[RU]/[EN] Reminiscence Boulevard: Six Days with Russian Community

Last Friday morning I’m back from my second long trip this year (first happened in March). Most intensive, important, expensive and frustrated part of this trip happened in Russia. Plan for my trip were really simple and easy:
> Wroclaw to Poznan (for passport with visa)
> Poznan to Berlin (for catching flight to Moscow)
> twenty four hours in Moscow area (for first event)

Event No 1: Data Platform Day

IMG_2972I have been invited by SQL Server MVP and Regional PASS Leader Andrey Korshikov {TWITTER} for being a part of Ask The Experts team at thhis event. I was only one foreigner, alien at this event (not speaking in Russian fluently), but other experts are well known not only in Russia: Алексей Халяко (Alexey Khaliako), Сергей Олонцев (Sergey Olontsev), Дмитрий Костылев (Dmitryi Kostylev), Андрей Коршиков (Andrey Korshikov), Максим Бурмистров (Maxim Burmistrov), Андрей Резник (Andrey Reznik), Татьяна Делягина (Tatiana Delyagina). This event was held in Digital October (very good anf ready for technology event place in heart of Moscow). About 500 attendees came to this event (not only from Moscow, but from many other cities) and about 8000(!) ateenteed watched online streaming. Almost all sessions have been presented in Russian, except opening Keynote presented by Benjamin Toronto (Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Lead, Russia). I attended partialy for three or four session (by Alexey, Sergey, Dmitryi, Tatiana). But I got few questions (ca. six or seven) about licensing, AlwaysOn, Cloud Services and SLA. And I’m very proud for this, because even my Russian langueage skill is pure basic, we found way to understanding each other. Full day, many talks, coffee, lunch, local food and small afterparty. Really gread Thursday. My photostream from this event are available here on my facebook albums.


Next part should be easy, but wasn’t:
> Moscow Centre to Domodedovo Airport (via metro)
> Domodedovo to Krasnodar (with VimAvia Arilines)
> Krasnodar Airport to Hostel (on my plan 1AM in bed)

IMG_3116We got a problem with strong wind in Krasnodar. So we departure from Moscow with one hour delay, made some circles over Krasnodar and finally landed in Sochi Airport about 2:40 AM. In the world where nobody speak English my trip experience dramatically increase. After one hour I meet one of the attendees of Data Platform Day, and we found the solution for problem: how to back to Krasnodar. Wait. Wait for the others. Wait and don’t sleep, don’t missed announcing. I landed in place which I really want to see, but in different way and different time. Nevermind, maybe some day… Check-in from our flight from Sochi to Krasnodar has been opened about 5:30 AM and we departure around 7 AM (with another forty minutes delay). Finally landed in Krasnodar after eight. My friends: Sergey, Andrey and Dmitryi waiting from me – the flight frim Moscow too, but different way via Mineralnyje Vody… no comments.

After check-in in hotel, loooong shower and short sleep I was ready to helpers role for SQL Saturday in Krasnodar. We made small shopping, next delivered pizza for lunch for Pre-Conf which Dmitryi and Sergey provided in CoPlace (great co-working, opened place in centre of Krasnodar). After this we moved our stuff to the venue, meet wide animals (pictures on my fb profile) and went to Speaker Dinner to well known (for me and not only) Ucrainian’s Restaurant Network.


Event No 2: SQL Saturday No 270

IMG_3265Saturday morning, my personal driver Andrey catch me and two beautiful girls and we went to the conference. Those young girls had a special role: service of the reception desk for attendees. Event in Krasnodar wasn’t very big – just about fifty peoples (I suppose) and all sessions except my two (Satya K Jayanty didn’t arrived) been presented in Russian. I had one session about SQL Server Source Control (with using RedGate Tool) and another one about How to survive Disaster at 2AM. In my opinion, even peoples weren’t very, very active (based on language differences) both side of both sessions are satisfied: they and me. Some interesting talks, even eighty percent in Russian, pizza, pepsi… everything that SQL Folks need. After event we went (approx half an hour walk) to after party speaker dinner in Intourist Restaurant located on 14th flood of famous Intourist hotel. NOW I KNOW. Why Intourist is that most important for Russian people. Is really high quality, high price and great service. Pictures from this event and dinners are here.

Almost whole Sunday – with great, sunny and warm weather we (Mihail, Andrey, Sergey, Evgeny and Me) spend on sightseeing Krasnodar City walked acress main street – which is partially closed for cars each Sunday – parks and few important places. Picture from this tour will be on my Flickr profile soon. Fantastic and little tired day. 


Final Eclipse.
> Krasnodar Airport to Domomdedovo Airport (with VimAvia Airlines)
> Domodedovo to Vantaa Airport (with S7 Arilines)
> Vantaa Airport to London Heathrow (with Finnair)

IMG_3418On Monday morning I tried to flight to London. Woke up about 2:30 AM, enter to special cab (black big car with big man) and went to Krasnodar Airport. After first security check (double or triple check is a standard in Russia) discovered.. DELAY about 150 minutes. Without any chance to catch my flight to London. Arrived to Domodedova at 11:20, when my aircraft departure to London (via Helsinki) about 11:05. And they cannot wait for me. With my little Russian skills and no English skils at airport my flight company (VimAvia) moved me to guest house twenty kilometers from airport in the middle of nowhere – Госфильмофонд России (some pictures here). I spend one unproductive day at this place with no possibility of leaving and with one Russian traveller (nota bene from Krasnodar). Next morning they moved me back to airport, when I tried to change my ticket. And it wasn’t not possible! I I bought completely new ticket to Helsinki (S7 Airllines said: we cannot sell ticket to London / but thank You S7 offices Evgeny for translations) and with Finnair from Helsinki to London (my personal charm allowed to buy second ticket with special price 100 EUR instead 330!)


Great People, Great Events, most terrible trip in last few years…

[EN]/[RU] April’s Speaking Engagement

After many conferences in Poland and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (review of the series will be posting soon) time for next speaking outside Poland. This time i’m going to the East. In seven days (next Thursday) Microsoft Office in Moscow and Russian SQL Folks organizing special event oriented for new SQL Server 2014. Code name of this event is Data Platform Day. Of course when we talk about  Data Platform we shoudn’t forget about Windows Azure, Windows Server, System Center, Windows Intune and Visual Database Tools. All of those subjects will be covered at this event. My role at this event (except improving my Russian language skills) – by special warm invitation from Andrey Korsnikov {TWITTER} will be member of Ask The Expert Group. I don’t know how I will do that because many interesting sessions will be providing there by well known speakers – just a few names:

  • Алексей Халяко, Azure архитектор, Microsoft
  • Сергей Олонцев, MCM, MVP
  • Андрей Резник, специалист по решению SQL Server PDW, Microsoft
  • Дмитрий Костылев, MVP, Лаборатория Касперского
  • Жанна Кривозубова, менеджер по развитию направления "Корпоративная мобильность", Microsoft
  • Андрей Коршиков, MVP SQL Server , Microsoft

Full schedule for this event are here: Программа конференции – Data Platform Day 



Of course, travelling to only Moscow doesn’t make sense, so in nine days (next Saturday), I will speak. Another SQL Saturday (after SQL Sat in Budapest) will be in Krasnodar (colose, but not too close to Sochi). In the heart of Kuban Wine District I will provide one or two sessions: confirmed session is about SQL Server Cource Control, and un-confirmed my favourite: 2AM. A Disaster just began… Well. Other speakers will presenting some interesting sessions:

Full info about this event are here: http://bit.ly/QjcWAD 



Very interesting week in Russia starting after Easter. And I’m very happy to meet with many of my good friends form Russia.