[EN] Last SQL Saturday in 2014

sqlsat356_webTuesday, after two intensive weeks when I delivered two five days course {one about IIS 8 in Oslo, second about SharePoint in Reykjavik – both with CQURE Academy} I’m going to leaving Leicestershire. Next few days will be very intensive for me (and I’m very happy that not only for me). My trip route for this week is simple: London>Warsaw>Belgrade>Ljubljana. For next is simple too: Ljubljana>Belgrade>Warsaw>Wroclaw. What will happen between routes? My last SQL Saturday session. First time in Ljubljana (I had no chance to attend year ago, but this time definitely yes).

Limited numbers of attendees and limited numbers of sessions, but both: session and speakers list – hardest choice ever:

Alexander Karl | Reporting Services with Geospatial Visualization
Andre Kamman | ORM Tuning From A Database Perspective
Boris Hristov | The nightmare of locking, blocking and isolation levels!
Davide Mauri | BI Markup Language – BI to the next level (EN)
Denis Reznik | Deadlocks 2.0. Everything that developer needs to know
Denny Cherry | Index Internals
Denny Cherry | Table Indexing for the .NET Developer
Gianluca Sartori | Responding to extended events in near real time
Gilberto Zampatti | Columnstore indexes, concepts and evolution
Janos Berke | High Availability – Partial Database Availabilty
John Martin | AlwaysOn for Multi-site & multi-subnet
Jonathan Allen | How to look after SQL Server without needing a DBA
Kevin Boles | Common TSQL Mistakes
Margarita Naumova | A deep dive into SQL Server Plan Cache Management
Mihail Mateev | Dealing with Entity Framework 6.1
Milos Radivojevic | Hekaton Challenges from Database Development Point of View
Rasmus Reinholdt | Building a meta-driven near realtime ETL solution with BIML and SSIS
Regis Baccaro | SharePoint as a Business Intelligence platform
Saso Koren | SSAS in multi-lingual environments: tips & tricks
Stacia Misner | Multidimensional vs Tabular – May the Best Model Win
Tobiasz Koprowski | SQL Server Source Control
Tomaz Kastrun | Usage of R in SQL Server for better data understanding
Uwe Ricken | INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE – deep dive
William Durkin | Database Replication – What, How and Why

Official language – will be English, but I’m sure that Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Deutch, Polish, American English, British English, Italian, SLovenian, Dutch, Hungarian will be easy to hear somewhere arround.

Details, full agenda, registration (waiting list) for conference and one of two pre-conf are HERE 

PS.: If you going – please use event scheduler and choose right sessions for you. If not, please de-register for giving place for attendees on waiting list.

[EN] Reminiscence Boulevard: IT Camp 2013 The Transylvanian Experience

Start Date: 20th May |
Grand Date: 23rd may |
Direction: Wroclaw–>Warsaw–>Budapest–>Cluj-Napoca |
Target: The Best IT Conference in Romania

IMG_4665I meet Mihai Tătăran first time at MVP CEE Micro Summit in Osijek (Croatia) just a moment before Kulen Dayz last year. Mihai’s role is Director General Avaelgo and Microsoft MVP {TWITTER|BLOG|LINKEDIN|FACEBOOK}. We spend few hours on the same table with great conversation with other MVP from Europe Area. One of very important effect of this meetings happened now: it’s IT Camp 2013 in Romania. I send my submission, which has been accepted, and after twenty six hours trip I meet heart of Transilvania, The Cluj-Napoca City.

Third edition of IT Camp was held in absolutely beautiful and extremely good hotel: Five Star The Grand Italia, based on the top of hill in Cluj. Beautiful view of Carpathian Forest and Hills, also with panorama of city. As a speaker I had amazing big apartment with kings’ size bed, jacuzzi, and balcony. brand new hotel (two years old) with touch less managing cockpit, big flat tv set and full cooler.

IMG_4685Tuesday (21st) I check in very late (few minutes past seven) and when my jacuzzi was ready I answered invitation from Mihai for dinner. Sadly leaving jacuzzi and went to veeeery long fantastic Speaker Dinner with Mihai and his wife – Diana (and daughter), Tudor Damian {TWITTER|LINKEDIN|FACEBOOK} with his girlfriend (Hungarian) and Peter Lesson {TWITTER|LINKEDIN}. We started about 8 PM and finished, late after midnight. 

IMG_4676Wednesday (22nd) I spend on sightseeing this beautiful city. It was a little bit rainy, but nice. I found some good places, monuments, buildings, local version of “Small Venice” and few local shops. Afternoon I checked my session a and make a moment of relax, before special pre-conference party. We went to local restaurant when many of organizers and speakers meet together for talks, tasting, eating and Rakja’ing… I should say: famous speakers with Richard Campbell {TWITTER|LINKEDIN|FACEBOOK} and Tom Hickaby {TWITTER|LINKEDIN|FACEBOOK} as special keynote speakers, and more fantastic folks like: Florin Cardașim {TWITTER|LINKEDIN}, Radu Vunvulea {TWITTER|LINKEDIN}, Petru Jucovschi {TWITTER|FACEBOOK}, Raffaele Rialdi {TWITTER|LINKEDIN}, Dan Nicola {LINKEDIN}, Martin Kulov {TWITTER|FACEBOOK|LINKEDIN} and more, which (I apologize) don’t remember. Many good talks, ideas, sharing experiences. New peoples, horizons, opportunities. Fantastic peoples, great food – THNAK YOU DIANA for remembering about ”suitability for vegetarians”

IMG_4754Thursday (23rd) The conference day. From early keynote (ok, after short breakfast) till last minutes of last session it was very intensive day. Great opening (thank You Tudor and Mihai for choosing English as conference language), absolutely amazing two keynote sessions by Richard and Tim, and nice session (even focused for Romania customers and companies) by Petru. I watch (fragmentally) some sessions, spend many minutes with coffee and friends, checking session last time (in really awesome Speaker Room – the best which I’ve ever seen), and finally take a deep breath.

In last slot at Architecture and Best Practices track it was my slot. I presented session: “2 AM. A Disaster just began” about how to survive disaster with SQL Server environment. In a room of two hundred fifty places I talked and presented for about one hundred peoples. My audience looks like a little bit tired after full day of fantastic knowledge, and they decided to take another bag of best practices from me. Thank You all. Session was very interesting for me too, not only for attendees. Result of my session are very impressive – based on mail form Tudi:

For your session, your content rating was 4.31 (out of 5),

and your presentation rating was 4.61 (out of 5)

Amazing, really amazing. I observed one important factor at this conference. In my opinion about 30-35% of total number of attendees on IT Camp 2013 were woman! It’s amazing that many companies in Cluj not only are employer for women, those companies send very qualified staff for another training. Why I used “very qualified staff’ form? Look for the stats:




Pictures from this event are on MY FACEBOOK album and of course on IT CAMP FAN PAGE. Definitely I will back there.

Post Scriptum:

After few days I received (based on Polish-Hungarian) friendship special package, with gift from IT Camp Team: very small jar of… “Dulccata de ruci verdi” and a little bit bigger bottle of “Sirop din muguli de brad” – testing time will come soon…


[EN] Reminiscence Boulevard: SQL in the City {London}

IMG_6761IMG_6854The Holiday is over. For many of You, probably it were "holiday months" – for me was not. July 2011 was under first SQL in the City sign. It was great event and after that I had big dream to going for next edition. And I WENT! On13th and 14th July 2012 In London, in the same location – excellent One Wimpole Street (WH1) over four hundred SQL Server Professionals, Administrators, Enhusiast, Influencers, Adopters, Developers meet together for SITC. I said over four hundred? Yes, over four hundred each day!

The agenda for both days was the same: three tracks: DBA Track, Developer Track, RedGate Track. Keynote + Five Sessions + Drinks Reception. Tigger likes to bounce a lot. In this year Redgate Team invited me to speaking. I’m very proud. It was a great opportunity to providing session IMG_7085IMG_6779(twice!! on Friday and Saturday) with: Richard Mitchell Cloud Services, Red Gate {Richard has been at Red Gate since almost the dawn of time. Having worked on projects as diverse as SQL Data Compare and ANTS Performance Profiler his current focus is "the cloud". He has spent the last 15 years working with evolving Microsoft technologies and has a passion for helping others learn from his many mistakes}

We provide session titled: "SQL Azure from Plan, to Backup, to Cloud – Red Gate Cloud-Ready Services" and it was one of my most funny sessions since I’m speaker. We had not super full filled room but with few dozens of listeners. Of course as always we had too, definitely too less time. We got a many opinions, questions, insinuations and comments – on sessions and after. But it was great experience for me – my first sessions IMG_7018IMG_6818with second presenter.

Before and after sessions I had a lot of moments (especially on Saturday) for exchange ideas, problems, solutions. We, The SQL Server Community, had a lot of time on the breaks, lunch time and especially on evening drink reception to meet other peoples, talking, drinking and generally having fun ! Anyone could meet some great presenters: "The RedGaters": Brad McGehee, Steve Jones, Grant Fritchey, Noemi Moreno, Richard Mitchell other speakers: Tom Austin, Sebastian Meine, Dave Green, Denis Lloyd and "The Community Speakers": Annette Allen, Dave Ballantyne. Rally good team!

IMG_6805IMG_7277I cannot forgot about all RedGate Team with many, many ladies and gentlemans in red T-Shirts with logo of Cambridge’s Company. It’s a months of preparations, tasks, reports, managing, screaming and listening, with talks and silence, with writing and receiving, with reading and sending. With thousands of small things, where everything has matter. Than You Red Gate, Than You Team, Thank You Comunity!

At the beginning of this event I known that SQL in the City expanding – in 100% (two days) but I was really surprised that in fact, the evend expanded 700% this year – except London You can go to Your local US event, in : New York, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago Boston, Seattle! Impressive isn’t?

IMG_7198IMG_6917PS: See You next year !

More Photos are on my FaceBook Page: Friday Set & Saturday Set and in the Collection on FlickR Profile too…