[EN] SQL Relay Autumn Tour – Day Seven

A series of short post about SQL Relay Autumn Tour in United Kingdom, where I speaking, networking, helping and doing more fun and business things. Seventh day in Birmingham. I have been in this sity many times. Even on SQL Relay 2013 or just for visiting on my free times (it happened few years ago, yes). I had bunk bed in really nice hostel close to center, and I will back ther on my next trip – if I will go eg for user group meeting. Birmingham is the Alex Whittles’s area , he is the leader of local user group and made many succesfull events – even with me as speaker. Short sleep, coffe to go and less than oneour walk throuds Birmingham, close to canal pathway, acreoss the factory’s area and nice green park. on last SQL Relay we hadconference in theatre, butthis time Alex found much better place. In the centre of green, full of wild animals Cannon Hill Park.


We had two track here, great coffee and good located exhibition area. But before our event started, we work a little with preparation task, I got a chance to test my equipment in ‘my SQL Relay session’s best tour place’ and locate half of table in speaker room. I spend about twenty minutes with magic (‘cos entrance to the venue was close till nine, and people start to come about 8:20) things close to etrance with tallking with Steve and one of the venue staff member. I had chance to talk with Stuart Moore {TWITTER} and John Q Martin {TWITTER} few other peoples. Our agenda was very interesting again, even we had only two tracks, but both in cinema-style rooms. YAY!

Keynote | Microsoft
Sponsor Sessions by ProfiSee & Microsoft

SQL Engine
Building an automated database deployment pipeline | Alex Yates
Transaction Logs: A primer | Stuart Moore
Query Plans Deep Dive | David Morrison
SQL Azure from Plan, to Backup, to Cloud | Tobiasz Koprowski
Something new in SQL Server 2014* | John Q. Martin

BI / Analytics
"But SSRS Can’t Do That" – How to make it do that! | Oz Locke
Hadoop for the Microsoft Person | Allan Mitchell
Implementing self-service BI | Reuben Pearse
Top 10 Analysis Services Multidimensional Design Mistakes | Chris Webb
Automate your SSIS Build using BIML | Steve Powell

I came for last session on DBA Track where John replaced Mike Bowsell and really don’t remember what was the session title. I hope that all sessions will be availalble soon, so I can download and look for it. One of the best place and event in this tour and I’m very happy that Alex think about next event in the same place (and maybe for user groups too?). We packed all our stuf, leaved one hundreds profisee bottles on reception desk (as a charity for kids or something like that) and went for last city. Before we catch morothay, we found very noisy, annoying service where half of stuff had day off, so even on fast food style we wait about 20 minutes for pizza of fish and chips. very annoying. And our super driver hero Steve, found info abour traffic and accident on motorway to London, so he decided – and it was best decision – to driving thorugh villiges. Finally about nine pm we meet Anthony at Cardinal Place and unpacked whole our stuff.. pssst… the corridors under Cardinal Place could be used for horror movie.