[EN] October 2015 and my public speaking and presence

public-speaking_thumb3_thumbSeptember was busy. Really Busy. I attended for SQL Saturday #411 in Cambridge and CloudSEC in London. And I had great opportunity to speak in Zeist, Copenhagen, Utrecht, Vianen, Wroclaw.  And most important – I found enough time to move from Leicester – where I spend last seven months) to Nottingham. Much, much better place. But of course – even I can stop, I don’t want to. So my October plans are as follows:


To hear someone, to see someone, to meet someone, to be inspired. My plans are a little flexible (even my calendar is not):


  • SQL Relay – London|London,England|12th October {SITE}
  • SQL Relay – Bristol|Bristol,England|13th October {SITE}



Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course I will have some chance to increasing my speakers skills here:

User Groups Meetings:

  • Last & Final Leicester SQL User Group Meeting|Leicester, England|14th October {SITE} | session: 2AM A Disaster Just Began
  • UnExpected Ukrainian SQL Breakfast|Kiev, Ukraine|16th October| session: Round Table Light Discussion


  • SQL Relay – Nottingham|Nottingham, England|07th October {SITE}|one session: SQL Server Backup in the Era of the Cloud
  • Internet & Mobile World|Bucharest, Romania|08th October {SITE}|keynote sesson: Data.Collaboration.Trust
  • SQL Relay – Cardiff|Cardiff, Wales|14th October {SITE}|one session: SQL Server Backup in the Era of the Cloud
  • SQL Relay – Birmingham|Birmingham, England|15th October {SITE}|one session: SQL Security in the Cloud
  • SQL Saturday #418 Moscow|Moscow, Russian Federation|17th october {SITE}|two session: TBA & TBA



I have one confirmed public training in October – my authored SharePoint MasterClass as a part of CQURE Academy.

Workshops & Trainings:

  • SharePoint 2013 for ITPro Masterclass|Reykjavik,Iceland|19th-23rd October {REGISTRATION}|


Workshops in the Future:

  • Windows Azure SQL Database – A Journey from Zero to be Hero|Southampton,England|4th December {REGISTRATION}|Early Birds!

As You can see, a lot of places and dates where and when you ca meet me. Hope you will find amoment to say Hi!

[EN] Save the Dates. 29 Dates… for SharePoint Community Events

Holiday is almost over. Some of you probably will spend last two weeks of August on Holiday, but generally speking forom September kids and from October students will back to classes. So adults will have a little bit more time for their education. In previous post I wrote about SQL Server Community Events. Here is time for SharePoint – my second important toping for daily workd. In this post I want listing all interesting (in my personal opinion) events till last day of the year, events focused for Wide Wild SQL World. I will focus on EMEA area with one or two extention for United States. Let see the dates, events and places. In a little different form than in previous post – because number of events is significantly lower, I change the structure.



  • sep.12|Cambridge|Penelope Coventry (MCT, MVP), Anthony Obi Corey Burke
  • sep.26|Barcelona|Martina Grom (MVP), Elio Struyf (MVP), Adis Jugo (MVP)
  • oct.10|Munich|Waldek Mastykarz (MVP), Wictor Wilén (MCSM, MCT, MVP), Jeremy Thake
  • oct.17|Durban|Carmen Nel, Dorinda Reyes
  • oct.17|Oslo|Penelope Coventry (MCT, MVP), Gokan  Ozcifci (MCT, MVP), Stefan Bauer (MCT)




  • oct.12-14|Amsterdam|Formerly SharePoint Connect, bigger and better!

European SharePoint Conference

  • nov.09-12|Stockholm|Jeff Teper, Seth Patton & Bill Baer to Keynote ESPC15

SPTechCon Boston

SharePoint Fest – Seattle

SPTechCon Boston 2015

The Digital Workplace Conference

SharePoint Connections

SharePoint Data Visualization Roundtable

SharePoint Engage

SharePoint Intersection

SharePoint Fest – Chicago


Enough? It’s just for SQL Server (previously) and SharePoint. Soon I’ll share info about other interesting events.


Anyway. If You are interesting and focused for SharePoint (and SharePint!), check you calendar, register for one, two, three or more events (or ten?), buy your tickets, find room (or not) and go!




[EN] Anorak’s Weekly Reading List

Previous week was very busy. A lot of articles which I read was connected with my actual project for one of my customer. So more tech than life last week. But… Enjoy!


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  • LINK | Baaba Kulka
  • LINK | Autonomus Weapons: an Open Letter from AI & Robotics Researchers
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  • LINK | Top 10 Geddy Lee Rush Songs


  • LINK | Cortana Analytics Suite: Transform data into intelligent action
  • LINK | TechNet Evaluation Center
  • LINK | Revealed: The Chinese forums offering hacking courses for just US$100
  • LINK | China’s Parliament Publishes Draft Cyber-Security Law
  • LINK | China Uses ‘Picking Quarrels’ Charge to Cast a Wider Net Online
  • LINK | ‘The China Challenge,’ by Thomas J. Christensen
  • LINK | Ensuring cyber security an indisputable norm
  • LINK | Authorization Services Role-Based and Attribute-Based Access Control
  • LINK | Introduction to Web Vulnerabilities (Prezi)
  • LINK | Windows 10’s Wi-Fi Sense draws security concerns and questions
  • LINK | Analyze Session Logon Duration
  • LINK | List of free and fee based SQL Server training opportunities in UK
  • LINK | Certyfikacja Microsoft – jakie egzaminy zostaną wycofane w najbliższym czasie?
  • LINK | China-Tied Hackers That Hit U.S. Said to Breach United Airlines
  • LINK | Making PowerShell useful for your team
  • LINK | Learn ethical hacking and session hijacking on Pluralsight
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  • LINK | SQL Server Radio: Show 26 – Boris Hristov
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  • LINK | End of Mainstream and Extended Support for SQL Server 2005 and End of Service Pack Support for SQL Server 2008 SP1
  • LINK | Tagging on Compute, Network and Storage Resources Compute, Network, and Storage resources created through the Azure
  • LINK | DBTA – Russian Hackers Steal 1.2b Internet Credentials: Or, Why the Heck Does this Keep Happening?!

NOTE: week 31 | year 2015