[EN] Start Coding for Fun! Get Achievements!

I’m not a coder. And I’m not a developer too. But… occasionally I’m using Visual Studio for part of my projects oriented for SQL Server, SharePoint or Azure Services. But always, always I love fun and enjoy sharing something named “Grywalizacja” (in my natural language) which means living with the part of daily gaming between peoples. And sometimes between me and myself. So with working of Visual Studio 2010 and or Visual Studio 2012 we can play with: “Coding for Fun”.  You can download special extension for both of those tools and install it in similar processes:


Pict. 01 | Installation and accepting license agreement for Visual Studio 2010


Pict. 02 | Installation and accepting license agreement for Visual Studio 2012


Pict. 03 | Confirmation…


Pict. 04 | Loading components…

Installation files are very small: 460 KB available HERE for VS2012 and 770 KB availalbe HERE for VS2012.

After installation and opening Visual Studio for collecting points and padges You have to log in to Channel 9 (by log in or creating account). And from this moment You will start to collecting points and badges i several categories:

  • Customizing Visual Studio
  • Don’t Try This At Home
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Just For Fun
  • Power Coder
  • Security
  • Unleashing Visual Studio
  • Unleashing Windows Azure
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Azure SDK Guru
  • Windows Azure Toolkit Wizard


Pict. 05 | Authorizing for Channel 9

Unlocked and all locked badges are availalble in menu of Visual Studio and of course in Your Channel 9 account.


Pict. 06 | Unlocked badges after first day of using.


List of the badges and acievements is very big, and  – as I said before – it’s just for fun, but it could increasing Your “wanting” for working with Visual Studio. Actually You will work with version 3.0 of achievement programm, with special new twenty badges oriented for Modern Apps and Clouds. Full information Yopu will find in Release Notes. And here is the HeadQuater of Visual Studio Achievements.

Just Start Coding For Fun and ENJOY!