[EN] SSMS DECEMBER 2015 Update is available

Monthly update for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This time for December2015. As a part of new project from Microsoft (starded several months ago) we hve possibility to get newst update jst for SSMS. If you have other version than SQL Server Management Studio for SQL Server 2016 (any of CTP editions) you can downoad and install it for enabling newest features for your old instances.

Released a week ago on December 17th {build no 13.0.900.73} this release includes all updates included in the December release, and features:

  • Improvements to Showplan comparison to enable comparison of the current query execution plan with one saved in a file.
  • Improved IntelliSense support for inline columnstore indexes in SSMS.
  • Bug fix in Extended Events session wizard to enable selection of templates when connected to an Azure V12 server.
  • New tab-stops in the “Create Audit” and “New Login” dialogs under the Security folder to enable easier keyboard navigation.
  • Bug fix to enable functionality to “Switch to results tab after query execution” if SSMS is set to display results in grid format.
  • Bug fix to display un-truncated column headers if SSMS is set to display results in grid format.
  • Bug fixes to allow proper installation of SSMS web installer.

More informations you can find on SQL Server Relase Blog {HERE}.