[EN] Year 2015. Saturdays not only with SQL, but with SharePoint too.

LOGO__SharePointSaturday_Stockholm2015Last year I attended for my first SharePoint Saturday in Hinckley (England). Different kind of “Community Saturday” but very, very interesting. Seven sessions, in eight tracks with many SharePoint MVP’s from United Kingdom and Europe. Very good quality of content, different topics, something for Dev, something for Arch, something for ITPro. This event was a little similar to SQLRelay in Southampton: even SQLRelay in Southampton was not in Southampton but in Winchester, and even was not held in Winchester but after crossing Strawberry Hill district… SharePoint Saturday in Hinckley was not held in Hinckley, but after significant roundabount (peoples from SQLRelay Fun Bus knows what it means). After few years of very often trip’ing in UK, I’m starting to understand this methodology. But… nevermind. I can do many things, spend a lot of time and do it my best for great community events.

Even SharePoint Saturday idea is not (not yet in my opinion) big as SQL Saturday, I’m impressed:

  • 11th Oct Cincinnati
  • 11th Oct Omaha
  • 11th Oct Redmond
  • 12th Apr SPS Gulf
  • 12th AprBoston
  • 12th Jul Toronto
  • 13th Sep Cape Town
  • 17th May Baltimore
  • 17th May Dubai
  • 17th May Tashkent
  • 18th Oct Canberra
  • 18th Oct Nairobi
  • 20th Sep Charlotte
  • 20th Sep Durban
  • 20th Sep New Jersey
  • 21st Jun Atlanta
  • 21st Jun Baton Rouge
  • 21st Jun Perth
  • 23rd Aug Columbus
  • 24th May Vianen
  • 26th Apr Brussels
  • 26th Jul New York City
  • 27th Sep Jersey
  • 27th Sep Richmond
  • 29th Mar Jamaica
  • 2nd Aug Melbourne
  • 30th Aug Bermuda
  • 31st May Brisbane
  • 31st May Calgary
  • 31st May Sacramento
  • 3rd May Durham
  • 4th Oct Bend
  • 4th Oct South Florida
  • 5th Apr Nashville
  • 5th Apr Philadelphia
  • 6th Sep Cairo
  • 6th Sep Chicago
  • 6th Sep Johannesburg
  • 7th Jun Chevy Chase
  • 8th May Lahore

List above is the list of past events! My nearest plan is SQL Saturday in Stockholm. Because WE LOVE SharePoint – date is perfect: 14th February! I knew heard about few of the speakers (incomplete list of sessions and speakers below), and I read few blogs of they and I knew personally two  or three. Both list (session ans speakers) looks attractive:

  Bill Ayers (MCSM, MCT)
#SPSSTHLM13: SharePoint To Go: Building Mobile SharePoint Solutions
   Marius Constantinescu (MCT, MVP)
#SPSSTHLM02: Create Azure-hosted modern Cloud Business web apps for Office 365
   Maarten Eekels
#SPSSTHLM10: Yammer integration options in SharePoint
   Ashley Evans
#SPSSTHLM21: K2: Office 365 – Workflow and Case management meets Power BI
   Toni Frankola (MCT, MVP)
#SPSSTHLM15: SharePoint Governance Myth-busting
 Donald Hessing (MCSM)
#SPSSTHLM06: Load and performance testing for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio
   Adis Jugo (MVP)
#SPSSTHLM14: It’s not your father’s SharePoint: Architrecting cloud-only solutions for information workers of new generation
#SPSSTHLM15: SharePoint Governance Myth-busting
   Edin Kapic (MCT, MVP)
#SPSSTHLM07: How to Build Maintainable and Testable Custom SharePoint Components
   Peter Brinch  Larsen
#SPSSTHLM11: SharePoint Environments As A Service
   Andrei Markeev (MVP) Andrei Markeev
#SPSSTHLM08: Mixing power of CSR with flexibility of KnockoutJs: three examples.
 Waldek Mastykarz (MVP)
#SPSSTHLM05: Being creative with Delve and the Office Graph
   Agnes Molnar (MCT, MVP)
#SPSSTHLM12: Is Enterprise Search Dead???
   Jasper Oosterveld (MVP)
#SPSSTHLM01: SharePoint Online: a Friend or a Foe?
   Paolo Pialorsi (MCSM, MCT)
#SPSSTHLM17: Inside SharePoint Apps Security
#SPSSTHLM18: Andvanced SharePoint Workflow Scenarios
   Jesper Schioett
#SPSSTHLM09: Yes! SharePoint Projects on time, on budget and with happy customers
 Albert-Jan Schot (MVP)
#SPSSTHLM16: Search Intents with Apps
   Ari Seror
#SPSSTHLM20: CoSign by ARX: Your most successful SharePoint project: Sign documents online
   Marwan Tarek (MVP)
#SPSSTHLM22: Build engaging dashboards and reports using Office 365 Power BI
   Thomas Vochten (MCT, MVP)
#SPSSTHLM04: SharePoint Apps for the IT Pro – Beyond the basics with Provider Hosted apps
   Wictor Wiln (MCSM, MCT, MVP)
#SPSSTHLM05: Being creative with Delve and the Office Graph
 Hugh Wood
#SPSSTHLM19: SharePoint JavaScript, doing it right


Cannot wait for new, high quality event! And this event will not be last: based of SharePoint Saturday Event Page {HERE} some locations are very inspirational…


And all of those awill happen in first quarter of current year.

PS. Almost forgot: All tickets have been sold in few hours. But new pack of 100 tickets will be ready soon here:

Tickets will be available on Thursday, 15th of January 2015 at 1pm

[EN] Reminiscence Boulevard: SharePoint Saturday UK

Between ‘IIS and OSLO’ and ‘SharePoint and Reykjavik’, I found time for crazy stopover in London/Hinckley. That means sleeping in London but partying in Hinckley (East Midlands). I had plan for attending SharePoint Saturday event for many months. I planned in last year, but had no chance. This time it was possible. SharePoint Community is very big, even not too loud as SQL Server community. They organize SharePoint Saturdays and based on my fantastic experience from Hinckley, i’m planning to attend for more in next year.


Before event in Hinckley I knew only two persons: Penelope Coventry {AUTHOR|TWITTER|LINKEDIN} and Thomas Vochten {TWITTER|BLOG}. But after SharePoint Saturday UK everthing has changed. I came for completely new community, but not technology! Surprisingly I meet a lot of SharePoint oriented companies (arround twenty exhibitors) and had rerally big problem with choosing right sessions. Organizers provided eight tracks (!) with many great sessions:

Advanced List rendering using JSLink and Display Templates
Apps for Office – the hidden gem that’s easier than you think
Basic SQL configuration for SharePoint
Best Practices for Configuring the SP 2013 BI Stack
Build engaging Management information dashboards using Office 365 PowerBI
Building a Custom Search Solution
Building FAQ Functionality in SharePoint 2013/Office 365
Building solutions with the Yammer SDK
Configuring Kerberos for SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence
Configuring SharePoint Hybrid – Part 1 – Using Search in SharePoint Online
Configuring SharePoint Hybrid – Part 2 – Dive Deeper
Developing an incident reporting and learning system with Nintex Workflow and Forms
Developing for SharePoint Online – the good, the bad and the ugly
Evolving the IT Pro (aka Planning Roles and Salaries for IT Professionals)
Exposing External Data in Office 365
Getting Questions Answered – The Future of Enterprise Search
Getting SQL Spinning with SharePoint – Best Practices for the Backend
Getting Started with the Office 365 API
Goal Alignment in the Hybrid SharePoint Estate
How Serendipity and the Microsoft Office Graph Could Change Your Business Forever
How To Build A Knowledge Sharing Culture & Unleash The Full Potential of SharePoint, Office365 and Yammer In Your Organisation
Identity Federation for SharePoint 2013 using AD FS 2012 R2
Improving productivity with SharePoint centric Office collaboration tools
Information and Records Management in SharePoint
Intranet in one hour
New Azure SharePoint 2013 Deployment & Management Scenarios
OneDrive for Business – differences, limitations and security
Power BI – Connecting and transforming data
PowerBI for IT Pros : how to prepare for it
Real life experiences with the SharePoint Workflow
Remote Blob storage for on-premise Sharepoint
Selecting the right client-side development approach
Set Your Code Free – SharePoint Apps for the Mobile World
SharePoint and Dynamics CRM: Exploring the Integration
SharePoint Apps for the IT Pro – What you need to know
Take your display template skills to the next level
The SharePont Musical
The Social Journey: What did we learn implementing Yammer in retail?
Using REST in a Workflow to loop through list items
Using SharePoints Geo-Location and Social Tools to streamline business processes
Writing a JavaScript framework for SharePoint 2013
Yammer – What is all the fuss about

I attended for only fantastic sessions:

After all I can say: fantastic event, big (over 240 peoples) and great community (some peoples from SQL Server side), excellent lunch, free Guinness at afterparty, great location and of course many hours of great knowledge sharing from and practice and experts world. Books, autographs, some swags and new connectors. New peoples, new contacts, new horizons. Really, really appreciate. Some pictures you can find on my facebook page in albums catalogue.