[EN] SQL Relay Autumn Tour – Day One

A series of short post about SQL Relay Autumn Tour in United Kingdom, where I speaking, networking, helping and doing more fun and business things. The trip just started from London with big crash on my Sunday evening works on my laptop. Windows failed and cannot start normally, only in modo securo, but of course is not enough for presentations, for running demos and so on. Even late evening (about midnight) running in deep rainy night around Hyde Park, cannot change my bad feelings and Fear of the Failure.


Monday morning I travel by train to Reading, and the ask cab’s driver for Microsoft. Of course he know where it is, but traffic change our route from ten to almost twenty five minutes. Finally arrived for Microsoft HQ UK Building Three {MAP}. Full day of sessions, coffee, bisquits and more in agenda below:

Keynote | Microsoft
Sponsor Sessions by Pyramid & Violin Memory

BI Track         
Intro to R | Steph Locke
SSIS Patterns-Performance testing and optimisation using Hashing | Mark Stacey
Journey to the Cloud | Gavin Payne
Introduction to the Analytic Platform System – the Microsoft Big Data appliance | Justin Langford
Migrating to APS | James Rowland-Jones
DBA Track  
Understanding Parallelism | Christian Bolton
Query Plan Deep Dive | Dave Morrison
Introduction to OLTP In memory | Amanda Ford
SQL Server Query Performance Tuning: A 12-Step Process | Scott Klein
SQL Azure from Plan, to Backup, to Cloud | Tobiasz Koprowski

We had great rooms with comfortable ‘theater mode’ chairs and free internet access. I had no chance to attend any session , cos till midday I worked with recovering my system, and re-preparing session. But with help of James Skipwith I did that, and had great plesure to talk about Azure Database for about fifty (maybe more) peoples. Session will be afailable on my SlideShare {box} soon and I updating picture album on Facebook {SQL Relay UK 2014 – Week One} each day.

After closing ceremony, raffles and more we just packing our stuff and with James as driver going with Stephanie Lockie, Neil Hambly, Scott Klein by SQL Relay Funny Bus to Southampton.

[EN] Anorak in the UK – October Rust Tour

Last year – by the special invitation of my Birmingham’s friend Alex Whittles {BLOG|LINKEDIN|TWITTER} I spend one week on a tour, a part of SQL Relay 2013: from Monday and Glasgow till Thursday and Norwich. I had no chance for second week, even for SQL Relay 203 R2. But… SQL Relay is back!

This time I will visit all Speakers Rooms on this tour! Based on decision of this year’s head of organizers Stephanie Lockie {BLOG|LINKEDIN|TWITTER} my sessions has been published, revisited and voted by community and my October’s tour looks very, very impressive:

  • 13th  – Reading |LINK| Sold Out!
  • 14th – Southampton |LINK| Sold Out!
  • 15th – Bristol |LINK| Sold Out!
  • 16th – Cardiff |LINK|
  • 27th – Newcastle |LINK|
  • 28th – Leeds |LINK|
  • 29th – Birmingham |LINK|
  • 30th – London |LINK| Sold Out!

Depends on the city I will be presenting one of the folowing sessions:  SQL Azure from Plan, to Backup, to Cloud or Maintenance Plans for Beginners or Windows Azure SQL Database – Tips and Tricks for Beginners. Except Leeds, where I will be speaking twice, and except London, where my session are not confirmed, yet. Is that all? Eight (or nine) sessions in eight days, in eight cities?

Of course not. First of all I want to say big Thank You for our SQL Relay 2014 sponsors and partners:

Premier Sponsor

Gold Sponsors


Silver Sponsors


Bronze Sponsors



And of course I cannot wait for meet and greet (and pint’ing) with my friends and well known speakers through this tour (in totally chaotic listing):

Steph Locke, Mark Stacey, Justin Langford, Gavin Payne, Christian Bolton, Dave Morrison, Amanda Ford, Alex Whittles, James Skipwith, Richard Douglas, Neil Hambly, Alex Yates, Eric Lawson, Richard Munn, Andre Kamman, Jamilu Abubakar, Andrew Whettam, Daniel Sol, Mark Round, James Boother, Oz Locke,  Matt Dowle, Alessandro Recino, Steve Powell, Allan Mitchell, Stuart Moore, Chris Webb, Steve Powell,  Mike Boswell, Claire Mora, David Williams, Kevan Riley… please forgive me if I forgot about someone.

In short summary: eight cities, eight hotels, hundreds of miles by our Speaker’s FunBus, over ninety sessions and… one thousand knowledge hungry attendees. 

So if you will be in UK, somethere close to SQLRelay venues – please join us. And spread the world with one or more our fantastic badges:



Post Scriptum: of course I cannot forgot about October Rust… http://youtu.be/54ugzJNjMR0 Enjoy!

[EN] Reminiscence Boulevard: SQL Soton and Azure in the UK

IMG_5927Almost after my back from China – just two days in office and three afternoon’s chinesse lessons – I packed early morning and went to London. On Thursday 10th July we (because this time I didn’t travel alone) attending at UK Azure User Group Meetup about Enterprise Cloud Messaging with RabbitMQ in Azure. Event was organized and hosted by RichardConway and  Andry Cross {Head of Cloud Platform in Elastacloud | TWITTER }. We two are from Poland, but another polish influence came with presenter Mariusz Wójcik {developer living and working in UK from many years | BLOG | TWITTER }. About fifty folks decided to spend time on talks, listening and questioning with few kinds of good beer. Session presented by Mariusz was very interesting and as always I learn something new (but when I will have time tor play with RabbitMQ? Have no idea). Some pictures and opinions You can fing on Meetup site here: http://bit.ly/1zhzO5C.

IMG_6018Half of Friday we spend on walk through London, coffee and sandwiches in Pret A Manger and bus trip to Southampton. After bus, and local bus and another local bus finally we landed in Holiday Inn Express. Really nice place in small ‘village district’ of West Southampton. Very close to big stadium for Cricket and fantastic park arround. Morning breakfast and crazy cab trip in five peoples provide good feelings for the event. What Event? Prepared by Steph Middleton and John Q MartinSQL Soton at the Weekend (eventrbite link here). Great event hosted by University of Southampton collected about thirty five peoples ready for learn something about SQL Server. The team invides speakerd not only from United Kingdom, but (based on upcoming in next weekend SQLBits XII) from The Netherland, Germany, Slovenia and Poland. Sessions and Speakers? Amazing:

Jonathan Allen {TWITTER}
LogParser-quicker than SSIS, easier than BCP
Dave Morrison {TWITTER}
Statistics, Estimation &  Plan Caching – The Big Three
William Durkin {TWITTER}
Database Replication – What, How, Why?
Tobiasz Koprowski {TWITTER}
Windows Azure Databases for Beginners
Andre Kamman {TWITTER}
Running SQL Server 2014 On A Scale Out File Server
Mladen Prajdic {TWITTER}
SQL Server and Application Security for Developers

Coffee without limits, drinks without limits, breakfast and lunch without limits. and talks, queastions, answers, networking without any limits too. I’m very glad and happy that attendees were very active, the have been ready and open for discussions, questions, comments. And patiently wait for last quarter when lot of gifts and prizes at the end of conference. Unfortunatelly we cannot be part of speaker beer and dinner, because last part of trip calling (to Wroclaw, via Stansted and Schonefeld). Amazing peoples and really great organizing. I’m sure that even it was my first stage opportunity in Southampton – I’m sure that not last. See You soon.

PS. My slide deck are available HERE