[EN] Sunday Morning, ORA Errors…

LOGO__OracleYes, I know. Generally I’m focused for Microsoft SQL Server (doesn’t matter which version). But because I’m working for many clients and for heterogeneous environment, is it possible to receive errors from other systems. For database applications (or servers) one of the most popular (except SQL Server) is Oracle, naturally. What we can do if we are not familiar for those errors: ORA-02067, ORA-12012, ORA-01691, ORA-27063?

Of course we can go to favorite search engine in favorite browser and send search commands. Or go directly for well known, very simple site which collect almost all popular Oracle Errors. This SITE provide simple answer about errors: number, cause, action. See results below:

transaction or savepoint rollback required
     A failure (typically a trigger or stored procedure with multiple remote updates) occurred such that the all-or-nothing execution of a previous Oracle call cannot be guaranteed.
Action:     rollback to a previous savepoint or rollback the transaction and resubmit.

error on auto execute of job string
     An error was caught while doing an automatic execution of a job.
Action:     Look at the accompanying errors for details on why the execute failed.

unable to extend lob segment string.string by string in tablespace string

Cause:     Failed to allocate an extent of the required number of blocks for LOB segment in the tablespace indicated.
Action:     Use ALTER TABLESPACE ADD DATAFILE statement to add one or more files to the tablespace indicated.

number of bytes read/written is incorrect
     the number of bytes read/written as returned by aiowait does not match the original number, additional information indicates both these numbers
Action:     check errno

Are You feel better? Again, with problems with Oracle (especially on Sunday 7 AM) go to: http://ora-XXXXX.ora-code.com/ where XXXXX is number of Your error.