[EN] SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Cumulative Update 5 is available

LOGO__SQLServer2012Week ago Microsoft released two packages for SQL Server Environment. In first post I’ll write about update for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 with Service Pack 1.

In this Cumulative Update [version build: 11.0.3373.0. ] Microsoft resolved over thirty five bugs which could be applied to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1, when used with:
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Web
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Developer
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise

Here is the list of resolved bugs:

VSTS BUG: 1362028 | 2811842
FIX: Missing parameter panel of a drillthrough report when a top-level report contains hidden parameters or no parameters in SSRS 2008 R2 or SSRS 2012

VSTS BUG: 1363711 | 2833989
FIX: Object ID that is used in memory differs from the object ID on the disk in SQL Server 2012

VSTS BUG: 1356013 | 2837247
FIX: W3WP.exe process stops unexpectedly when multiple merge replication subscribers synchronize at the same time in SQL Server 2008 R2

VSTS BUG: 1277961 | 2846345
FIX: Slow performance when you render a Power View report that uses a SQL Server 2012 SP1 PowerPivot workbook as its data source

VSTS BUG: 1356019 | 2847467
FIX: Poor performance when you run a query that uses the LIKE operator in the WHERE clause in SQL Server 2008 R2

VSTS BUG: 1356021 | 2849351
FIX: Error 3241 when you run RESTORE FILELISTONLY statement in SQL Server 2008 R2

VSTS BUG: 1319759 | 2850282
FIX: Changes in the last two columns are not captured by the CDC for Oracle by Attunity in SQL Server 2012

VSTS BUG: 1319121 | 2850388
FIX: "Index was out of range" error message when you use SSDT to create a perspective in SSAS 2012

VSTS BUG: 1325209 | 2852061
FIX: MDX query excecution takes longer than expected in BIDS or SSDT in SQL Server 2012

VSTS BUG: 1330298 | 2854370
FIX: Cannot update data in a workbook that uses a .bism file to connect to an SSAS instance

VSTS BUG: 1356015 | 2854420
FIX: An UnhandledReportRenderingException error occurs when a report is rendered in Report Manager in SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 2

VSTS BUG: 1332122 | 2855020
FIX: Dates and telephone numbers displayed incorrectly after you export a report to Word in SSRS 2012

VSTS BUG: 1340145 | 2858573
FIX: Non-yielding scheduler error when you run a stored procedure that uses a TVP in SQL Server 2012

VSTS BUG: 1347214 | 2860520
FIX: DateTime value is parsed incorrectly for an SSIS package in SSIS 2012

VSTS BUG: 1352560 | 2861387
FIX: Access violation occurs when a CTE calls a synonym in SQL Server 2012

VSTS BUG: 1317007 | 2862837
FIX: "Add Member" button does not work if the selected entity member has read-only permission in SQL Server 2012

VSTS BUG: 1338633 | 2863144
FIX: Access violation when many users who belong to different roles run queries against a cube at the same time in SSAS 2012

VSTS BUG: 1242784 | 2863192
FIX: You experience poor performance when you validate a large amount of data in SQL Server 2012 MDS

VSTS BUG: 1361005 | 2863256
FIX: Report that contains a multivalue parameter is displayed as a blank page in SSRS 2012

VSTS BUG: 1352669 | 2863728
FIX: Property value and path that contain double quotation marks for a job step of an SSIS package aren’t saved in SQL Server 2012

VSTS BUG: 1263738 | 2863979
FIX: Stored procedures won’t generate on a subscription database when you configure a transactional replication in SQL Server 2012

VSTS BUG: 1375290 | 2866504
FIX: "The specified user DOMAIN\Username could not be found" error when you create SharePoint document library subscriptions in SSRS 2012

VSTS BUG: 1335674 | 2867316
FIX: You cannot restore a SQL Server 2012 database in the Windows Azure BLOB storage service

VSTS BUG: 1226090 | 2869734
FIX: Scheduler deadlock on AlwaysOn Availability Group primary replica in SQL Server 2012 when you perform a database backup on a secondary replica

VSTS BUG: 1352539 | 2869735
FIX: Cannot scroll the horizontal scroll bar to view all the characters of a label for a multivalue parameter in SSRS 2012

VSTS BUG: 1333060 
FIX: CU refresh MSI’s are only dropped for ENU when you create the Windows Azure images.

VSTS BUG: 1333051
FIX: The configuration files that are used by the SQL Image Installer are hard-coded as ENU.

VSTS BUG: 1326849
FIX: The ConfigureImage workflow is not triggered for Windows 2012 images.

VSTS BUG: 1222472 | 2827857
FIX: DTA does not work on SQL Server 2012 instance that uses a supplementary character collation

VSTS BUG: 1356011
FIX: Memory dump may be created when you run a query in SQL Server 2012.


Microsoft has recommended to test all hotfixes before updating in production environment. More information about this release You can find with the article: Cumulative Update 5

You may have to restart the computer after you apply this cumulative update.

If You want to go directly to download section jump to Request Hotfix Download Site where You can choose version (for 32-bit and 64-bit) . This release is prepared as multilingual package. And here is the full list af all packages:

  • SQL Server 2012 | x86 | SQLServer2012_SP1_CU5_2861107_11_0_3373_x86
  • SQL Server 2012 | x86 | 2012_SP1_PPExcel_CU5_2861107_11_0_3373_x86
  • SQL Server 2012 | x86 | 2012_SP1_DAC_CU5_2861107_11_0_3373_x86
  • SQL Server 2012 | x64 | SQLServer2012_SP1_CU5_2861107_11_0_3373_x64
  • SQL Server 2012 | x64 | 2012_SP1_PPExcel_CU5_2861107_11_0_3373_x64
  • SQL Server 2012 | x64 | 2012_SP1_DAC_CU5_2861107_11_0_3373_x64