[EN] SQL Relay Autumn Tour – Day Eight

A series of short post about SQL Relay Autumn Tour in United Kingdom, where I speaking, networking, helping and doing more fun and business things. Eight day in London. Last day of two weeks tour. Nope, not two weeks: week tour – week break – week tour. Reiny morning, canceled my plan for walk, so by Picadilly Line I jump from my hostel to Buckingham Palace area, then walked and almost as a first (except Anthony Saxby) SQL Relay affected person came to Cardinal Place where is Microsoft Uk Head Quater in London. Yes, the have big campus in Reading, where you can meet folks from Coeo. But in this post I’m writing only about London’s event.


Biggest event in very important place. But Victoria Square/Cardinal Place remembering me La Sagrada Familia  – neverending building process. It’s reallly anoying, but… Londoners are prepared for this, for last few years. Two rooms: Auditorium 1 and Auditorium Two – separated after Keynote (of course by Anthony Saxby) and Speaker Room and few other nice places. At the same time at Microsoft happened three or four internal meetings, Dynamyx Training, Azure Talks and something more. I really appreciate local Microsoft’s stuff – the made great, really great job. Two track and special session for me – I didn’t put it on my schedule before SQL Relay, but with free place and collaboration with Tony Rogerson I did’it! So our agenda was simple:

Keynote | Microsoft
Sponsor Sessions by Violin Memory & Pure Storage

Both Tracks: DBA Track & BI/DEV Track
SQL Server 2014 New Features (not Hekaton!) | David Williams

DBA Track
Understanding Parallelism | Christian Bolton
Dave’s SQL Fun Time Hour | David Morrison
SQL Server 20014 Hybrid Cloud Features | Scott Klein
T-SQL Performance Issues : What you should know to find and resolve them | Claire Mora
SQL Azure from Plan, to Backup to Cloud | Tobiasz Koprowski

BI Track
Using PowerPivot and DAX to predict and win Fantasy F1 | Alex Whittles
Introduction to Power BI websites | James Boother
BigData for SQL DBA’s | Alessandro Recino
Business Insight: Structure data in relational databases | Sameer Parve
Fast and Flexible Data Wrangling with Data.Table in R | Matt Dowle

We had few necomers like: David Williams {TWITTER} and Matt Dowle {LINKEDIN} but most interesting was Claire Mora {TWITTER}, because she was First Time Speaker. I had no time for attending on her session, but I’m sure I will do it next time. Last day of SQL Relay 2014 Autumn Tour. Again busy and full of work. It was special for me, because on behalf of Tony Rogerson I was proud to closing conference and whole tour on DBA Track – because Tony was able to closing it only in one room in one time. Fast but long day.