[EN] Closer to PASS Summit (actually on my desk)

I’m a little bit closer to PASS Summit 2015. I have plan to visit Seattle this year, even I still have no flight tickets. But I’m actually a little bit closer to PASS Summit again. In 2013 I won at one of SQL Relay UK event fantastic USB Stick with all PASS Summit 2012 General Session. 32 GB size USB Stick with 23 GB of videos and material from whole PASS Summit 2012 Conference:


I watch many of them, hovewer probably not all; some dev stack or as/rs sessions are not very interesting for me – just because of different sdomain of my work. I had no chance to went to PASS Summit never. But I watched all transmission form PASSTV at latest PASS Summit 2014 Conference. As always one of my screen was covered by TweetDeck and I send a lot of twitts, comments, questions. imageFinally I take a part of PASSTV Challenge for most interesting comments, sentences, ideas. And finally I’m one of the three winners! YAY!

At last SQL Saturday No 418 Manchester {TWITTER} I had great pleasure to meet Karla Landrum (Community Evangelist for PASS) {TWITTER|BLOG|LINKEDIN} again. And I got my Competition Challenge Award: fantastic USB Stick with all PASS Summit 2014 General Session. 32 GB size USB 3.0 (!) Stick with 26 GB of videos and material from whole PASS Summit 2014 Conference:


Cannot wait to see it! But more, more I cannot wait to go to PASS Summit 2015 Conference to see those sessions off-line but live on stage!


[EN] First PASS Summit 15 blog post

I have never been on PASS Summit. Yes I know, it’s my mistake, but for last few years I wasn’t ready. Even this yeas I was ready, but small tornado in my professional life, canceled my scheduled plan for going to PASS Summit 14 in Seattle. It wasn’t easy decition, but each day we must choose right way and try to go on right way. Year 2014 is another year where I didn’t go to Summit. But of course I had chance for being a part of summit – even only virtually. I watched PASStv {TWITTER HASH #PASStv} for second and third day. From keynote by Adam Jorgensen and Denise McInerney (with support of Thomas LaRock) wher PASSion Award has been annouced to Grant Frithey’s session – I was online.

And I really, really enjoyed it. Between dreat sessions transmitted by PASStv I had chance to hear Voices of Comunity – in many, many short interviews. And I saw many of my friends from around the world with tv table and I really missed this place. And my decision could be only one – from Summit 2015 I will be (NO, I AM) a part of this Festival of SQL Family. Especially that this community made everything for inviting me – via interviews, via facebook finally via twitter. And those last medium was most important.

The host of PASStv Justin Rodino annouces a small twitter competition: ‘just twitt your favourite query using #passtv and #usbme and enter to competition’. Of course as “twitter machine” (as @SteffLocke said on our last SQL Relay Autumn Tour in UK)  I made it. And… I got a twitter message:


Whhoooohhaaaa! But what this is mean in fact? In next few weeks I should expect band new, hot USB stick with ALL RECORDED SESSION form this year PASS Summit 2014 from Seattle. More details?

PASS Summit 2014 Session Recordings: USB (for non-attendees) PASS Summit 2014 session recordings stored on a convenient 32GB USB drive. Weren’t able to join us in Seattle? Enjoy the full conference sessions lineup from the comfort of your office or home. The content for the non-attendees USB is the same as that for attendees. Sessions will be available 4-5 weeks after the conference. Order now.

And I will be ready for October 2015 in Seattle! See You there!

PS. If you want to have the same stuff, go to PASS Boutique and order your copy: http://www.passboutique.com/passsummit/passbsummit2014sessionrecordingsnonattendees.html

[EN] PASS Outstanding Volunteer Award 2014

I had no chance to attend for PASS Summit 2014 in Seattle. But I had great opportunity to watch several sessions for last on last two days with PASS TV {TWITTER HASH #PASStv}. And on the Keynote time I was really surprised and naturally happy. Denise McInerney with Thomas LaRock annouced PASSion Award Nomination for…


But before nomination I want to introduce you what is this award, which goes for those fantastic peoples in past years:

2013 | Amy Lewis {TWITTER|BLOG}
2012 | Jen Stirrup {TWITTER|BLOG}
2011 | Lori Edwards {TWITTER|BLOG}
2010 | Wendy Pastrick {TWITTER|BLOG
2009 | Charley Hanania {TWITTER} & Allen Kinsel {TWITTER|BLOG}
2008 | Kathi Kellenberger {TWITTER|BLOG}
2007 | Denise McInerney {TWITTER}
2006 | Pat Wright {TWITTER|BLOG}

Special Awards
2013 | Ryan Adams {TWITTER|BLOG}
PASSion Award Honorable Mention
2012 | Amy Lewis & Jesús Gil Velasco {TWITTER|BLOG} PASSion Award Honorable Mentions
2009 | Charley Hanania International PASSion Award winner
2009 | Allen Kinsel North American PASSion Award winner
2009 | Kevin Kline {TWITTER|BLOG} Lifetime Achievement PASSion Award Winner

The annual PASSion Award is the highest accolade given to a PASS volunteer. Presented “for exemplary service and commitment to the PASS organization by inspiring the community of data professionals to connect, share and learn,” the award recognizes not only the numerous contributions of the individual, but also the drive and spirit they have shown in growing and supporting the PASS community.

Denise McInerney with Thomas LaRock annouced PASSion Award Nomination for my very good friend Andrey Korshikov {TWITTER|BLOG}. And Andrey is fourth person wrom this fantastic group which I know personally. And I’m very, very proud of it. Why Andrey? Let’s look for press release:


SEATTLE, WA – Nov. 6, 2014 – PASS presented its most prestigious award today to Russian volunteer Andrey Korshikov during the PASSion Award ceremony at PASS Summit 2014.

The PASSion Award is presented annually to a volunteer who demonstrates exemplary service and commitment to the PASS organization by inspiring the community to collaborate, learn, and grow through knowledge sharing and peer-based learning. PASSion Award recipients are nominated by their fellow PASS members and selected by the Board of Directors.

A PASS volunteer for over 3 years, Andrey (LinkedIn | @AndreyKorshikov) is a PASS Regional Mentor for Central and Eastern Europe and founder and leader of the PASS Global Russian Virtual Chapter and the Krasnodar SQL & BI User Group.

Named PASS Outstanding Volunteer for March, Andrey has organized four PASS SQLSaturdays in Krasnodar and Moscow, three Russian editions of the 24 Hours of PASS virtual event, and two PASS SQLRally Russia events. A SQL Server MVP and BI developer, Andrey regularly speaks at industry conferences and community events, including Microsoft TechEd, and has presented at nine SQLSaturdays – from his home town of Krasnodar in the south of Russia to Moscow, Kiev, Bulgaria, and all the way to Tampa, FL.

In nominating him for the PASSion Award, fellow volunteers shared the following:

· “Andrey Korshikov is a pillar in the SQL Community in Russia and abroad. He not only dedicates his time to being a Chapter Leader and Regional Mentor, but has also found time to organize 4 SQLSaturday events himself, with very little support – he is an expert now!”

· “This year, Andrey organized a highly successful 24 Hours of PASS: Russian Edition that doubled attendance from the previous year. There is no doubt that Andrey is an integral part of PASS worldwide. We are honored to have him in our community.”

· “Organizing and leading a variety of PASS Russian-language events, Andrey has had a huge impact on the Russian speaking community and has really helped PASS grow throughout the region."


Is REALLY amazing. I’m very proud to be part of his activity and events like SQL Saturday in Moscow and SQL Saturday in Krasnodar (both as speaker) and Data Platform Day (in Ask The Experts zone). And I hope that our collaboration is just started.