[EN] SQL Server 2012 SP2 Cumulative Update #3 is available!

LOGO__SQLServer2012SP2At the outtage of Azure time Microsoft released two packs wit Cumulative Updates. Both for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 but for different versions. In this post I’ll write about update for SQL Server 2012 with Service Pack 2. In this Cumulative Update No 3 {build no 11.0.5556.0 } Microsoft fixed about forty bugs and here is the list. As you see the links are in different place than on my all previous posts. Beginning of this update, Microsoft SQL Server Service Team (which is responsible for publishing those informations) added link fo description of fixed bug instead of KB number. A little strange, but I don’t want to spend too much time for reformating all structure.


VSTS BUG: 3260585 | KB: 2973961
FIX: Non-convergence or merge agent failure occurs when you use a custom stored procedure resolver in SQL Server
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3260585 | KB: 2973961
FIX: Non-convergence or merge agent failure occurs when you use a custom stored procedure resolver in SQL Server
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3260587 | KB: 2975743
FIX: Incorrect result and exception occur when you use MDX query to do session cube grouping in SSAS
Analysis Services

VSTS BUG: 2785223 | KB: 2981424
FIX: Exception when you select more than one hierarchy from parent/child dimension with naming template in SSAS 2012
Analysis Services

VSTS BUG: 3336132 | KB: 2982019
FIX: Error when you restart the Merge Agent after you upgrade the Publisher to SQL Server 2012 SP2
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3260583 | KB: 2982544
FIX: Slow to access "Explorer" or "System Administration" on MDM home page
Data Quality Services (DQS)

VSTS BUG: 3260593 | KB: 2986722
FIX: Error 7105 when you execute UPDATE on sparse column set while ONLINE INDEX REBUILD is running on the same table in SQL Server
SQL performance

VSTS BUG: 3260595 | KB: 2987935
FIX: Long wait on CLR_CRST when you execute spatial query that is under heavy load in SQL Server
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3260589 | KB: 2988667
FIX: Query results keep unchanged when filter is applied in a parent-child dimension with unary operators in SSAS 2012
Analysis Services

VSTS BUG: 3260581 | KB: 2989043
FIX: Access denied when you view report history on a SharePoint site with the View Items permission
Reporting Services

VSTS BUG: 2921742 | KB: 2989478
FIX: Poor performance for cdc.fn_cdc_get_net_changes_<capture_instance> in SQL Server 2012 SP2
SQL performance

VSTS BUG: 3260577 | KB: 2989512
FIX: MDX query returns no result when the cache is not cleared after you run a previous query in OLAP or tabular model
Analysis Services

VSTS BUG: 3260599 | KB: 2990152
FIX: Unexpected Simplified Chinese characters appear in TextData field of Distributed Replay trace in SQL Server
Management Tools

VSTS BUG: 3260575 | KB: 2994993
FIX: Text in a hyperlink in its own paragraph is not indexed in full-text in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3008500 | KB: 2995211
FIX: Incorrect error when you set rotation of chart series label greater than 90 or less than -90 in an SSRS 2012 report
Reporting Services

VSTS BUG: 3075681 | KB: 2995622
FIX: "Specified cast is not valid" error when you load an XML document that has time zone information in SSIS 2012
Integration Services

VSTS BUG: 3122214 | KB: 2996729
FIX: "Non-yielding Scheduler" condition occurs when you run a complex query in SQL Server 2012
SQL performance

VSTS BUG: 3134680 | KB: 2997392
FIX: INSERT performance decreases in merge replication that uses precomputed partitions in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3140832 | KB: 3000562
FIX: ImageConsolidation device information setting does not work when it is specified in the RSReportServer.config file
Reporting Services

VSTS BUG: 3203999 | KB: 3000835
FIX: "An internal error occurred on the report server" error when you export a report to a .pdf file in SSRS 2012
Reporting Services

VSTS BUG: 3187734 | KB: 3001713
FIX: The .csv file contains field separators when you export a report that has a tablix that has no data in SSRS 2012
Reporting Services

VSTS BUG: 3256393 | KB: 3002071
FIX: "System objects could not be updated…" error when you use AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature in SQL Server 2012
High Availability

VSTS BUG: 3277704 | KB: 3002883
FIX: Error in OpenFileStream API when you open FILESTREAM data that is hosted on dynamic disks in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3252239 | KB: 3003102
FIX: The date value in the Last Run column is blank in Report Manager Details View in SSRS 2012
Reporting Services

VSTS BUG: 3306817 | KB: 3004355
FIX: SQL Server crashes when you retrieve an SQL statement hash for logging XEvent in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3331484 | KB: 3006648
FIX: Data corruption occurs in target table when you use a SQL Server destination in a data flow component in SSIS 2012
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3401421 | KB: 3008135
FIX: Abbreviations for million, billion, and others are translated incorrectly in Swedish or Italian Power View report
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3406283 | KB: 3008416
FIX: Duplicate records in the report rendering when you use Lookup function in the expression of a matrix in SSRS 2012
Reporting Services

VSTS BUG: 3443909 | KB: 3009576
FIX: Cannot restore database by using the full backup and differential backup files that contain defunct files
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3449716 | KB: 3009883
FIX: Error when you execute statistics update on a table that has sql_variant data type in SQL Server 2012
SQL performance

VSTS BUG: 3389698 | KB: 3010773
FIX: Power View report plots values incorrectly for line chart in SSRS 2012 in SharePoint integrated mode
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3266265 | KB: 3011807
FIX: Large chain of blocking occurs when you use merge replication in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 3343220 | KB: 3012182
FIX: Log_Send_Rate column in sys.dm_hadr_database_replica_states cannot reflect the rate accurately in SQL Server 2012
High Availability

VSTS BUG: 3012389 | KB: 3013553
FIX: Insufficient memory error when you run an XML Validation Control Flow task on a large input file in SSIS 2012
SQL service


This update could be applied to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2, when used with:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Developer
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard
  • SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence


Microsoft has recommended to test all hotfixes before updating in production environment. More information about this release You can find with the article: Cumulative Update 3

You may have to restart the computer after you apply this cumulative update. If you use any hybrid technology, such a Replication, AlwaysOn, Clustering:  If you do not want to use the rolling update process, follow these steps in order to apply a CU or SP:

  1. Install the service pack on the passive node.
  2. Install the service pack on the active node (This step requests servicerestart).

If You want to go directly to download section jump to Request Hotfix Download Site where You can choose version (for both platforms: 64-bit and 32-bit) . This release is prepared as multilingual package. And here is the full list af all packages:

>> SQLServer2012_SP2_CU3_3002049_11_0_5556_x64
>> SQLServer2012_SP2_CU3_3002049_11_0_5556_x86


[EN] Community Connections, Speaking Engagement… in the Fall.

lectureAutumn. The Fall. As I expected (based on my last intensive year) last four months this year will be busy. I’ve some projects in my corporation and of course outside corpo. My calendar has been filled up few days ago, and is filled in 80-95 % (yes, I can expand some dates, still). I’m talking about conferences in dual ways:

Community Connections

Going to technology confererence (sometimes not only technology, but always profession(all conference) is one of the best way to meet new people, listening ideas, sharing own opinions, creating connections and relationships. As a member of audience crowd I am going to:

DevDay 2013 >>| 20th September | Cracow, PL | LINK – even this conference based in Poland, and organizers are from Poland, it’s absolutely international event. It will be my second time, when I passed qualification (yes, it’s not for all) and I’m ready for getting new ideas, points of views, knowledge and experience from amazing speakers: Rob Ashton (AshtonDev Ltd) {@robashton}, Marco Cecconi (StackOverflow) {@sklivvz}, Tiberiu Covaci (Many-core) {@tibor19}, Dariusz Dziuk (Spotify) {@dariuszdziuk}, Dino Esposito (e-tennis.net) {@despos}, Ben Hall (Cornershop) {@Ben_Hall}, Andreas Håkansson (tretton37) {@TheCodeJunkie}, Hadi Hariri (JetBrains) {@hhariri}, Patrick Kua (ThoughtWorks) {@patkua}, Jon Skeet (Google) {@jonskeet}, Paul Stack (OpenTable) {@stack72}, Itamar Syn-Hershko (Buzzilla) {@synhershko}.

ManageEngine Forum >> 10th October | Poznan, PL | LINK – differend kind of event. Deeply oriented for ITSM practices, Service- and HelpDesk Delivery and Manage Engine. Sessions, workshop and ITSM games will be delivered by polish team from MWT company, of course with special guests from India. Some sessions will be in Polish, and I expect some in English from Marcin Tyburski, David C. Howell, Marcin Woźniak, Rajesh Ganesan, Wojciech Przybylski.

LeetSpeak >> 12th October | Stockholm, SE | LINK – a little bit similar to DevDay conference, but I’m sure a little different too. Leetspeak is not just a conference, but a concept; a gathering for hungry developers. This year it’s staking its claim in the nation’s capital on Saturday October 12. That’s what you get when you create your dream day – no filler. Less speakers, but not worse: Justin Rusbatch {@jrusbatch}, Joe Hummel {@joehummel}, Jon Skeet {@jonskeet}, Peter Gasston {@stopsatgreen}, Andreas Håkansson {@TheCodeJunkie}, Patrick Dubroy {@dubroy}.

Oracle Day >> November | Somewhere in Europe | LINK – Yes. I know. It’s oracle. But… since I got request of my customer: “We want to use Oracle Enterprice on Windows 2008 R2” (no comments)… I should that maybe, just maybe I shall look to dark side of the data. Well. Is not confirmed yet, maybe meeting with the Devil will not be necessary.

EMC Forum >> November | Somewhere in Europe | LINK EMC Forum is a one-day, complimentary conference with keynotes, breakout sessions, networking opportunities and an exhibition. Attend an EMC Forum and explore how Cloud transforms IT, Big Data transforms Business, and Trust transforms Cloud. I meet some old friends in last year. And got many laugh from the “Directors of Corporation Speech” (they should be speechless not speakers many times). I’m very interesting what they have to say this year. Maybe new ideas appearing?


Conference Speaking Engagements

As a continuing process of my ealuation of to be speaker, I have another big opportunnity for sharing my knowledge, ideas, practices for different and (many times) surprised audience on few conferences across Europe. For today I’ve a plan for three events:

PASS SQL Rally Nordic >>| 4-6th November | Stockholm, SE | LINK – I’m not only very happy. I’m very, very proud to be selected for THIS event. It will be my first PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) conference under PASS brand. I’ll provide my session on Wednesday 6th November 9 AM with the subject: “SQL Server High Availability in the Context of SLA” It’s the same subject like my Chapter 18 in MVP Deep Dive Vol II book, but of course updated for newest SQL Server version. After and before my session I’ll attend for few other sessions provided by world class speakers: BI Track: Alberto Ferrari, David Peter Hansen, Davide Mauri, Gerhard Brueckl, Henk van der Valk, Jen Stirrup, Alexei Khalyako, Marcel Franke, Marco Russo, Tim Peterson / DBA Track: Kalen Delaney, Kevin Kline, Régis Baccaro, Scott Klein, Stephen Archbold, Turgay Sahtiyan / DEV  Track: Adam Machanic, Brent Ozar, Hugo Kornelis, Margarita Naumova, John Martin, Ewan Fairweather, Tobias Ternstrom, Uwe Ricken, Vesa Tikkanen. I’m happy to meet again half of them as my friends in a speaker room, and meet new persons from SQL Community.

SQL Saturday No 199 >>| 27th October | Sofia, BG | LINK – Still remember my first visit in Sofia, almost year ago. SQL Saturday happened at Infragistic office. I meet two my good SQL Camrades: Mihail Mateev {@mihailmateev} and Boris Hristov {@BorisHristov‎}. And many more from the Bulgarian community. It was fantastic event, magical speaker dinner and crazy night with DPH (he know about…). I’ve plan to visit infragistic agan, sightseeing other part of Sofia, and maybe something more. List of speakers is bigger than last time, and the value of this event is bigger and bigger with: Murilo Miranda, David Peter Hansen, Niko Neugebauer, Pedro Correia, Ignacio Salom Rangel, Kevin Boles, Marcin Szeliga, Boriana Petrova, Jen Stirrup, Régis Baccaro, David Smeets, Denis Reznik, Boris Hristov, Turgay Sahtiyan, Oleksii Kovalov, Anatoliy Kolesnick, Miroslav Dimitrov, Ivan Donev, Andrey Korshikov, Margarita Naumov, David Eichner, Anton Vidishchev.

SQL Saturday No 261 >>| 30th November | Moscow, RU | LINK – I’ve never been in Russia. it will be my first time. But after fantastic experience form SQL Saturday in Kiev (Spring) I had a plan to going there. It’s not official confirmed yet, but… I’m almost ready for visit Moscow. Because how sang Till Lindermann: Это песня о самом прекрасным городе в мире, Москва! One or two sessions on the way. List of the speakers are very interesting: David Peter Hansen, Niko Neugebauer, Klaus Aschenbrenner, Kevin Boles, Denis Reznik, Turgay Sahtiyan, Belkis Ozhorasan, Андрей Коршиков, Dmitriy Kostylev, Evgeny Khabarov.

SQL Saturday No 259 >>| 7th December | Kharkov, UA | LINK – Kharkov is my back to Ukraine. To meet many friends again, to sharing knowledge for SQL Server Community, maybe meet some Polish peoples? Some sightseeing, tasting local food and drink, and of course meet most beautiful (after Poland) girls in the world. I think that maybe two sessions will be mine.  And some friend will meet in Kharkov too: David Peter HansenTurgay Sahtiyan, Mihail Mateev, Boris Hristov, Андрей Коршиков, Дмитрий Пилюгин, Sergey Olontsev, Evgeny Garaev, Eugene Polonichko, Oleksii Kovalov.


User Group Speaking Engagements

Somewhere between listening and speaking I’ll meet User Groups. I’m a host of local group of Polish SQL Server User Group and Lower Silesian PASS Chapter. Till the end of year we will have four meetups in Wroclaw. Possible dates are: September 25th, October 23rd, November 20th and December 18th. I suppose that I’ll heve some speaking moments on all of those meetups. Between Moscow and Kharkov I’ll visit Budapest and my friends from Hungarian SQL Server User Group. We have a plan for MeetUp and of course Geek Beer Dinner. All in the preparation mode…


Very, very busy months… Hope to meet You – Dear Readers – soon at one or more of those events.