[EN] Sounds of SQL

I’m always, always exciting of any new community activity. Few months ago I was invited for SQL Hangout  – series of Google Hangout Videocast provided by Boris Hristov {TWITTER|BLOG} Bulgarian SQL Server MVP. My episode have number #008 and recently Boris published episode #024. You can fing all of those at his blog.


On last day of SQL Relay 2014 Autumn Tour, in London, friend of mine and active member of UK SQL Server User Group informed me, and very quickly invited for his new activity. Sounds of SQL is a fantastic project running under Mark Pryce-Maher {TWITTER|BLOG|LINKEDIN} invention. How it works? Mark catched almost all speakers on last day of our conference, and steal five minutes for short interview. Results?

Really good! First of series of 5-min interviews is ready and you can listen, and download from the Sounds of SQL project site HERE (site is hosted on Microsoft Azure Services!). And here is the result:

Matt Dowle is the main author of the data.table package for R. Matt has worked for some of the world’s largest financial organizations and has been programming in R for over a decade. Check out his talk from the R conference in LA earlier this year.  http://datascience.la/matt-dowles-data-table-talk-from-user-2014/ Matt has kindly given us at 10% of coupon ‘MY-DATATABLE-COUPON’ for his training course on Data Camp:  https://www.datacamp.com/courses/data-analysis-the-data-table-way?referrer=GitHubWiki

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