[EN] Sunday Market–SQL Check by Idera

Capture_Idera_SQLCheck20Why “Sunday Market”? It’s a beginning of series of short posts about tools which You can use when the shops are closed (as in many countries on Sunday) and You can’t buy any of this… Yes I know in the Internet Era all is possible, but… OK it’s imagination from my strange mind. I want to write from time to time about free tools for SQL Server and SharePoint Server (two my favourite domains).

If You need (like one of my client) something for basic, really basic monitoring Your SQL server Instance, You can use few tools. In this case I’ll show in few pictures almost all functions of Idera product free SQL Check 3.0. For free download You must:
>> go to Idera SQL Check 3.0 site HERE
>> fill registration data
>> checking Your mail box for download link

When You get SQL Check 3.o, it’s time for installation. It’s very simple:


Pict.1 & 2 | First start the installer, and read and accept license agreement.



Pict. 3&4 | Next, choose permissions and place for install and make Your first check: how much place and where You need.



Pict. 5&6 | Wait two minutes for end of installation process, and next choose to start application after end, or not, and finish.

Now, after installation You can connect to Your Instance , get the data and simply collect some basic info:


Pict. 7 | On first – and in fact only one screen – add server


Pict. 8 | If You do it on SQL server, just log in to default instance (in this case it’s only one) For log in to remote serve , You must write SERVER_NAME\INSTANCE_NAME and log in.


Pict. 9 | You have five basic counters: Cache Hits…


Pict. 10 | …Physical Reads and Physical Writes…


Pict. 11 | …Seek Time Reads and Seek Time Writes…Capture_Idera_SQLCheck13

Pict. 12 | …Waits based on network, writes, reads, locks and cpu…


Pict. 13 | …and my favourite: Bubbles with the problem of processes


Pict. 14 | You can see any of five above or all together – as You wish.


Pict. 15 | And it is full “operational desktop” by this application.Capture_Idera_SQLCheck18

Pict. 16 | If You want, in option You can change default options: refreshing heartbeat graphics and show heartbeat graphics. Default are 2 sec / 120 sec.


Pict. 17 | When You refreshing view, for a moment You’ll need a minimum of patience… 5 seconds.

All limitation which You must know:

  • one monitored server at time
  • documentation only online on FAQ site
  • no agents required