[EN] T-7 Days till my next session… at IM World

A week in advance announcement. Times flies. Very very quickly. Just after September’s very busy month. New month began. On Saturday I will write about all my plans for October. Now it’s time to announce my special session in Romania. I have been in Romania (exactly in Cluj-Napoca) twice in this year. Now it’s time to visit Bucharest. I have been invited to present session as afternoon keynote speaker in Bucharest.  Internet & Mobile World 2015 (7th-8th October).

This conference looks very impressive. Two days in the centre of Bucharest. Four stages with eight sessions on each stage each day:

  • MAIN STAGE – poweder by T-Mobile
  • DIGITAL & E-COMMERCE STAGE  – powered by MasterCard
  • BUSINESS SOFTWARE STAGE – powered by Lenovo
  • DEVELOPER STAGE – powered by Microsoft

Fours content stages will be not only interesting point. Organizers preparing five networking areas (innovation & gadget area, thematic areas) and four expo areas (Business Software & Infrastructure, Online Marketing & E-commerce, International Institutions, Start-ups). Plus evening special party…

A lot of speakers – as natual majority are rom Romania, but if you want meet foreigners… it will not be a big problem:

Limor Schweitzer + Andy Chen + Jeremy Abbett + Lukas Maixner + Paul Slattery + Anna Kovaleva + Anastasia Emmanuel + Anthony Quigley + Dr. Gavin Wood + Matt Shaw + Ralph Simon + Simon Gosling + Javier Martinez + Mário Campolargo + Nick Emmel + Guy Beresiner + Istvan Haidekker + Martin Stockfleth Larsen + Filip Maertens + Philipp Fehre + Chris Swan + Greg Fry + Paddy Moogan + Marco Bertozzi + Bastian Hofmann + Steve Armstrong + Jan Willem Alphenaar + Thomas Grassl + Jamie Woodruff + Slavek Kabrda + Gabriel Ghita + Euan Ross Birch + Stephan Hochdörfer + Ovidiu Ghiman + Andrei Cepoi + Aurel Netin + Marius Filipas + Michele Grassi + Stefan Cosma + Simona Stoica + Norbert Lesko + Vlad Popovici + Maria Zamfir + Andrei Pitis + Timotej Gala + Lucian Aldescu + Gabriela Cretu + Giovanni Dalla-Vedova + Fritz Jochen Weber + Adrian Orasan + Robert Berza + Mihai Rauta + Mihai Tamas + Raphael Lignier + Marius Iurian + Paul Ardeleanu + Jörg Roskowetz + Bogdan Bratu + Martin Hoerhammer + Florina Seres + Tiberiu Pfiszter + Anca Cazacu + Adrian Blidarus + Silviu Neghina + Ionut Gherle + Alex Lakatos + Dragos Barbulescu + Bogdan Birnicu + Cristian Ignat + Oded Alexandroni + Marius Istrate + Catalin Maftei + Cristina Martinas + Claudia Chirilescu + Roxana Ivan + Ru Cindrea + Mihai Gurei + Bogdan Paduraru + George Boulescu + Sabin Popa + Ionut Bodea + Valentin Diaconeasa + Stephen Griffith + Florentin Ovidiu Vintila + Bogdan Alexe + Axel Grollemund + Matei Psatta + Paula Negrea + Marius Pana + Bogdan Rusu, M.B.A + Dan D. Pavel + Iulia Condor + Marcin Jabłoński + Liviu Arsene + Alexandru Chica + Catalin Cosoi + Laurentiu Dumitrescu + Digital Star + Sabin Girlea + Costin Miroslav + Cristiana Bogateanu + Dragos Stanca + Elisabeta Moraru + Andrei Georgescu + Raluca Jianu + Alin Sutu + Iulia Alecu + Anca-Ioana Bandac + Regina Filipová Fuchsová + Dragos Pislaru + Attila Birtha + Alexandru Radovici + Elena Dobre + Andy Lengyel


I will present “Ready for Discussion” session: Data.Collaboration.Trust in AD 2015 at 2:30 PM at Developers Stage

I got special 100% discount code for this conference. So if You want join – send me message on twitter @KoprowskiT and we can meet in Bucharest | if you use Social Networks you can join online for : TWITTER FACEBOOK LINKEDIN

More details and resitration are available at the conference page: http://www.imworld.ro/


[EN] T-7 Days till my next session… at SQLSat Holland

LOGO__SQLSatHolland2015A week in advance announcement. I’m very happy to be one of the speakers at upcoming SQL Saturday No 434 in Utrecht. It will be my third SQL Saturday – after one in Cambridge (Sept 12) where I only work as room monitor, and today’s very exciting session in Copenhagen. If you follow me you probably well know that I have been in The Netherlands just few days ago. On Friday before SQL Saturday in Cambridge I delivered two sessions at Software Developer Network Event in Zeist. This time I will go to Netherland for few days. After night trip NOT-LGW then flight to AMS and another short trip to Utrecht I will be there from Thursday noon till Sunday morning.

This time SQL Saturday will be a two-day-event for me. On Friday [25th September] I will deliver full day pre-conf seminar, as well as two other great (greatest than me) speakers:

  • WASD-A Journey from Zero to be Hero | Tobiaz Koprowski |L200
  • Data Mining Algorithms in SQL Server, Excel, R and Azure ML | Dejan Sarka |L300
  • Understanding Execution Plans | Hugo Kornelis |L400

It’s very exciting. It’s my second SQL Saturday Pre-Conf Seminar; the first one I delivered in Kiev a year ago. I know that there is not as much attendees registered now (in compare of famous pre-conf by Dejan and Hugo) but I’m sure that, we will have a very interesting, full of knowledge and discussions training day.

On Saturday [26th September] (this time my session will be served at early morning) each of attendees can choose from several sessions delivering by many great speakers:

Klaus Aschenbrenner + Bob Duffy + M Streutker + David Williams + Denny Cherry + Aaron Bertrand + Gabi Münster + Scott Klein + Joost van Rossum + Neil Hambly + Matija Lah + Jan Pieter Posthuma + Tanja Vukov + Janko Radusinovic + Edgar Walther + David Postlethwaite + Hugo Kornelis + Jan Van humbeek + Niels Naglé + Hylke Peek + Henk van der Valk + John Martin + Hugo Kornelis + Henk Vlootman + Leonard Lobel + Joseph D’Antoni + Dandy Weyn + Niall MacLeod + Sander van der hoeff + Dejan Sarka + Peter Jonk

Speakers from both sides of Atlantic, from Central Europe, few Islands, even Balkan territory.  A lot of of discussions, coffees, comments, swags, networking opportunities and Saturday full of knowledge. And local beer from Utrecht (i hope..)

I will present one of my newest session SQL Security in the Cloud at 9:00 AM in Zaal A

More details and resitration are available at the conference page: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/434/eventhome.aspx

[EN] T-7 Days till my next session… at SQLSat Copenhagen

LOGO__SQLSatDenmark2015A week in advance announcement. I’m very happy to be one of the speakers at upcoming SQL Saturday No 413 in Copenhagen. The capitol of Denmark was always one of my favourite city. Even I never had enough time for sightseeing. This time will be a little different. My short trip to Copenhagen will start on Friday night with route: NOT-STN-CPH. So after morning landing in Copenhagen I will have few hours to sightseeing Copenhagen. We have scheduled Speaker Dinner very famous and probably good place named: Copenhagen streetfood on Papirsøen, so even that I’ve chance for some evening/night pictures.

The SQL Saturday is alittle bit different than normal SQL Saturdays – the organizers preparing not only one, but two days of workshop. And here is the list:

  • Day 1 : 17 September 2015 {only Full Day Pre Conf}
  • Are you ready to Power BI? | Dandy Weyn
  • From 0 to DAX | Alberto Ferrari
  • Day 2 : 18 September 2015 {Full&Half Day Pre Conf}
  • Analyze and document your SQL Server like a professional | Uwe Ricken
  • Inside SQL Server Plan caching and parameterization | Margarita Naumova
  • Data Mining Algorithms in SQL Server, Excel, R and Azure ML | Dejan Sarka

On Saturday (this time my session is somewhere in the middle of the day) I have reserved hour for one of the session slot. I hope that some of attendees will chose me instead many of great speakers:

Sonja Madsen + Margarita Naumova + Erik Svensen + Knut Relbe-Moe + Peter ter Braake + Wolfgang Strasser + Boris Hristov + Mikkel Freltoft Krogsholm + Uwe Ricken + Just Blindbaek + Jens Vestergaard + David Williams + Scott Klein + Alberto Ferrari + Ruben Pertusa Lopez + Sonja Madsen + Rasmus Reinholdt + Dandy Weyn + Anders Dissing + Matija Lah + Gianluca Sartori + Knut Relbe-Moe + Mogens Heller Grabe + Iman Eftekhari + Thomas Sykes + Anders Dissing + Janos Berke + Niall MacLeod + Mogens Heller Grabe + Andre Kamman + Dave Lawrence + Bent Pedersen + David Postlethwaite + Arne Bartels + Oliver Engels + Kennie Pontoppidan + Bob Duffy + Asgeir Gunnarsson + Gabi Münster + Tillmann Eitelberg + Dejan Sarka + Stephanie Locke + Chris Adkin + Cathrine Wilhelmsen

International company, many experts: MVPs, MCMs. A lot of ons of discussions, coffee, comments, swags, networking opportunities and Saturday full of knowledge. And danish beer…

I will present one of my well known session Windows Azure SQL Database – Tips and Tricks for Beginners… at 1:30 PM on Azure Track

More details and resitration are available at the conference page: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/418/EventHome.aspx