[EN] SSMS October 2015 Update is available

Monthly update for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This time for October 2015.  As a part of new project from Microsoft (started several months ago) we hve possibility to get newst update jst for SSMS. If you have other version than SQL Server Management Studio for SQL Server 2016 (any of CTP editions) you can downoad and install it for enabling newest features for your old instances.

Released a week ago on October 28th {build no 13.0.700.242} this release includes all updates included in the September release, and features:

  • New modernized lightweight web installer that simplifies the SSMS download and install process.
  • New Always Encrypted column encryption wizard that enables client-side encryption and decryption of selected columns.
  • New Column Master Key (CMK) rotation dialog for Always Encrypted databases that simplifies the process of rotating encryption keys to keep data secure.
  • New stretch database monitor that allows you to troubleshoot and monitor the migration status of data to the Azure cloud.
  • Improvements to the Stretch database wizard to support choosing a Microsoft Azure server that is not in the default Microsoft Azure subscription.
  • Bug fix to allow proper display of live execution plan in SSMS
  • Bug fix to remove invalid options in SSMS scripting of database snapshots
  • Bug fix in Query Data Store UI to show details in the “Top Resource Consuming Queries” pane.

More informations you can find on SQL Server Relase Blog {HERE}.