[EN] Windows Azure Network Security | Whitepaper

Few days ago on MSDN Windows Azure Blog has been published new whitepaper about security in Microsoft Windows Azure environment. The author – Ashwin Palekar / Principal Program Manager, Windows Azure {MSDN PROFILE} – wrote on fourteen pages a lot of important information which could help in increasing security for Windows Azure. Here is the content list:

  • Abstract.
  • Introduction.
  • Guidelines for Securing Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Security Management and Threat Defense.
  • Guidelines for Securing Platform as a Service.
  • Appendix: Windows Azure Network Security Internals.
  • Isolation.
  • Microsoft Services.
  • References.

And here are two examples from this documents, abstract:

This document provides guidance on securing network communication for applications deployed in Windows Azure, enabling customers to determine how best to protect their virtual infrastructure and data.
The intended audience for this whitepaper includes:
• IT and Network administrators interested in deploying applications on Windows Azure
• Developers interested in creating applications that run on Windows Azure
• Technical decision makers (TDMs) considering Windows Azure to support new or existing services

and one of many schemas:


You can download (docx format, 579 kb) from HERE.

[EN]/[ES] Posterpedia–better than Playmate of the Month

YAY! I forgot about this fantastic app for Windows 8 Desktop. This app probably work better with ‘sliding’ version of Windows 8 hardware – such Surface of any touch-screen machine (and I have no one of them) but it’s enough for me. What is it?

Server Posterpedia is a new Windows Store app for Microsoft Windows 8. It allows you view and learn all about Microsoft server technologies in a graphical easy to understand format. It allow allows you to link directly to Microsoft TechNet and Microsoft MSDN content all within the application. Server Posterpedia references posters and web-based content . Posters and web-based content are copyright to the Microsoft Corporation.

Let’s play!

STEP 1: going to the page: http://aka.ms/sposterpedia

STEP 2: install via Windows Store


Pic. 01 | Posterpedia at Windows Store (sorry, as always on my systems Store is in Spanish)


Pic. 02 | Installation in progress


Pic. 03 | Finishing installation

STEP 3: Discover everything…


Pic. 04 | First impression… Windows Server


Pict. 05 | Second sight… plus Azure, Lync, BI, SharePoint, Exchange, SQL, Office and System Center


Pic. 06 | First look in to the Azure’s December Playmate


Pic. 07 | We love it! Zoom, and Zoom It!

Over thirty Playmates… Excellent!

[EN] 13 new Customer SQL Videos on Channel 9

Hi folks,

Few days ago on Channel 9 “A Great Team” published 13 short videos about our lovely  SQL Server. The context of this material sound pretty good:
– The videos are based on
Information Platform Vision that our SVP, Ted Kummert, outlined during SQL Server 2008 R2 timeframe
– The non-marketing videos (by engineering PMs) give customers peek into the goals and visions why certain SQL Server features were decided and implemented

Total size of all 13 videos is about 1,2 GB – is really nice, isn’t? Short info about each part and links are below:


Upgrade Your Database  || LINK
Joe Yong

Learn improvements/enhancements on upgrade experience for SQL Server from Joe Yong, Senior Program Manager from SQL Server China Research & Development Manageability team.


SQL Server Data Programmability Tools || LINK
Krzysztof Kozielczyk

Learn about the vision of database programmability tools for SQL Server "Denali" from Krzysztof Kozielczyk, Program Manager from SQL Server Programmability team.


SQL Server appliance || LINK
Britt Johnston

Learn the upcoming SQL Server appliances from Britt Johnston, Principal Group Manager from SQL Server Appliance Engineering team.


Parallel Data Warehouse || LINK
Dandy Weyn

Learn massive parallel architecture of SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse from Dandy Weyn, Senior Technical Product Manager from SQL Server marketing team.


SQL Server virtualization || LINK
Guy Bowerman

Learn how decisions were made for SQL Server virtualization from Guy Bowerman, Senior Program Manager from SQL Server Engine team.


SQL Server security || LINK
Il-Sung Lee

Learn security & compliance features for SQL Server from Il-Sung Lee, Senior Program Manager from SQL Server Engine Security team.


SQL Server AlwaysOn || LINK
Justin Erickson

Learn about AlwaysOn – HA/DR improvements / enhancements for SQL Server from Justin Erickson, Senior Program Manager from SQL Server Engine team.


SQL Server backup compression || LINK
Kevin Farlee

Learn about the choices made for SQL Server backup compression from Kevin Farlee, Senior Program Manager from SQL Server Storage Engine team.


SQL Server Integration Services || LINK
Kevin McGuire

Learn improvements/enhancements on SQL Server "Denali" Integration Services from Kevin McGuire, Principal Architect from SQL Server Integration Services team.


SQL Server Non-Relational || LINK
Michael Rys

Learn improvements/enhancements on SQL Server non-relational features from Michael Rys, Principal Program Manager from SQL Server Engine team.


SQL Server CLR || LINK
RobAnn Mateja

Learn improvements/enhancements on CLR for SQL Server from RobAnn Mateja, Senior Program Manager from SQL Server Engine team.


SQL Server Data Compression || LINK
Sunil Agarwal

Learn data compression for SQL Server from Sunil Agarwal, Principal Program Manager from SQL Server Engine Storage team.


SQL Server Manageability || LINK
Vinod Jagannathan

Learn manageability vision for SQL Server from Vinod Jagannathan, Senior Program Manager from SQL Server Manageability team.

I want to say: THANK YOU for Darmadi Komo (Senior Product Manager – SQL Server Marketing) for sharing this news.