[EN] Autumn Speaking Tour (Cyrillic)

I spend over one month at home (almost without travelling). But it’s enough. In the middle of September I’m starting my six weeks of travelling, speaking, meeting, sharing knowledge and networking. Very intensive six weeks with many kilometers (some by bus, some by plane, some by special bus). And here is the partial list of my conferences for next few weeks:


Azure pre-Conf | Kiev | 19th September
First Pre-Confs at SQL Saturdays in Ukraine. Hapily to all of us, event will happen in Kiev, not on east side. So We both: Sergey Olontsev and myself could go to Capitol of Ukraine for share knowledge and passion about sql server and their features. Good location: Майкрософт Украина and few fantastic, knowledge-hungry attendees. My friend from Moscow Sergey Olontsev will deliver "Data Corruptions in MS SQL Server: reasons, monitoring and solving." {registration here} and I will deliver "Windows Azure SQL Database from Zero to I’m Ready" {registration here}

SQL Saturday #290 | Kiev | 20th September
Fourth in history (and third for me) SQL Saturday in Ukraine. And I’m really happy to back to Kiev. I know that few good speakers going there too: Turgay Sahtiyan {Turkey), Mihail Mateev {Bulgaria}, Сергей Олонцев {Russia}, Алексей Ковалёв {Russia}, Евгений Полоничко {Ucraine}, Victoria Malaya and more. Expecting very interesting event. I will present two sessions: Azure SQL Database Tips and Tricks for Beginners and Maintenance Plans ad Hoc {registration here}

SQL Saturday #311 | Sofia | 12th October
My second trip to Sofia this time will happen. Last year (based on my terrible corpo work) I missed. This time I will fly to Sofia just for few hours (TripIt says: less than twenty four) and ther I will present one session in the morning slot. Except me atendees meet&greet&listen few fantastic speakers like: Marcin Szeliga {Poland}, Janos Berke {Hungary}, Laerte Junior {Brazil}, Aleksander Karl {Germany}, Milos Radivojevic {Austria} and more, more, more.

Even all my sessions I will present in English, cannot wait to switch to Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Cyrilic in general. Even I will teach – this time I will learn.


Picture source: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/_bE7Mw-gkKG4/TTTjWGs24SI/AAAAAAAAFYk/YACV8HX-pH0/s1600/public-speaking.jpeg

[EN] Last September’s Saturday – SQL Saturday

I discovered a moment ago, that this year – The Year of the Dragon – is definitely under SQL Saturday Influence. What is SQL Sat? The answer is very simple: PASS SQLSaturday’s are free 1-day training events for SQL Server professionals that focus on local speakers, providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions, and making it all happen through the efforts of volunteers. Whether you’re attending a SQLSaturday or thinking about hosting your own, we think you’ll find it’s a great way to spend a Saturday – or any day. 

I had great pleasure to be attendee in Dublin (SQL Saturday #105 {EVENT PAGE}) and in Munich (SQL Saturday #170 {EVENT PAGE}). Also had super great to be speaker in Cambridge (SQL Saturday #162 {EVENT PAGE}). And this is NOT the END.

Last weekend of September will be under the same influences… I’m going to Sofia (SQL Saturday #152 {EVENT PAGE}) and same like in Cambridge I’ve got a chance to speaking, and same like in Cambridge… twice. It’s fantastic!! Yes – it’s a little bit sadly: I must leave my home for a moment, but new places, new people, new part of SQL Family are important too. With many of very famous speakers – let me introduce: Jen Stirrup, Milos Radivojevic, Allan Mitchell, Margarita Naumova and few new for me: Miroslav Lessev, Mihail Mateev, Andrev Ivelin, Anton Staykov, Ivan Donev, Jason Beres, Nikolay Chorbanov, Ventsy Popov we will share our knowledge and expertise area for SQL Community from Bulgaria.  …oopss… I almost forgot about my new colleagues: Boris Hristov and David Peter Hansen.

I will be presenting two sessions – generally both for DBA/Architect area:

  • Welcome to the Licensing Nightmare || 09:45 AM | DBA – Room: 3rd Floor Area
  • High Availability of SQL  in the context of SLA || 03:45 PM | SQL Azure & Personal Development – Room: Conference Room A

You still have enough time for register for this event and meet us somethere in 110 B, Simeonovsko Shosse Bul., Office Floor II, 1700 Sofia, Many sessions will be presenting in English, I’m very interested… will be some sessions presenting in Bulgarian (same like in German in Munich)? Will see on Saturday.

And last but not least – I’ll have special gift for one of the attendee… Wait for the final raffle.