[EN] This is The End… of SQL Rally

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes, again

This is The End. The verse above are from one of my favorite, saddest song. The SQL Rally is finished. I had great opportunnity and pleasure, I had great honour and I got a lot of experience from SQL Rally Cenferences. I’m proudly member of speakers of SQL Rally. I delivered two sessions:


for SQL Rally Nordic in Stockholm | 4th-6th November 2013 | LINKS: CONFERENCE SPEAKERS AGENDA | where I meet first time (if I remember well) few great speakers: Adam Machanic, Alexey Khalyako, David Peter Hansen, Gerhard Brueckl, Victor Isakov | second day, morning session: High Availability of SQL Server in the Context of SLA | my first session in the from of specific, nordic audience, where people are really friendly, but definitely different that in my experiens (that time) from Poland and England.


for SQL Rally Nordic in Copenhagen | 2nd-4th March 2015 | LINKS: CONFERENCE SPEAKERS AGENDA | where I expanded my connections with great speakers: Nigel Ellis, Itzik Ben-Gan, Mark Souza, Reza Rad, Joe Chang | first day, afternoon session: SQL Security in the Cloud | my first big conference where I meet other member of Polish SQL Server User Group member as a speaker (excluding SQL Saturdays).


Both events was great. I spend fantastic time on travel – including beautiful nordin airports – and discovering Stockholm, Copenhagen and small very specific place where I will back next year… I speng great time at speakers dinners with chatting, talking, laughing with many or my good friends: Brent Ozar, Thomas Kajser, Alberto Ferrari, Kevin Kline, Richard Douglas, Damian Widera, Hugo Kornelis, Jen Stirrup, Regis Baccaro, Margarita Naumova, Turgay Sahtiyan, Uwe Rucken, John Martin, Peter Meyers, Grant Fritchey, Kevin Boles, Andre Kamman, Rasmus Reinholdt.. this list is countless.

I have no connections with any past SQL Rally events – not only in Europe, but in United States too, so probably SQL Server folks from othes side of ocean have more memories:

  • PASS SQLRally Amsterdam 2013
  • PASS SQLRally 2013 Moscow
  • PASS SQLRally 2012 Nordic
  • PASS SQLRally 2012 Russia
  • PASS SQLRally 2012 Dallas
  • PASS SQLRally 2011 Orlando
  • PASS SQLRally 2011 Nordic

‘Ale wszystko co dobre, kiedyś się kończy’ (But all good things must come to an end), and even it’s really hard read the Community Announcements by Thomas LaRock (PASS President), The End of SQL Rally is just the end of fantastic era, but not the end of SQL Server Professional events in Europe. We (I can write WE ‘cos I’m involved in many of them) in next months we will have a lot of great events:

  • imageSQL Saturdays (which are former successor of SQL Rally)
  • ago. 29 | SQLSaturday #414 – Oslo
  • sep. 05 | SQLSaturday #433 – Gothenburg
  • sep. 05 | SQLSaturday #425 – Johannesburg
  • sep. 05 | SQLSaturday #420 – Paris
  • sep. 12 | SQLSaturday #432 – Cape Town
  • sep. 12 | SQLSaturday #411 – Cambridge
  • sep. 19 | SQLSaturday #455 – Durban
  • sep. 19 | SQLSaturday #450 – Bucuresti
  • sep. 19 | SQLSaturday #413 – Denmark
  • sep. 19 | SQLSaturday #406 – Kharkiv
  • sep. 26 | SQLSaturday #434 – Holland
  • oct. 03 | SQLSaturday #429 – Oporto
  • oct. 10 | SQLSaturday #454 – Turin
  • oct. 10 | SQLSaturday #430 – Sofia
  • oct. 17 | SQLSaturday #458 – Moscow
  • nov. 21 | SQLSaturday #459 – Madrid
  • nov. 28 | SQLSaturday #475 – Belgrade
  • nov. 28 | SQLSaturday #462 – Parma
  • dic. 05 | SQLSaturday #467 – Southampton
  • dic. 05 | SQLSaturday #426 – Lviv
  • dic. 12 | SQLSaturday #460 – Slovenia
  • dic. 12 | SQLSaturday #451 – Istanbul 
  • imageSQL Relay (second UK’s event after SQL Bits)
  • oct. 5 | Edinburgh
  • oct. 6 | Huddersfield
  • oct. 7 | Nottingham
  • oct. 8 | Reading
  • oct. 12 | London
  • oct. 13 | Bristol
  • oct. 14 | Cardiff
  • oct. 15 | Birmingham
  • imageSQL Day Light (light version of SQL Day)
  • oct. 20-21 | Warsaw


As You can see, only time and budget is a problem for attending. And you can attend for almost all (except SQL Day Light) events for free, sometimese with pre-conf seminars before SQL Saturday’s (which are paid, but not too much). You can meet a lot of great international speakers, Microsoft’s engineers, holders of many ceriticates (from MCP – through MCP, MCTS, MCSD, MCSA, MCITP, MCT – to MCM, MCA) and of course many MVPs. So, just schedule your time, register and (if you are brave enough) submit your session.

See You there!

[EN] 1Q 2015 and my public speaking and presence (updated)


As I expected, and as I planned – year 2015 should be more busy, more funny, more special than every previous years in my “community area age”. I can split all my public speaking and presence plans for three roles: attendee, speaker and trainer. And here are my plans for first three months of current year.


Sometimes I’m going for user group meetings, conferences, public debates or just exhibition just for attending. To hear someone, to see something, to be inspired. I have plans for attending for events below:

User Group Meetings in series of #GeekWeekWro

    User Group Meetings

      • Information Security Division|Wroclaw, Poland|16th Jan {SITE|FACEBOOK}
      • Leicester Speakers Club|Leicester, England|9th Feb {SITE}
      • Leicester SQL Server User Group|Leicester, England|18th Feb {SITE|TWITTER}
      • British Computer Society|Leicester, England|19th Feb {SITE|HEADSITE}|cancelled by me
      • Oxford SQL Server User Group|Oxford,England|26th Feb {TWITTER}|cancelled by me
      • SharePoint User Group UK|Leicester, England|12th Mar {SITE}
      • Polish Information Processing Society Board Meeting|Warsaw, Poland|21 Mar|
      • SharePoint User Group UK|Cambridge, England|24th Mar {SITE}


        • SharePoint Saturday Sweden|Stockholm,Sweden|14th Feb {SITE|TWITTER}
        • SQL Saturday No #374|Vienna, Austria|28th Feb {SITE|TWITTERHASH}|cancelled by me
        • SharePoint Saturday AbuDhabi|Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates|14th Mar {SITE|TWITTER}|cancelled by me
        • Cloud Expo Europe|London, UK|11-12 Mar {SITE|TWITTER}
        • Data Centre
        • SEMAFOR 2015. Security Management Audit Forum|Warsaw, Poland|26-27 Mar {SITE}


        Speaking is one of the favourite part of my life. I love speaking and sharing knowledge. Even sometimes I failed (based on some reasons) I always try to do my next session better and better. And I will try to get as many sessions as possible this year, because only live experience is the right way to the top. My speaking in this quarter is limited but bigger than I expected on New Year’s Eve:

        User Group Meetings

          • Sweden SQL Server User Group|Stockholm, Sweden|12th Feb {SITE|FACEBOOK}|session: TBA
          • Sweden SQL Server User Group|Malmö, Sweden|13th Feb {SITE|FACEBOOK}|session: TBA
          • SQL Cardiff User Group|Caerdydd, Cymru|31tst Mar {SITE|FACEBOOK}|Battle of the Beards > session: SQL Azure Tips and Tricks for beginners


            • PASS SQLRally Nordic 2015|Copenhagen, Denmark|2nd-3rd Mar {SITE|TWITTERHASH}|session: SQL Security in the Cloud
            • XIV SQLBits SuperHeroes Edition|London, England|4rh-7th Mar {SITE|TWITTER|FACEBOOK}|session: AD2015. 2AM A Disaster just Began…
            • 7th Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization|London, England|18th Mar {SITE|TWITTER}|session: Trust. The Primer and will be Cloud Security Panelist
            • Cluj Innovation Days|Cluj-Napoca,Transylvania|19-20 Mar {SITE|FACEBOOK}|session: Data Cloud Innovation
            • CEE MVP Open Days|Belgrade, Serbia|29-30 Mar {SITE|TWITTER|FACEBOOK}|session: You’re MVP? Go To Travel!


            Actually is basement for my surviving. I have some training scheduled, and I’m working on other which I can put into my calendar. As independent trainer I can choose any training for/from any company and I have no barriers. I’ve scheduled my authored MasterClass: SharePoint 2013 for ITPro with CQURE Academy {TWITTER|SITE} another courses with The Knowledge Academy {TWITTER|SITE}, and I’m writing now two new authored courses, which should be available from beginning of second quarter. Locations? Nothing in Poland, just in United Kingdom, The Netherlands, East Midlands and Scandinavia.  I’m also open for consultancy, implementation and audits project, definitely more in this year than in previous decade.

            [EN] Community Connections, Speaking Engagement… in the Fall.

            lectureAutumn. The Fall. As I expected (based on my last intensive year) last four months this year will be busy. I’ve some projects in my corporation and of course outside corpo. My calendar has been filled up few days ago, and is filled in 80-95 % (yes, I can expand some dates, still). I’m talking about conferences in dual ways:

            Community Connections

            Going to technology confererence (sometimes not only technology, but always profession(all conference) is one of the best way to meet new people, listening ideas, sharing own opinions, creating connections and relationships. As a member of audience crowd I am going to:

            DevDay 2013 >>| 20th September | Cracow, PL | LINK – even this conference based in Poland, and organizers are from Poland, it’s absolutely international event. It will be my second time, when I passed qualification (yes, it’s not for all) and I’m ready for getting new ideas, points of views, knowledge and experience from amazing speakers: Rob Ashton (AshtonDev Ltd) {@robashton}, Marco Cecconi (StackOverflow) {@sklivvz}, Tiberiu Covaci (Many-core) {@tibor19}, Dariusz Dziuk (Spotify) {@dariuszdziuk}, Dino Esposito (e-tennis.net) {@despos}, Ben Hall (Cornershop) {@Ben_Hall}, Andreas Håkansson (tretton37) {@TheCodeJunkie}, Hadi Hariri (JetBrains) {@hhariri}, Patrick Kua (ThoughtWorks) {@patkua}, Jon Skeet (Google) {@jonskeet}, Paul Stack (OpenTable) {@stack72}, Itamar Syn-Hershko (Buzzilla) {@synhershko}.

            ManageEngine Forum >> 10th October | Poznan, PL | LINK – differend kind of event. Deeply oriented for ITSM practices, Service- and HelpDesk Delivery and Manage Engine. Sessions, workshop and ITSM games will be delivered by polish team from MWT company, of course with special guests from India. Some sessions will be in Polish, and I expect some in English from Marcin Tyburski, David C. Howell, Marcin Woźniak, Rajesh Ganesan, Wojciech Przybylski.

            LeetSpeak >> 12th October | Stockholm, SE | LINK – a little bit similar to DevDay conference, but I’m sure a little different too. Leetspeak is not just a conference, but a concept; a gathering for hungry developers. This year it’s staking its claim in the nation’s capital on Saturday October 12. That’s what you get when you create your dream day – no filler. Less speakers, but not worse: Justin Rusbatch {@jrusbatch}, Joe Hummel {@joehummel}, Jon Skeet {@jonskeet}, Peter Gasston {@stopsatgreen}, Andreas Håkansson {@TheCodeJunkie}, Patrick Dubroy {@dubroy}.

            Oracle Day >> November | Somewhere in Europe | LINK – Yes. I know. It’s oracle. But… since I got request of my customer: “We want to use Oracle Enterprice on Windows 2008 R2” (no comments)… I should that maybe, just maybe I shall look to dark side of the data. Well. Is not confirmed yet, maybe meeting with the Devil will not be necessary.

            EMC Forum >> November | Somewhere in Europe | LINK EMC Forum is a one-day, complimentary conference with keynotes, breakout sessions, networking opportunities and an exhibition. Attend an EMC Forum and explore how Cloud transforms IT, Big Data transforms Business, and Trust transforms Cloud. I meet some old friends in last year. And got many laugh from the “Directors of Corporation Speech” (they should be speechless not speakers many times). I’m very interesting what they have to say this year. Maybe new ideas appearing?


            Conference Speaking Engagements

            As a continuing process of my ealuation of to be speaker, I have another big opportunnity for sharing my knowledge, ideas, practices for different and (many times) surprised audience on few conferences across Europe. For today I’ve a plan for three events:

            PASS SQL Rally Nordic >>| 4-6th November | Stockholm, SE | LINK – I’m not only very happy. I’m very, very proud to be selected for THIS event. It will be my first PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) conference under PASS brand. I’ll provide my session on Wednesday 6th November 9 AM with the subject: “SQL Server High Availability in the Context of SLA” It’s the same subject like my Chapter 18 in MVP Deep Dive Vol II book, but of course updated for newest SQL Server version. After and before my session I’ll attend for few other sessions provided by world class speakers: BI Track: Alberto Ferrari, David Peter Hansen, Davide Mauri, Gerhard Brueckl, Henk van der Valk, Jen Stirrup, Alexei Khalyako, Marcel Franke, Marco Russo, Tim Peterson / DBA Track: Kalen Delaney, Kevin Kline, Régis Baccaro, Scott Klein, Stephen Archbold, Turgay Sahtiyan / DEV  Track: Adam Machanic, Brent Ozar, Hugo Kornelis, Margarita Naumova, John Martin, Ewan Fairweather, Tobias Ternstrom, Uwe Ricken, Vesa Tikkanen. I’m happy to meet again half of them as my friends in a speaker room, and meet new persons from SQL Community.

            SQL Saturday No 199 >>| 27th October | Sofia, BG | LINK – Still remember my first visit in Sofia, almost year ago. SQL Saturday happened at Infragistic office. I meet two my good SQL Camrades: Mihail Mateev {@mihailmateev} and Boris Hristov {@BorisHristov‎}. And many more from the Bulgarian community. It was fantastic event, magical speaker dinner and crazy night with DPH (he know about…). I’ve plan to visit infragistic agan, sightseeing other part of Sofia, and maybe something more. List of speakers is bigger than last time, and the value of this event is bigger and bigger with: Murilo Miranda, David Peter Hansen, Niko Neugebauer, Pedro Correia, Ignacio Salom Rangel, Kevin Boles, Marcin Szeliga, Boriana Petrova, Jen Stirrup, Régis Baccaro, David Smeets, Denis Reznik, Boris Hristov, Turgay Sahtiyan, Oleksii Kovalov, Anatoliy Kolesnick, Miroslav Dimitrov, Ivan Donev, Andrey Korshikov, Margarita Naumov, David Eichner, Anton Vidishchev.

            SQL Saturday No 261 >>| 30th November | Moscow, RU | LINK – I’ve never been in Russia. it will be my first time. But after fantastic experience form SQL Saturday in Kiev (Spring) I had a plan to going there. It’s not official confirmed yet, but… I’m almost ready for visit Moscow. Because how sang Till Lindermann: Это песня о самом прекрасным городе в мире, Москва! One or two sessions on the way. List of the speakers are very interesting: David Peter Hansen, Niko Neugebauer, Klaus Aschenbrenner, Kevin Boles, Denis Reznik, Turgay Sahtiyan, Belkis Ozhorasan, Андрей Коршиков, Dmitriy Kostylev, Evgeny Khabarov.

            SQL Saturday No 259 >>| 7th December | Kharkov, UA | LINK – Kharkov is my back to Ukraine. To meet many friends again, to sharing knowledge for SQL Server Community, maybe meet some Polish peoples? Some sightseeing, tasting local food and drink, and of course meet most beautiful (after Poland) girls in the world. I think that maybe two sessions will be mine.  And some friend will meet in Kharkov too: David Peter HansenTurgay Sahtiyan, Mihail Mateev, Boris Hristov, Андрей Коршиков, Дмитрий Пилюгин, Sergey Olontsev, Evgeny Garaev, Eugene Polonichko, Oleksii Kovalov.


            User Group Speaking Engagements

            Somewhere between listening and speaking I’ll meet User Groups. I’m a host of local group of Polish SQL Server User Group and Lower Silesian PASS Chapter. Till the end of year we will have four meetups in Wroclaw. Possible dates are: September 25th, October 23rd, November 20th and December 18th. I suppose that I’ll heve some speaking moments on all of those meetups. Between Moscow and Kharkov I’ll visit Budapest and my friends from Hungarian SQL Server User Group. We have a plan for MeetUp and of course Geek Beer Dinner. All in the preparation mode…


            Very, very busy months… Hope to meet You – Dear Readers – soon at one or more of those events.