[EN] Less is More… or More is Less?

I hope that Steve Hogarth don’t kill me on our next meeting (because it’s Marillion’s album title).

More? More opportunity, more responsibility, more jobs, more ideas, more….

Less? Less time, less holidays, less lazy days…

On last SQLDay 2011 conference (The Annual Conference of Polish SQL Server User Group) based on the unwritten tradition our group changed the President. Respecting decicion of the leaders, I ‘m new President of PLSSUG for 2011/2012 period (no longer that next SQLDay Conference). I’m happy, glad and afraid. Happy – because I love work for the Community; glad – because is the proof that my job is good; afraid – because it’s big responsibility and lots of work front of me. I hope that Polish SQL Server User Group will be better and more recognize after one year from now.

Is enough? Is not!

I’m also working for Global IT Community Association (GITCA) as member of Technical team, where I’m responsible for shared , hosted SharePoint environment. Next to this work since 1st July last year I was member of GITCA EMEA Board hold position of Director-at-Large. I’m still member of EMEA Board, but I was nominated for new position: Vice-Chair. Hip Hip Hooraayyy! What it means in fact? More work, new ideas, plans, jobs and projects for GITCA in Europe. We must be better, we must provide better solutions, service and help for our community users.

Next year will be very exciting year. Our motto is my motto. In fact I’ve two mottos…

By the Community for the Community

Find the Better Way of Life