[EN] European SharePoint Day 2012

LOGO__EuropeanSharePointDayEuropean SharePoint Conference will be held in February 2013 in Copenhagen {LINK HERE}.  Conference is really big, not cheap, but with dozens of deep technical sessiona and some workshops. Before You will go – even You don’t decide yet – You can attend for one day virtual event.

European SharePoint Day 2012 is one day, is free and is interactive – with chat, questions and answers. Look for the sessions:


Preparing for SharePoint 2013
Dan Holme, MVP, Intelliem, USA | 27th November Live at 10:00 GMT
SharePoint 2013 has been released, and will soon be arriving on a farm near you. Join SharePoint MVP Dan Holme for a look at this significant update to SharePoint and its impact on your business – from governance to infrastructure, to end users.  Chart a vision for the role and the roll-out of SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, and identify the factors that will drive funding for and adoption of SharePoint 2013 in your organisation. Most importantly, establish management practices now that will facilitate your upgrade to or co-existence with SharePoint 2013.

Exclusive Video Message From Jared Spataro
Senior Director of SharePoint, Microsoft | 27th November Live at 10:30 GMT
Watch an exclusive video message from Jared Spataro, Senior Director of SharePoint, Microsoft, direct to the European SharePoint Community! Jared speaks live from  SPC 2012 in Vegas, summarising the new features of  SharePoint 2013. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the full SPC 2012 keynote, Jared covers all the highlights in this exclusive video summary!

Consuming SharePoint 2013 from a Windows Store App for Windows 8
Paolo Pialorsi, DevLeap, Italy | 27th November Live at 11:15 GMT
This webinar is a sneak preview of the new Web API offered by SharePoint 2013 for consuming data from any remote device. In particular, you will learn how to leverage this new feature from a Windows Store App for Windows 8. Thus, you will also have a very quick introduction to developing Windows Store Apps.

Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint 2013 Online Development
Jeremy Thake, MVP MCT, AvePoint Inc, USA | 27th November Live at 13:00 GMT
Development – Level 200: Jeremy Thake, SharePoint MVP and Chief Architect at AvePoint, will provide a primer on how to properly begin SharePoint 2013 Online development. Jeremy will discuss the different approaches to customising your SharePoint sites and explain the developer skill sets required for success. The customisation approaches discussed will utilise the web user interface, SharePoint Designer 2013, and Visual Studio 2012, with demonstrations of specific example projects to highlight key functionality of each. Jeremy will conclude with best practices and recommended governance policies for customising SharePoint 2013 Online.

Real Time Upgrade, SharePoint 2010 to 2013
Eric Harlan, Microsoft, USA | 27th November Live at 14:00 GMT
Upgrade is getting bigger in 2013. In this European SharePoint Day session, Eric will discuss what has changed for upgrade, as well as what has stayed the same. He will also discuss the entire process of upgrade and its components, as well as demo the crucial initial steps of preparing your environment for the upgrade journey.

Socialised and Mobilised: How the Most Successful Businesses are Using SharePoint and Yammer
Mark Fidelman, Harmon.ie, USA | 27th November Live at 14:30 GMT
Most companies today realise the importance of connecting with their customers, employees, and partners through social technologies, such as SharePoint and Yammer. For corporations to successfully transform into social business enterprises, they must learn how to leverage these technologies to create a more adaptable organisation. Mark will present some clear strategies and real-life stories from visionaries and change makers, which highlight how the very best in the world are doing it.

If You want take a part of any (or all) session(s) click to the title of session or go to the Conference Site.