SQL2012 and Sharepoint 2010 Ronen CHenn Intermediate
Virtual SQL Server – Physical headache… Stephen Archbold Intermediate
2 AM. A Disaster just began… Tobiasz Koprowski Intermediate
High Availability of SQL in the context of SLA Tobiasz Koprowski Intermediate
Welcome to the Licensing Nightmare Tobiasz Koprowski Intermediate
Becoming DAX: An Introduction … William E Pearson III Intermediate
Beyond Plateaux: Optimize SSAS with Best Practices William E Pearson III Intermediate
Documenting Your Integrated Microsoft BI Solution William E Pearson III Intermediate
Serene Velocity: Reporting Services and SSAS Data William E Pearson III Intermediate
Loading Data Warehouse Dimensions in SSIS Alex Whittles Advanced
Solving Business Problems with StreamInsight Allan Mitchell Advanced
Searching over data and files with SQL Server 2012 Bob Beauchemin Advanced
Intro to Tabular Model in Analysis Services 2012 Christopher Webb Advanced
Introduction to DAX Queries and Calculations Christopher Webb Advanced
All about Execution Plans Operators Fabiano Neves Amorim Advanced
DBA CheckList, what/how should I look at? Fabiano Neves Amorim Advanced
Illuminating SQL Server Statistics Fabiano Neves Amorim Advanced
Writing better code with windowing functions Fabiano Neves Amorim Advanced
Advanced SQL Server 2008 Troubleshooting Klaus Aschenbrenner Advanced
Exploring SQL Server Internals through WinDbg Klaus Aschenbrenner Advanced
Scaleout scenarios with Service Broker Klaus Aschenbrenner Advanced
Service Broker: Message in a bottle Klaus Aschenbrenner Advanced
SQL Server 2008 Database Internals Klaus Aschenbrenner Advanced
SQL Server Memory Management Klaus Aschenbrenner Advanced
SQL Server Query Tuning Klaus Aschenbrenner Advanced
Troubleshooting TempDb Klaus Aschenbrenner Advanced
Understanding SQL Server Execution Plans Klaus Aschenbrenner Advanced
Blazing-Fast Performance with Columnstore Indexes Maciej Pilecki Advanced
Execution Plans – From Compilation To Reuse Maciej Pilecki Advanced
SQLOS Improvements in SQL Server 2012 Maciej Pilecki Advanced
Enter the Dragon: SQL 2012 on Server Core Mark Broadbent Advanced
Moves like Jagger-Upgrading to SQL Server 2012 Mark Broadbent Advanced
Creating the Optimal Schema for Storage Efficiency Mark S. Rasmussen Advanced
Optimizing Storage and Performance Using Page and Mark S. Rasmussen Advanced
OrcaMDF – Real Life Usage Mark S. Rasmussen Advanced
Revealing the Magic Mark S. Rasmussen Advanced
Storing Character Data Optimally Mark S. Rasmussen Advanced
Top Tricks to Teach Your .NET Developers Mark S. Rasmussen Advanced
Why are we Waiting.. Neil Hambly Advanced
Advanced SQL Azure – Performance, Scalability Nuno Godinho Advanced
Tips & Tricks to choose your Storage Strategy Nuno Godinho Advanced
SQL Server HA 2008 R2 & 2012: Overview & Solutions Satya Jayanty Advanced
SQL Server Upgrade, 2000-2008 R2&2012: BP & notes Satya Jayanty Advanced
Many-to-Many: Multiple Calendars in a Single Cube William E Pearson III Advanced

Yes, The green session was accepted. I can’t wait to see sessions presented by my SQL Friends from Scotland and England: Jen, Neil, Allan, Mark, Chris and other parts of world: Christina, Aaron, and meet new Karen, Bob and more new peoples.

And Yes, my session was not selected. I’m not very happy, but like my mother once said: “if You not trying, be sure You will not win…”. So, following Marillion’s and my motto: Find a Better Way of Life! – the world is not over in fact. I will be there, and You can meet me somewhere near reception desk at the morning, somewhere on sessions during the day, on one of the slots at Lightening Talks, and of course on evening community party.

Bring your copy of Manning’s MVP Deep Dives Volume II !!

Upss… I forgot! The PASS SQL Saturday No 105 site event is HERE.


Eyes of Ireland – of course from Camel’s masterpiece album: Harbour of Tears