[EN] SQL Server 2012 SP2 Cumulative Update #10 is available!

Two update packs has been released by Microsoft for SQL Server stack. First package is for SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2. In this Cumulative Update No 10 {build no 11.0.5644.2} Microsoft fixed eleven bugs listed below.

This update (VSTS BUG: 5285700 | 321185) introduces a new global property that exposes the latest CU number that is currently installed on the SQL Server. After you install this update, you can obtain the CU number information by executing either of the following queries:

          SELECT @@VERSION

Additionally, this update also adds the CU number information to the first line of the SQL Server error log.

VSTS BUG: 6200864 | 3052404
FIX: You cannot use the Transport Layer Security protocol version 1.2 to connect to a server that is running SQL Server 2014 or SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 5794926 | 3135749
FIX: Incorrect group members are obtained when you execute the xp_logininfo stored procedure in SQL Server
SQL security

VSTS BUG: 5680960 | 3095626
FIX: “No such interface supported” error occurs when you click a parameter drop-down list in a SSRS report or a CRM report
Reporting Services

VSTS BUG: 6091773 | 3109051
FIX: Default settings are used when you print to a non-default printer in SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services
Reporting Services

VSTS BUG: 6346685 | 3125526
FIX: You receive errors when you execute a query that uses tempdb in SQL Server
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 6091565 | 3120595
FIX: Column data is deleted when you update another column in a table in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 6384783 | 3123309
FIX: The Log Reader Agent stops intermittently and an Access Violation occurs in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 6413081 | 3123089
FIX: The INSTEAD OF trigger uses a different collation than the contained database in SQL Server 2012
SQL performance

VSTS BUG: 6293637 | 3132058
FIX: Error occurs when you try to drop or delete filegroups or partition schemes and functions in SQL Server
SQL service

VSTS BUG: 6400183 | 3132062
FIX: The SMK initialization fails on one node of SQL Server failover cluster in SQL Server 2012
SQL security

VSTS BUG: 5912517 | 3123485
FIX: Slow performance occurs when you run MDX query in SSAS 2012
Analysis Services


This update could be applies to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP2

Microsoft has recommended to test all hotfixes before updating in production environment. More information about this release You can find with the article: Cumulative Update 10

You may have to restart the computer after you apply this cumulative update. If you use any hybrid technology, such a Replication, AlwaysOn, Clustering:  If you do not want to use the rolling update process, follow these steps in order to apply a CU or SP: step1: Install the service pack on the passive node / step2: Install the service pack on the active node (This step requests servicerestart).

If You want to go directly to download section jump to Request Hotfix Download Site where You can choose version (for both platforms: 64-bit and 32-bit) . This release is prepared as multilingual package.

List ofpackages:

  • SQL12SP2QFECU10\x64\SQLServer2012-KB3120313-x64.exe | 649.0 MB
  • SQL12SP2QFECU10\x86\SQLServer2012-KB3120313-x86.exe | 358.7 MB

Small change which is already implemented for downloading prosess – you will get The Latest Update (by default):