[EN] Teach You How To Sing The Blues

Since April 3rd I’m definitely more happy than before. Yes. This sentence doesn’t make sense… perhaps. But as Microsoft Certified Trainer as usual at the end of third quarter of Microsoft’s fiscal year I’m a little nervous for few days. Why? It’s the MCT Re-Certification process.

I really like to be MCT. It’s really interesting, funny, a little bit unexpected and user/device problems oriented case. On any my trainings I’m a little nervous, I’m very busy and as always happy to help the others to understanding Microsoft environments, applications, patterns and practices. And I ALWAYS not only TEACH – I still and continuous LEARN myself! And it’s one more nice benefit of all of those cases – somebody pay for it…

I have some ideas for my third (OMG, yes it’s third year!!) MCT’s year:

  • more trainings,
  • more practice,
  • more labs,
  • more “specialites”,
  • more experience
  • and more trainings!


In this place I want to say BIG Thank You for Paula, Joanna, Konrad and Tomasz – nothing without You !

Motörhead – Teach You How To Sing The Blues