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LOGO__SQLBitsI suppose… No I expect, that All of You, my SQL Server Family Members have a plan to go for minimum one SQL Server Event in next year. If You living in Europe, You have no choice (in first half of 2012 You can go for two, maybe three events oriented for SQL Server). One of this is SQL Bits. I wrote about my last experience of this, no, of THIS event.


Last edition of SQLBits IX was held in Liverpool (September 29 – October 1), and called: “Query across Mersey”. As almost always I went from Wroclaw to reception desk)East Midlands, meet my family (especially my goddaughter) and went to Liverpool (with excellent bus service National Express). I came to Liverpool about 1PM on Wednesday (28th), found my early booked hostel (with Polish person at , check-in and in the afternoon (after half hour or searching) found Conference Venue: The Adelphi Hotel (Ranelagh Place Liverpool L3 5UL). In place I meet The SQLBits Team, with many old friends and some new: Anette, Jonathan, Allan, Christian, Jamie, Mark, Christina, Simon, Andree, Maciej, John, Dirk, Kevin, Chris, Thomas and more. About 6 PM we started preparation. It was similar talk, like Previous Edition – SQLBits VIII in Brighton. In few hours we’re packed conference bag with information materials, gadgets and other nice stuff. Between un-formal competition (eg. between Mark and Me in “BADGE PACKAGING”), beers and pizza we talk about community, future and of course SQL server.

I have had interesting experience when I back to my hostel, I saw fire on three. I called for 112 and after three minutes of explanation, fire officer asked again: Where EXACTLY You are? I made mistake: I was on Brunshwick Road, but I said Brunshwick Street (different place in Liverpool). But they found me in two minutes. New skills: remember where on which kind of area You are: street, road, alley, avenue, square…

You can find You, Your friends and our stuff on my FLICKR EVENTS: SQLBITS9 Query Across Mersey [Wednesday Set]


Thursday morning. Alarm clock started about 6:30 AM (it was not easy, but I done this target). Short breakfast, coffee, mail checking and go to hotel. The venue was very close, about twenty minutes on foot. Firs day it was my first day as SQLBits Helper. I was a member of the special division under command and control by Annette Allen (better known as Mrs. Fatherjack). My target for Thursday was very clear: Reception, Marshaling, Community Corner, general conference attendees frequently asked questions, and preparation for next day (and evening). On Thursday I meet first time new fantastic peoples: Darren, Martin, Victoria, Tim, Karla, Laerte, Allan, Aaron, Kevin and of course Best-Room mate Mr. Neil. and more, more, more. All attendees was very surprise, because badges was sorted by Name (yes – First Name) not as standard by Surname. A lot of very funny questions: Wait, what is my name? After midday, when we finished, I went to sightseeing Liverpool. This part require separated story on my private blog, maybe next week… But you can look for my Photosynth small set HERE.

Back to the venue about 5PM to start preparation for the evening. For Thursday the SQLBits organizers prepared interesting music evening. About 8PM we can saw another face of Chris Testa-O’Neil with his band TRIPOD. It’s generally cover band, but sounds really good. In my opinion better than cover band of The Beatles (probably played after Tripod) but… With some of new friends, old friends, speakers and influencers we went to China Town for special Speakers Dinner. Oh it was really crazy experience: Chinese district with open-air cinema with Chinese horror-fantasy movie on very big screens. You know: the Hero can jump for hundreds meters and flying and… nevermind. Something interesting for eating in Chinese restaurant with very good Tsingtao (one of the most popular beer from China from 1903! more HERE). When we back, we talked very, very long – but… hostel was twenty five minutes away…

You can find You, Your friends and our stuff on my EVENTS: SQLBITS9 Query Across Mersey [Thursday Set]


Friday morning the blood still on my hand… No, sorry. It’s not review of Dream Theater’s Metropolis P: 2 album. Friday, very heavy and hard and long morning, I back to the Conference Venue. First target: coffee, next SQLbits Helpers as Marshall with Victoria. It was really nice and funny. The badges surprised again. On Friday I have meet first time Allan White, Andy Leonard and some other new (for me) peoples. Really Exciting! You know three years ago I hadn’t dream about it. Now it’s more simple. Of course I can’t forgot about Kevin Kline, Aaron Bertrand, Klaus Aschenbrenner, Steve Jones, Hannah Jermy and all teams from exhibitors: Fusion-IO, SQLSentry, Coeo, Microsoft UK, RedGate, Quest, Idera, Adatis and more.

Because standard conference day just started, I had more tasks, ordered by Annette. I had Room Monitor (You probably know what is it: checking the facility, power, projector, speakers, microphones, keep timing, and so on) for two sessions. For two GREAT sessions. For TWO EXCELLENT SESSIONS!! Yes, I must scream it! First session which I monitor was provided by Steve Jones {BLOG | @way0utwest} with subject: Preparation for Disaster {Sooner or later some sort of disaster occur on your SQL Server instance. It might be the destruction of a server, the corruption of a page inside the database, or just the unexpected deletion of some data. When disaster does strike, will you be prepared? Steve Jones will cover a number of common disaster occurrences and the ways in which you can be prepared to handle the situations}. You can see this session HERE. The second one on Friday was provided by Jennifer Stirrup {BLOG | @jenstirrup} with subject: iPad and Powerpivot-Mobile Business Intelligence in action {Mobile Business Intelligence allows end users to access data to support their decisions, irrespective of time and place. The Apple iPad is the definitive tablet of the decade, and is game-changer as a credible business tool. PowerPivot is a game-changer because it places data, and data structures, back in the hands of business users. Apple’s cutting edge usability, along with PowerPivot’s accessibility, can be combined to enhance productivity for mobile business users. Together, these technologies can support Mobile Business Intelligence as an essential tool for end users who need data ‘on the go’}. You can see this session HERE.

Evening with James Bond Cassino was not for me. OK, Almost. I haven’t special uniform/costume/dress for going to the Casino. Anyway I spend all evening from 6:30 PM with big friendly SQL Server Family. I want to say Thank You for John Martin (aka @SQLServerMonkey) for hours of learning of the English culture and traditions. We will continue this… We drunk a lot of Guinness – I preferred Guinness or Murphy’s (it’s just for SQLbits organizers info) with fantastic peoples, beautiful girls (even lives in London and from Poland). Again exciting language experience, speaking naturally (almost) in English, sometimes in Polish – especially without people from UK. I meet fantastic pair from… Plymouth. We went for small dinner and back about midnight. When the event finished, my new colleague from Poland and I we went to long talk (over one hour outside), next I back to hotel’s pub for… Guinness of course. I back to rom very early morning (about 3:34 AM) just for 3 hours sleeping with ghost.

You find You, Your friends and our stuff on my EVENTS: SQLBITS9 Query Across Mersey [Friday Set]


Morning… Saturday Morning… Is something which I remember? Yes. I was very tired. But coffee, friends, breakfast and friends keep me alive. I server a little less marshaling on Saturday. And spend more time in community corner. And meet new fantastic person: The Canon-Girl, beautful girl fromw Ireland. Thank You for talking about cameras, Carmel. I have two sessions for monitoring too. Another kind of sessions, in some of different subject, but interesting. First, provided by very interesting Dutch-Swedish SQL Server enthusiast Ola Hellengreen {BLOG} with subject: Inside Ola Hallengrens Maintenance Solution {How do you do database maintenance in an enterprise environment? I have developed a stored procedure based solution that has become extremely popular in the SQL Server community. In this session I will go through how the solution works, how it can be used in different scenarios for backup, integrity check, index and statistics maintenance and talk some about the background for the design. You can also bring your questions about the solution or about database maintenance in general}. You can see this session HERE. And the second one on Saturday, my fourth and generally last session at SQLBits 9 was presented by Dave Ballantyne {BLOG | @davebally} with subject: Whats new in Denali-TSQL {A look at the new TSQL functionality within denali}. You can see this session HERE.

After half hour after last session end The Master Of Ceremony: James Rowland-Jones starts the Final show, with many “Thank You All” with special thanks for Annette and other SQLbits Helpers. And at the end every exhibitors raffled a special awards and gifts for the attendees. Really great awards: Free Entrance for PASS Summit, or Super-Spy Flying Predator (from Fusion-IO) and many, many more.

Two hours of collecting things from event venue, packing all our stuff (ducks, stickers, books, demos…), and with a big hungry SQL crowd, we went for beer, dinner, beer, talks, beer, beer… and beer. I discovered – Super BIG, BIG Thank You Christina – Awesome Spanish Tapas Bar La Tasca. You must go there when You will be in this city.

You can find You, Your friends and our stuff on my EVENTS: SQLBITS9 Query Across Mersey [Saturday Set]


My friend, Allan Mitchel {BLOG | @allanSQLIS} invited me for Lightning Talks. In fact twice: on Friday and on Saturday. What is LT? Based on the SQLbits site: A chance for speakers new and seasoned to take the stage for 5 minutes and effuse about something/anything in SQL Server they love. Presented by Various Speakers. It’s really amazing experience. Just five minutes, sometimes almost not prepared, just: go to the stage and talk about SQL Server in Five Minutes. I prepared short session titled: 2AM A Disaster just Began – about best practices to survive disaster. Both my micro-sessions was funny and interesting for attendees and after talks, I received some good comments, and wishes for full session next year. Thank You friends. Thank You Allan Mitchell. And thank You all supporters: Jen, Laerte, Karla, Christina, Thomas, Mark, Allan, Annette, Neil, Richard, Andrew, Martin. You can see some of those sessions from SQLbits VIII (Brighton) here.


It was my third time at

SQLBits Premier European SQL Server Conference

in order: York (autumn 2010), Brighton (spring 2011), Liverpool (fall 2011). Every time received more knowledge, opportunity to give help for other, possibility to get help from friends, share knowledge, meet new peoples and make some special gifts. I’m sure that it’s not last time. If You are a little bit, more or less, familiar to SQL Server… If You are newbie or freak or nerd… Just save the date on every of bi-yearly editions and go!

I expect to go for every next editions till they will happen. Hope to be full session speaker next time – even my English is not excellent. But I’m still working on it. Hope to be invited for SQLbits Helpers Team again. Hope to find enough time to meet all of You, my SQL Family Members.

So, see You in 2012…

Znane są szczegóły SQL BITS 8

To chyba najlepszy prezent jaki można było dostać dzisiejszego dnia (24 grudnia). Do publicznej wiadomości podano szczegóły kolejnej edycji najlepszej (oczywiście poza SQL DAY) konferecji o tematyce SQL: SQL BITS 8. Konferencja organizowana między innymi przez Simona Sabina, Chrisa Webba, Alana Mitchella od lat jest  synonimem najwyższego poziomu sesji, świetnych ekspertów i wielu ciekawych dyskusji.

Już teraz wiemy, że spotkamy tam: SQLCATThe SQL Customer Advisory Team; 24 MVP Most Valuable Professional w kategorii SQL Server; 2 MCAMicrosoft Certified Architect w kategorii SQL Server; 3 MCM Microsoft Certified Master w kategorii SQL Server.

Wiosenna edycja tej imprezy odbedzie się w dniach od siódmego do dziewiątego kwietnia w Brighton (UK). Tym razem uczestników konferencji gościć będzie: The Grand Brighton znajdujący się na Kings Road. Ceny konferencji nie uległy zmianie, schemat zresztą też nie:

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