[EN] Fridays with Azure Tools (01) – Azure Storage Explorer

One of my good colleagues – SQL Server MVP from Poland:  Damian Widera {TWITTER|LINKEDIN} asked me for sending few files, not very big, just about 20 GB. His request enforced me tow start writing a new series on my blog – series about Tools for Windows Azure Platform. I have a plan for writing about many different tools: for usung storage, database, programming, management, backup and other targets. I will try focusing on free tools, but if some tool will be not very expensive, I’ll write about it too. In this post I want to introduce You for Azure Storage Explorer.

First  phase –  download this app from CodePlex site {LINK}.

Second phase – install application:


Pict.1.1 | Welcome Setup Wizard.


Pict.1.2 | Choose installation folder.


Pict.1.3 | Confirm installation.


Pict.1.4 | Wait, sometimes pleeeease wait.


Pict.1.5 | Installation is complete.

Third phase – run application and play:


Pict.1.01 | Welcome screen


Pict.1.02 | Adding new starage account: we need name (from Azure Management Portal) and key (form Manage Access Key feature)


Pict.1.03 | Important information – be patient for first connection


Pict.1.04 | First fiew for my Blob Storage 


Pict.1.05 | First view for Container Folder


Pict.1.06 | We can download object from container


Pict.1.07 | We can get information: the format provided the path is not supported. And I don’t want downloading bacpac file via ASE now.


Pict.1.08 | We can look for details about this blob file


Pict.1.09 |And of course for metadata (with information about eg. database)


Pict.1.10 | Of course we can use ASE for managing vhd files – my plan is to delete old file.


Pict.1.11 | I’m asking my portal to delete this file…


Pict.1.12 | ..and I got an error with deleting process. In fact this file “is not free” so I moving for a moment to Windows Azure management Portal.


Pict.1.12.1 | As we see this machine (which is tored on blob which we want delete) is stopped. That means: she’s still alive a little.


Pict.1.12.2 | Execution ordered: Shut Down this machine


Pict.1.12.3 | Execution in progress


Pict.1.12.4 |Finally machine is stopped, but…

With this case it is not finish. Because one of vhd disks is still attached to this machine, we cannod delete it via ASE. Workarround for this problem is here: Error deleting VHD: There is currently a lease on the blob and no lease ID was specified in the request


Pict.1.13 | In the meantime we can delete something else – like bacpac file.


Pict.1.14 | next we can back for our blob, and delete file from menu: Blob/Delete


Pict.1.15 | Last step is deleting whole container



[EN] Free Book about Claims & Access Control for SharePoint & Azure

BOOKLET__A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control, Second Edition - Book DownloadFew days ago Microsft has published for free download, in PDF format – very important and interesting book: A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control – Authentication and Autorization for Services and the Web. The book has been writen by six authors: Dominic Baler, Vittorio Bertocci, Keith Brown, Scott Densmore, Eugenio Pace and Matias Woloski in very famous series Patterns & Practices.

This book is in medium size (19 MB and about 411 pages). But You can find  alot of informations inside. Lets look for the list of chapters:

  • An Introduction to Claims
  • Claims-Based Architectures
  • Claims-based Single Sign-on for the Web and Windows Azure
  • Federated Identity for Web Applications
  • Federated Identity with Windows Azure Access Control Service
  • Federated Identity with Multiple Partners
  • Federated Identity with Multiple Partners and Windows Azure Access Control Service
  • Claims Enabling Web Services
  • Securing REST Services
  • Accessing Rest Services from a Windows Phone Device
  • Claims-Based Single Sign-On for Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Federated Identity for Sharepoint Applications

and appendixes:
A – using fedutil
B – message sequences
C – industry standards
D – certificates
E – windows azure appfabric access control service (acs)
F – sharepoint 2010 authentication architecture and considerations

In the same time whe you will reading this book, you can go to CodePlex site when you find more stuff for this book {THNX Ziemek} – go directly HERE (for CodePlex) and HERE (for downloading book).