[EN] Reminiscence Boulevard: SharePoint Saturday UK

Between ‘IIS and OSLO’ and ‘SharePoint and Reykjavik’, I found time for crazy stopover in London/Hinckley. That means sleeping in London but partying in Hinckley (East Midlands). I had plan for attending SharePoint Saturday event for many months. I planned in last year, but had no chance. This time it was possible. SharePoint Community is very big, even not too loud as SQL Server community. They organize SharePoint Saturdays and based on my fantastic experience from Hinckley, i’m planning to attend for more in next year.


Before event in Hinckley I knew only two persons: Penelope Coventry {AUTHOR|TWITTER|LINKEDIN} and Thomas Vochten {TWITTER|BLOG}. But after SharePoint Saturday UK everthing has changed. I came for completely new community, but not technology! Surprisingly I meet a lot of SharePoint oriented companies (arround twenty exhibitors) and had rerally big problem with choosing right sessions. Organizers provided eight tracks (!) with many great sessions:

Advanced List rendering using JSLink and Display Templates
Apps for Office – the hidden gem that’s easier than you think
Basic SQL configuration for SharePoint
Best Practices for Configuring the SP 2013 BI Stack
Build engaging Management information dashboards using Office 365 PowerBI
Building a Custom Search Solution
Building FAQ Functionality in SharePoint 2013/Office 365
Building solutions with the Yammer SDK
Configuring Kerberos for SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence
Configuring SharePoint Hybrid – Part 1 – Using Search in SharePoint Online
Configuring SharePoint Hybrid – Part 2 – Dive Deeper
Developing an incident reporting and learning system with Nintex Workflow and Forms
Developing for SharePoint Online – the good, the bad and the ugly
Evolving the IT Pro (aka Planning Roles and Salaries for IT Professionals)
Exposing External Data in Office 365
Getting Questions Answered – The Future of Enterprise Search
Getting SQL Spinning with SharePoint – Best Practices for the Backend
Getting Started with the Office 365 API
Goal Alignment in the Hybrid SharePoint Estate
How Serendipity and the Microsoft Office Graph Could Change Your Business Forever
How To Build A Knowledge Sharing Culture & Unleash The Full Potential of SharePoint, Office365 and Yammer In Your Organisation
Identity Federation for SharePoint 2013 using AD FS 2012 R2
Improving productivity with SharePoint centric Office collaboration tools
Information and Records Management in SharePoint
Intranet in one hour
New Azure SharePoint 2013 Deployment & Management Scenarios
OneDrive for Business – differences, limitations and security
Power BI – Connecting and transforming data
PowerBI for IT Pros : how to prepare for it
Real life experiences with the SharePoint Workflow
Remote Blob storage for on-premise Sharepoint
Selecting the right client-side development approach
Set Your Code Free – SharePoint Apps for the Mobile World
SharePoint and Dynamics CRM: Exploring the Integration
SharePoint Apps for the IT Pro – What you need to know
Take your display template skills to the next level
The SharePont Musical
The Social Journey: What did we learn implementing Yammer in retail?
Using REST in a Workflow to loop through list items
Using SharePoints Geo-Location and Social Tools to streamline business processes
Writing a JavaScript framework for SharePoint 2013
Yammer – What is all the fuss about

I attended for only fantastic sessions:

After all I can say: fantastic event, big (over 240 peoples) and great community (some peoples from SQL Server side), excellent lunch, free Guinness at afterparty, great location and of course many hours of great knowledge sharing from and practice and experts world. Books, autographs, some swags and new connectors. New peoples, new contacts, new horizons. Really, really appreciate. Some pictures you can find on my facebook page in albums catalogue.

Dwie nowe pozycje Microsoft Press z serii Step-by-Step

Na rynku księgarskim ukazują się właśnie dwie nowe pozycje z dystrybucji Microsoft Press. Obie wydane są w serii step-by-step i omawiają dwie popularne technologie:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 – pozycja autorstwa dwóch kobiet, od lat związanych z technologiami informatycznymi: Olgi Londer oraz Penelope Coventry. Na książkę składa się 512 stron  podzielonych na szesnaście rozdziałów oraz dwa dodatki tematyczne. Poniżej zestawienie (w jęz. angielskim):

    Chapter 01: Introduction to SharePoint Foundation 2010
    Chapter 02: Navigating a SharePoint Site
    Chapter 03: Creating and Managing Sites
    Chapter 04: Working with Lists
    Chapter 05: Working with Libraries
    Chapter 06: Working with Web Pages
    Chapter 07: Working with List Settings
    Chapter 08: Working with Library Settings
    Chapter 09: Working with List and Library Views
    Chapter 10: Working with Surveys and Discussion Boards
    Chapter 11: Working with Workflows
    Chapter 12: Working with Workspaces and Blogs
    Chapter 13: Using SharePoint Foundation with Outlook 2010
    Chapter 14: Using SharePoint Foundation with Excel 2010 and Access 2010
    Chapter 15: Using SharePoint Foundation with InfoPath 2010
    Chapter 16: Finding Information on the SharePoint Site

    Appendix : SharePoint Foundation Permissions
    Appendix : About the Authors

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – jest trochę mniejszą pozycją (zaledwie 448 stron) ale za to autorami są trzej panowie: Mike Snyder, Jim Steger i Brendan Landers. Tym razem osiemnaście rozdziałów jest podgrupowanych według podmiotu rozwiązania CRM:
  • Chapter 01: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Chapter 02: Getting Around in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Chapter 03: Working with Accounts and Contacts
    Chapter 04: Working with Activities and Notes
    Chapter 05: Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

    Sales and Marketing
    Chapter 06: Working with Leads and Opportunities
    Chapter 07: Using Marketing Lists
    Chapter 08: Managing Campaigns and Quick Campaigns
    Chapter 09: Working with Campaign Activities and Responses

    Chapter 10: Tracking Service Requests
    Chapter 11: Using the Knowledge Base
    Chapter 12: Working with Contracts and Queues

    Reporting and Analysis
    Chapter 13: Working with Filters and Charts
    Chapter 14: Using Dashboards
    Chapter 15: Using the Report Wizard
    Chapter 16: Using Advanced Find
    Chapter 17: Reporting with Excel

    Data Management
    Chapter 18: Bulk Data Importing

    Appendix : About Sonoma Partners

Więcej informacji na temat tych książek, wraz z linkiem do sklepu w którym można je zakupić w kilku wersjach: papierowej, cyfrowej znaleźć można w tych miejscach:
Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation 2010 Step by Step
Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011 Step by Step