[EN] Anorak in the UK – Summer Tour

Friday 14th June. I’m still “in recovering mode” after my long trip in May and fantastic birthday Saturday in Edingurgh (I will blogging about #202 soon). And I’m close to finish my crazy 62-hours work week in my data center. Even I’m little tired, with mass of “TO DO NOW” targets (or “IT MUST BE DONE for YESTERDAY”), I’m trying to prepare my sessions for next long, hard and heavy week in UK. Few months ago I did Spring Tour, now is time for summer. My Summer Tour will start in Glasgow (Scotland) and finish in Dublin (yes, Ireland are outside UK). March Route is very big:

>> First Part : SQL Relay 2013 | LINK #SQLRelay |

June 17th | Glasgow | Cineworld, Renfrew Street | direct link
June 18th | Leeds | Leeds Art Gallery | direct link
June 19th | Birmingham | Crescent Theatre, Brindley Place | direct link
June 20th | Norwich | King’s Centre | direct link

I cannot write something better than Head Organizer: Alex Whittles wrote in last mail for SQL Server FAQ members list:

LOGO__SQLRelay2013It must be some kind of mistake… Or you just haven’t heard the stunning lineup of speakers that we’ve got for you?.. SQL Relay is coming to Birmingham on 19th June for a full day of SQL goodness, and you haven’t registered! Are you ok? We’re importing Kevin Kline (MVP), Grant Fritchey (MVP) and Scott Klein (Microsoft) from the USA, and Anthony Saxby & Andrew Fryer from Microsoft UK, not to forget Tobiasz Koprowski (MVP) from Poland and Rich Douglas from Quest/Dell. And if that isn’t enough, there will be pizza & prizes (A surface RT, RedGate Toolbelt, and more!). Oh, and it’s free! Get yourself over to the registration page and sign up now before it’s too late (3 of the 8 relay events are already full…). If you know SQL people in other parts of the country, then there are also Relay events being held all over the UK (Glasgow, Leeds, Norwich, Cardiff, Southampton, Reading & London) – help us spread the word!

My silent advice: even registration is full, as always few people never appears, so You can go for one of this event, and I’m almost sure that you will enter to this event.

>> Second Part : SQL in the CITY| LINK #SQLintheCity |

June 21st | London | Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell Street | direct link

LOGO__SQLintheCityAfter fantastic first edition, two years ago, and absolutely amazing last year’s event, RedGate announced 2013 edition. Free, full of Redgate folks, tools and worldwide experts: Steve Jones, Grant Fritchey, David Atkinson, Gail Shaw, Simon Galbraith. Fourteen sessions, free luch, tons of free swags, books, licenses, gadget. And finally – this time without me – great Redgate Ale! Subject: Query Tuning, Azure SQL Database, Team-based Development, Cloud, Monitoring, Encryption, Backup and Recovery problems. This event for me will be only attendence mode. So my plan is simple: three first sessions in Congress Site and dissapearing…

>> Third Part : SQL Saturday No 229| LINK #SQLSat229 |

June 22nd | Dublin | Hilton Hotel, Charlemont Place | direct link

sqlsat229_webMy last saturday with es-qu-el as a speaker. it’s not in UK, but last is not least. I will present session abour SQL Azure in beginner level, but it’s interesting (as I heard in Kiev and Edinburgh). All ettendees have big problem: problem of choosing right sessions: Seven of 28 (no, Seven of Nine will not come). Last year it was very succesfull event. I’m sure that this time, second SQL Saturday in Dublin will be great event too. Based of great organizers team (similar to last year) and great speakers: Jen Stirrup, Christina Leo, Kevin Kline, Mark Broadbend, Gail Shaw, Niko Neugebauer, Chris Webb, Matija Lah, Bob Duffy, Matt Masson, Neil Hambly and many more. And I waiting for two fantastic member of Women in Technology from (almost) Poland…

In short summary: hundreds of miles, five sessions with sharing knowledge and prectices (bad or good) and about fifteen with learning. Very intensive week. Ooopppppssss. I almost forgot: and visiting Leicester’s family between Norwich and London.