[EN] The 2014 Year Recap. Few words about past and future…

A little different year than previous one. And I expected this, because each year should be different. Many changes in the world happened, some changes in my life happened too. Still Poland is more and more Catholic oriented country and I really don’t like it. Too many priests, too many bishops, too much money from goverment to church and of course only one kind of church. And even I don’t have any propaganda tube machine in my flat, some voices arround me still talking about it. “Power Peoples” still cannot use our public money in right way. And all politicians are liars (does no matter from wich political party). This year was very productive in some part of it. And very, very lazy in other part. It’s very stange experience for me and I definitely should avoid it in next years. I should be more productive and effective. But some goals are fery clear: more speaking, more training, listening, more learning and of course more travelling. And here is my summary based on the last years schema:

imageProfessional Job
After nine years and two months, on last day of August I finished work for corporation. And not only for this corporation, but for corporations in general. I’m changing my vision of my life in few aspects: kind of work, profits, risk and opportunities, typical working day, place for work and especially people which are now my ‘work colleagues’. I should write something about my past job but I still only thinking about it. In general my new work title: Independent Consultant, Speaker and Trainer. Norway was new country where I worked this year, and Iceland is very, very familiar – I could say it’s my second homeland. And it’s ideal weather there for me.

I delivered few training courses (from Microsoft Official Courses Library) in Poland. And I’m very proud to deliver my authored SharePoint 2013 for ITPro MasterClass course twice on Iceland last year. And other course in Norway. Both outside Poland courses I deliver with CQURE Academy. And I’m working on new CQURE Academy project (it will be very exciting thing).

I learn about some new things, skills, features. Not too much, based on very busy time on part of year, and making lazy time on another part. I found this sentences on blog: “Perhaps the most important life skill is the ability to learn.  By learning new skills we increase our understanding of the world around us and equip ourselves with the tools we need to live a more productive and fulfilling life.  Life skills are not always taught directly but often learned indirectly through experience and practice.” And I totally agree. I’m always learning, sometimes hard skills, sometimes soft skills, sometimes I just learn how to be patient enough. And my learning process growing from last year and will grow in current. That’s my plan.

User Groups
Work life has change. Community life has changed too. Since last day of September I’m not longer Polish SQL Server User Group Leader in Wroclaw. I had less and less time for this community in last few months and because quality and regularity of meetung are most important (much, much more important than my leader’s pseudo-ego) I resigned. But I’m sure that this group in Wroclaw will grow faster. New Leader: Roman Czarko-Wasiutycz {LINKEDIN|FACEBOOK} is very active person, with good community skills and power for continuing existence of PLSSUG Branch in Wroclaw. Even I occasionally contect (and attend) for PLSSUG MeetUp (full calendar is here) I definitelly focus for PASS Community and communities in defferent countries: United Kingdon, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine,  Mediterranean and Scandinavian area. And I’m higly involved for Security Division Community with PTI in Wroclaw.

About one hundred posts. Is enough? Statistically yes, but for me definitelly not. I should increase not only number of post but especially value of this. I should back for old series such “Sunday Market” or “Express’owe Instalacje” (last one is in Polish). And definitelly create new series. But it’s only one of few my blogs. Two of five are completely zombie place. I should do something with this.

It was a year of speaking! Definitelly. I achieved my primary goal (planned from November 2013) which means: speaking in China. I missed MVP Open Summit in Russia (and I don’t feel good with that, but I made a choice). Speaking in China not means speaking in Chinese (even on half of my three-week trip in Middle Kingdom I was able to order something in bar or from street seller), but I had great pleasure to be part of Organizing Committee, Chair of Security Track and Session Speaker at BIT’s 3rd Annual Word Congress of Emerging InfoTech 2014.  Of course Dalian is not everything: I delivered sessions in  Wroclaw, Cracow, Lodz, Katowice, Poznan, Wroclaw, Rzeszow and outside Poland in Sofia, Kiev, Reykjavik, Budapest, Krasnodar, Cluj-Napoca, Southampton, Reading, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle, Ljubljana. In few of those cities more than once.  I delivered few workshops and one full day pre-conf (in Kiev).

Social Media
”Be social, Say More, Here and Learn More, Tech Someone. They are my personal rules. Even ‘be sociable’ is not very popular in Poland (yet) I trying to use my social networks for many purposes from reading and learning through meeting new peoples, ideas, opinions, facts and fictions, to teaching and helping peoples. One of very important hashtag is of course #sqlhelp / read more at old post from Brent Ozar blog. List of my social networks expanded from last year, but core is the same: Twitter, LinkedIn, GoldenLine, Facebook.” I wrote this in last year. This year I could write same sentences with small change – using social media by community in my country is growing. And I like it!

public-speakingNo MVP Summit last year. No PASS Summit last year. No TechEd Europe last year. No TechEd North America last year. No SQLDay Poland last year. A lot of missed events. But every speakers and conference attendees know that: it’s not possible to going in every places. But I attended of few very interesting events: Data Platform Day in Moscow, InfoSecurity in London, SQL in the City in London, SQL Saturday in Vienna, InfoTech in Dalian, UtMessan in Reykjavik, SharePoint Saturday in Hinckley.. But more important for me are all events where I delivered my sessions: IT Camp in Cluj-Napoca, CareerCon in Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice, Krakow, Rzeszow and Wroclaw again; SQL Saturday in Budapest, Krasnodar, Kiev, Sofia, Ljubljana. It’s really hard to listing all other events which I attended: IBM IT Forum, EMC Forum, VMWare Forum, Oracle Forum, Oracle Day, BIN GigaCon, EOIF GigaCon, Do IT with Poland, and more. And two most significant conferences: of course SQLBits XII in Telford, where I (as always) worked as SQLBits Helper, but this time not only for sessions suppport and pre-canf preparation and post-conf preparation, but also supportedone ofmy guru: Allan Hirt {TWITTER|BLOG}.  Second one it was SQLRelay Tour in two weeks in eight cities, with nine sessions, many bottles of different beer, hundreds miles on the road, different hotels, and hostels and missed point on map. Very good learning time for me.

I didn’t any writing task last year. And it’s very, very bad. I never cound some news publishing or discussion board activity as writing task. I have pland for next year. Serious plan and I hope to be consistent enought to se results. I finished one good writing task – I wrote full documentation for new collaboration platform for my former employer, but… I was only one person with skils to perform this implementation and it’s not my company anymore, so… I cannot count this task, right?

Collaboration is working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals {right meaning}. in opposite: Collaboration is "a co-operation between elements of the population of a defeated state and the representatives of the victorious power" {meaning in my country}. My meaning is of course the first one and I very often in my course trying to explain this difference for my students. My collaboration is focused for: SQL Server User Groups in Poland, England, Ukraine, Scotland, Germany, Wales, Scandinavia, Russia and other countries. My collaboration is focused for SharePoint User Groups in England, Spanish speaking countries and Scandinavia. My collaboration is focused on worldwide security. My collaboration is focused for mentoring newbies in IT sector ans students. And I’m always open for new challenges. 

Travels… I’m traveller. And I really, really like not. Not, not only.. I love it! Last year: I travelled in few cities in Poland, but of course foreign trips are most exciting. I was twice on Iceland, once in Norway (first work task in Oslo), uncounted times in United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia (first time), Slovenia (first time), Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands. Something spectacular? Yes three points: three weeks trip in China (中国:西安,北京,大连,威海,青岛,天津,胶州), almost four weeks at last trip (Poland, Norway, England, Iceland, Serbia, Slovenia), and three weeks tour with SQL Rally (Reading, Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham, London). Short summary in facts:  37 trips, 158 days, 102,792 km distance, 55 cities, 18 countries. Not bad, but could be better.

Recognition is very important. I’m proud to be honoured as MVP for SQL Server 2014, and still be in Friends of the RedGate PLUS and active member of few community groups. And even I’m Vice-Chair of EMEA Board at Global IT Community Association in March I got new recognition. From March for cadence 2014-2017 I’m Member of the Board of Lower Silesian District at Polish Information Processing Society. Three honoured recognizing presents came for me as a special community voices: first from Boris Hristov {TWITTER|BLOG|LINKEDIN} and his SQL Hangouts Video; second from Mark Pryce-Maher {TWITTER|BLOG|LINKEDIN} and his Sound of SQL Podcast; and third from EMEA MVP Community with Facebook interview. YAY!

Almost forgot about my new equipment. With great hel of my frien Dariusz Klos as a prophet of finishing my job in corporation (without agreement to keep my old notebook) I bought new one: very light, HP ENVY 15-j017cl Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) which actually have: 16 GB RAM, 260 SSD, 750 HDD four USB port and HDMI port, no unecessary dvd bay, and not bad resolution. Of course is full of stickers. And I got my firsf Windows Phone – old but very good Nokia Lumia 620. Still no have iPad, iPod even Surface.


New 2015 Year? Excited and little nervours, but it will be more exciting!

[EN] Do ya wanna get rocked? T -48 hours till KulenDayz & MVP CEE Summit!

LOGO__KulenDayz2012 I expected that August 2012 will be free of the community, conferences, meetings – and have some free days. I was wrong. As always. Except wedding party (not mine fortunatelly) and three days near Baltic Sea Coast with fantastic ladies I’m going to my first MVP Summit. Wait! In August? Easy. It’s not full MVP Summit (held as always in Feb/Mar in Redmond). Inside one of the biggest south European community conference: KulenDayz 2012 I’m going to MVP CEE & Italy Summit 2012.

KulenDayz 2012 is prepared by Microsoft Community Osijek together with Microsoft Croatia with support from INETA, Hupro, MIC Varaždin and Mreža. Conference is bringing together leading IT Experts from the region with local IT Community and giving them a chance to spend a weekend filled with attractive sessions presented by top speakers and relaxing at Kopacki Rit Nature Park and enjoying unspoiled nature.

MVP CEE & Italy Summit is more like a social event, an opportunity to meet other MVPs from the Region, networking and mingling with each other, and get to know the Microsoft vision for the next Fiscal Year (FY13, which started on July, 1st).

My trip for this event is not easy: by bus from Wroclaw to Warsaw, next night train from Warsaw to Budapest and after by daily train form Budapest to Osijek. I’m happy to stay one day in Budapest (for my lovely sightseeing) on Thursday. On Friday we have day for MVP’s and on Saturday many great sessions in seven tracks: Office 365, Development,Database, Private Cloud, Windows Phone, Project Management, Chalk & Talk

09:00 –10:20


Alessandro Teglia, Damien Caro, Jamie Mann, Jeremy Chapman, Tomislav Bronzin, Bernardin Katić

10:30 –11:20

A New Hope: What’s new in Office PI – End User

Jeremy Chapman

Win8 Dev/Async

Jose Luis Latorre Millas

Change Data Capture in SQL Server 2012

Aleksandar Talev

Windows Server 2012 – what’s new for ITPros

Damir Dizdarević

Windows Phone 8 – Development

Andrej Radinger

Survival kit for PMs

Marija Bajica

Managing Remote Work

Adam Granicz

11:30 –12:20

Return of the Technical Jedi: What’s new in Office P2 – IT Pro

Jeremy Chapman

Contracts in Windows 8

Domagoj Pavlešić

The Curse of the Cursors

Daniel Joskovski

Windows 2012 Networking

Marin Franković

WP 8 is around the corner, what now?

Catalin Gheorghiu

What project managers should learn from Titanic disaster

Stanislav Stresnjak

Social Media

Ilija Brajkovic

12:30 –13:20

Becoming the Jedi Master: New Office Deployment and Architecture Deep Dive

Jeremy Chapman

Building scalable social web apps on Windows Azure

Marjan Nikolovski

SQL Server Myths & Legends

Dean Vitner, Marko Culo

Windows 2012 Storage

Damien Caro

WP – Augmented Reality

Igor Ralić

Influence of emotional intelligence (EQ) on project management

Ivan Matejašić

Building Distributed Web Systems

Damir Dobric

13:20 –15:00


15:00 –15:50

SharePoint 2010 vs SharePoint 365

Zvonimir Mavretić

VS + Specflow: Behaviour Driven Development

Ivan Pavlović

Fraud Detection – Notes from the Field

Dejan Sarka

SCVMM 2012 i App Ctrl 2012

Romeo Mlinar

Agile vs Waterfall

Nenad Trajkovski

Responsive Web Design

Toni Podmanicki

16:00 –16:50

SharePoint in the clouds

Adis Jugo

Kinect Programming

Jerislav Bobić

SQL Server Columnstor​e Indexes

Dragoslav Ogar

Managing Private Cloud with PowerShell

Aleksandar Nikolić

Motivation of the team in crisis

Mirna Koričan

Parallel Programming 101

Tiberiu Covaci

16:50 –17:10

Coffee Break

17:10 –18:00

Office 365, Lync, SharePoint and Exchange integration with Windows Phone

Željka Knezović

F# Web Application Development

Adam Granicz

SQL Server 2012 Statistical Semantic Search

Matija Lah

SC Orchestrator

Luka Manojlović

Project in problems – challange for PM

Vesna Hitrec

SOLID – clean code for mere mortals

Wekoslav Stefanovski

18:10 –19:00

Exchange 2013/Lync 2013

Igor Pavleković

GPdotNET – Darwian’s teory of evolution in solving engineering problems by C#

Bahrudin Hrnjica

Solving common cube design problems

Tomislav Piasevoli

Deploying Private Cloud

Tomica Kaniski

Rx & Async

Toni Petrina


Amazing, isn’t? But of course sessions are not most important. For me the community, old friends and new faces are most important. Sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas. Hope to meet a lot of my friends from European community. So…


Let’s get, let’s get, let’s get, let’s get rocked
Let’s get, let’s get, let’s get, let’s get rocked
Let’s go all the way
Get it night’n’day
Come on, let’s get, let’s get, let’s get, let’s get rocked