[EN] New EverNote Release after Release is now available

EverNote is one of my favourite ‘notes tool’ (I use OneNote for a little different things), but EverNote is my primary tool for quick notes at conferences, meetings, trips and I use it on many devices; laptop, kindle, iphone, noka phone…

Yesterday I downloaded and installed newest (in my wrong opinion) version GA with some improvements:

  • Faster launch and sync
  • Numerous fixes and stability improvements
  • Fixed OCR bugs
  • Fixed bug where YXBJ customers could not export some notebooks
  • Fixed bug that caused text to be truncated in Account Info for some languages
  • Fixed several bugs which caused the app to freeze
  • 1 security fix — learn more at https://evernote.com/security-updates#win

Just few minutes ago I got notification that newest version of EverNote is available. Version brings more security and performance improvements.

I hope that they WILL NOT release newest version tomorrow…