[DE]/[EN] Samstag Schule mit SQL Server? Warum nicht!

Samstag + Deutsch + Schule + SQL Server + Rheinland = SQL Saturday #230.

Aus Facebook Seite gestolen:

sqlsat230_webDer SQLSaturday ist eine kostenlose 1-Tages Konferenz für SQL Server Professionals und alle, die mehr über den Microsoft SQL Server erfahren wollen. Ursprünglich aus den USA kommend, wurden mittlerweile unter der Schirmherrschaft der PASS Global weit über 150 SQLSaturdays auf fast allen Kontinenten veranstaltet. In den verschiedenen, vor allem technischen Tracks, vermitteln Sprecher primär aus der lokalen aber auch aus der internationalen SQL Server Community hochkarätiges Wissen rund um den Microsoft SQL Server. Der PASS Deutschland e.V. übernimmt als ofizielles Chapter der PASS Global, mit weltweit über 100.000 Mitgliedern, die Organisation des Events vollständig mit Freiwilligen aus der deutschen SQL Community. Der kostenlose SQLSaturday ist nicht nur die ideale Gelegenheit sich überden SQL Server 2012 zu informieren, sondern auch um sich mit Kollegen, SQL Professionals, führenden Experten, MCMs und MVPs zu treffen und über spannende Themen zu diskutieren.

Enough? Yes, for many of us is enough. SQL Saturday No 230 in Rheinland (exactly in Sankt Augustin, close to Bonn) will be my last SQL Saturday, before few weeks brake. It will be (in my private calendar) last one in first half of this year, after Exeter, Kiev, Edinburgh, Dublin. And it will be my second SQL Saturday in Germany (after last one un Munich <not exactly in Munich, just forty minutes by train from München Hackerbrücke). Friday (12th July) with three very interesting workshops:
* "A New Method for Effective Database Design"
* "From SQL Traces to Extended Events. The next big switch."
* "Data Analytics & BigData"

After Friday evening about 300 hundred SQL Folks will come to Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Sankt Augustin for full day of free conference, with many local speakers. On Saturday 13th July I expecting session in German provided by: Thomas Strehlow, Christoph Muthmann, Jan Steemann, Johan Bijnens, Constantin Klein, Rafael Dabrowski, Stephan Pepersack, Ruben Pertusa, Andreas Wolter, Dennis Traub, Marcel Franke, Pierre Flammer, Torsten Schüßler, Tillmann Eitelberg, Oliver Engels, Sascha Lorenz, Sascha Dittmann, Gabi Münster, Alexander Karl. Somewhere between German in English session attendees can meet multi-lingual speaker (English, German, Russian, Portugese): Niko Neugebauer. And of course few speakers from non-german language countries, such as: Matija Lah, Hugo Kornelis, Tobiasz Koprowski, Jen Stirrup, Mladen Prajdic, André Kamman, Chris Harris, Neil Hambly, Milos Radivojevic. Five rooms, five tracks from early morning till late afternoon.

Imspeaking230My session will be only a part of community work at this event, I’ve scheduled: pre-event setup, post-event setup, some photo sessions, and maybe popcorn machine (yes I would be good popcorn machine operator). In the meantime of communnity tasks (but on schedule) I will present session on beginners level about Windows Azure SQL Database, Clouds, Plans, Backups and RedGate tool. Another hour of fun for me and (hope) for audience.

Registration are still open, so You can go to: SQL Saturday #230 Page to register, next to Facebook page and use Twitter for be sociable! See You in Rheinland!

[EN] Another SQL Event, Another International Speaking

Few months ago I heard about another one SQL Server & SharePoint event n Europe. Just exactly in next three weeks (Tuesday 8th May 2012 – Wednesday 9th May 2012) in Kongresshaus Berchtesgaden (near Munich) will start

SQL Server 2012 & SharePoint Connections

List of international speakers is really big and every names are well known – both in SharePoint and SQL Server subjects:

For SQL Server track:
Klaus Aschenbrenner author of "Pro-SQL Server 2008 Service Broker"
Chris Webb, co-author of "MDX solutions" and "Expert Cube Development with SQL Server Analysis Services 2008"
Margarita Naumova (Microsoft Certified Master SQL Server, MVP, Founder SQL Master Academy)
Constantin Klein (SQL Server MVP & DBA Developer)
Satya Jayanty (SQL Server MVP & DBA Administrator)
Oliver Engels (Board Member of PASS Germany)
Charley Hanania (Swiss PASS)
Gianluca Hotz ( SQL Server MVP)

For SharePoint track:
Steve Fox
Michael Noel (MCSE+1, CISSP, SharePoint MVP)
Asif Rehmani (SharePoint MVP & MCT)
Wouter van Vugt (SharePoint MVP)
Daniel Sorlov  (one of just a few Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Ignite approved trainers)
Agnes Molnar (SharePoint MVP)

200x200 bannerFew words about this event are below:
SQL Server 2012 is THE big Microsoft Launch this year, so join us in the beautiful resort of Berchtesgaden in Germany for 2 days of amazing deep SQL Server content presented by some of the industry’s top international speakers.

SharePoint Connections industry recognized local & internationally renowned speakers will help you get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint. You and your team can learn  about what tools and features  will allow you to build better solutions on top of SharePoint.

And finally most important news (not only) for me: I AM SPEAKER at this event. My session has been accepted by organizers and on Wednesday 9th May I’ll present my visions about licensing in the session called: Welcome to the Licensing Nightmare {abstract HERE}.

I’m so glad to going there and meet some of my well known friends like Klaus, Chris, Satya and Daniel and take great opportunity to meet new. if You want to go to this conference with me (ok not directly with me, but for meet my and other speakers) I can share for readers of my blog special discount of 50% off normal price. How? Just catch me directly (DM) on my twitter.