[EN] TechDays Online is back!

This post is re-printing informations from Microsoft Events page. After long break Microsoft TechDays Online is back for 2015. What is this? Probably some of you remember Microsoft TechNet Conferences (about 1999-2004) and/or Microsoft TechDays Conferences. All happened in offline mode – in Poland in few different cities. Now, in 21st Century, in the Era of Internet – we can meet online.

Based on information form organizers: Microsoft UK:

Microsoft TechDays Online is back.  This is the 4th implementation of our three-day online technical conference for IT Pros and Developers who are keen to  know the latest information on developments in Microsoft products and development platforms for cloud, mobility, apps, IT infrastructure and much more.  Our virtual technology event provides a unique opportunity for IT Pros and software developers to hear about and experience the latest developments across the wide range of Microsoft products and platforms from our latest devices to our hyper-scale cloud.

Agenda is amazing:

Day 1 (Tuesday February 3) – Devices and Managing a Mobile-First World | 09:30-17:30
Overview of the Day
Keynote: The repositioning of Microsoft and what this means for IT Pros and Devs
Windows 10 Client Innovations
Enterprise Mobility
The Internet of Things
Microsoft Azure Remote App
Microsoft Azure RMS   
Microsoft Azure AD
Microsoft Intune/SCCM
Wrap up of day 1 – Part 1

Day 1 Evening (Tuesday February 3) – An evening with Office 365 | 18:30-20:45
Migration of your mailboxes to Office 365
Building online collaboration inside Office 365
Keeping in touch with the online world
Final thoughts for the day
Day 2 (Wednesday February 4) – The Journey to the Cloud-first World | 09:30-17:30
Overview of the Day
What’s new Windows Server /Hyper –V -  a technical preview
How to find out what’s happening in your datacentre with Azure Insights
Host your own cloud with the Windows Azure Pack
Taking scripting to the next level with Service Management / Azure Automation                                                                           
A new home for your old applications
20% + of Azure runs on Linux  – why is this important and how to do it well?
DevOps in Microsoft Azure with Chef and Puppet for heterogeneous cloud environments
Make Azure your DMZ
Microsoft Corporate Keynote
Wrap up of Day 2

Day 3 (Thursday December 5) – Multi-device, Cross-platform Development | 09:30-17:30
Overview of the Day
Creating x-platform apps with Visual Studio
Visual Studio ALM
Building next-generation apps with .NET and ASP.NET
Debugging web apps
’Roslyn’ .NET compiler update
Data Science Track
Dev. community feedback – session based on community ideas
Microsoft Corporate Keynote

And Speakers are amazing too:

Paul Foster  (Microsoft UK), Robert Hogg  (Black Marble), Justin Zarb, Richard Astbury (MVP), Rick Hepworth (MVP), Steve Beaumont (MVP), Ed Baker  (Microsoft UK), Andrew Fryer  (Microsoft UK), Patrick Lownds (MVP), Sam Erskine (MVP), Gordon McKenna (MVP), Jonathan Noble (MVP), Boris Devouge (MVP), Tarun Arora (MVP), Jeffrey Snover (MVP), Simon Skinner (MVP), Susan Smith (Microsoft UK), Martin Beeby (Microsoft UK) Martin Hinshelwood (MVP), Richard Fennell (MVP), Omar Al Zabir (MVP), Bianca Furtuna (Microsoft UK), Martin Kearn (Microsoft UK), Martin Beeby (Microsoft UK), Scott Hanselman

Event is free, just get three training day from your boss, register and join for free at 3rd, 4th and 5th February 2015. And here is the event link: http://bit.ly/TechDaysOnlline2015

[EN] Dynamic Data Center Bootcamp in Prague


In early February I had the pleasure to participate in weekly training organized by Microsoft s.r.o. which is a branch of the corporation in Prague. In bootcamp participated about twenty-five people from almost all over Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Germany, Poland, Cyprus). Jeff Roach led training (certified trainer and consultant in the United States, working closely with Redmond). Its main theme was the architecture of a dynamic data center (the Dynamic Data Center Architecture). solutions focused on Microsoft System Center family. Full Title of the training was: Implementing the Microsoft System Center Dynamic Data Center and the Toolkit in Hosting Environment.

During training, participants were briefed on the opportunities and basic ways of configuring and setting the following tools:
* High Availability in Hyper-V R2
* Manage Virtual Workloads with
System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2008 R2
* Monitor Physical and Virtual Machines With System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007 R2
* Configuration Management and Provisioning with
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 R2
* Service Continuity Manager with System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) 2007 SP1
* Implement the Provisioning best strategy for your environment
* Implement a Web Based Management Solution utilizing the
Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters
* Implement and configure the IIS 7.5 in support of the Dynamic Data Center

The training was intended for representatives of the business partner with the Microsoft Hosting Solutions competency. I was able to take part in this training by invitation of Pawel Kryszczyszyn (Hosting Business Development Manager, Microsoft Poland). Was it worth it – probably yes. Ability to obtain in one place a lot of information about the entire family of System Center primarily from the perspective of the hosting company proved to be very, very useful. After training beyond a dozen or so new, useful contacts left us more than 200GB stuff !!! (including eight virtual machines with the entire family of SC), T-shirt, several presentations and more than twelve hundred pages of documentation and labs. And only a machine that used to me not: the Dell Precision 6400 (1TB HDD, 16 GB RAM, 17 ") – honey :)

As for contacts, whereas the old adage "Lengyel, magyar két Bratanki" I got a call – what’s interesting is not the same Simko – but from his wife to Budapest (I had the opportunity to replace it with a few words during telephone calls during the evening, inclusive .. . Simko did not manage to answer the phone). Not fail to use, so in October … to Budapest.

In Prague itself, which is me during this first visit, only the upward surprise, I found so many interesting places and improvements for residents and tourists, that I can confidently say – Wroclaw is only three hundred kilometers from Prague, but at least fifteen years behind. Even looking at the Railway Station and Hlavni Nadrazi. Cleanliness, friendliness, assistance for the disabled, great acting and great information, electronic information boards:




Czech timetable moved the buttons and train visualizations …

At this point I have to thank a few people (in alphabetical order), without whom this event would not have a raison d’être:
* Dorota and Karol Stilger – for conversation, beer, Prague, station …
* Jeff Roach [MSFT] – a perfect training, Jameson and CyberGuys
* Monika Pyszczek – for interesting integration and eatery, far away …
* Murielle Negrier [MSFT] – for the care of a vegetarian menu
* Pawel Kryszczyszyn [MSFT] (R.I.P.) – for inspiration
* Stefan Simon [MSFT] – for organizations and care on site

My photos from Prague you can see in the collection: DDC Collection  and on Photosynth

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