[EN] SQL Server 2012 SP2 Cumulative Update #7 is available!

Just one update package in July. In this Cumulative Update No 7 {build 11.0.5623.0} for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2 (SP2) released two weeks ago Microsoft fixed thirty four bugs. Important information for all DBA (and their SEC friends) is that SQL Server 2012 SP2 Cumulative Update 7 contains the recently released Security Bulletin MS15-058 (KB3065718).

VSTSBUG: 3983191 | 3029096
FIX: The changes in Oracle databases are not replicated to SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014 databases correctly
Integration Services

VSTSBUG: 4346613 | 3030352
FIX: The change table is ordered incorrectly for updated rows after you enable change data capture for a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4178633 | 3052461
FIX: Some attributes in element are ignored when you transform XML file in SSIS 2012
Integration Services

VSTSBUG: 4639762 | 3062001
FIX: “Failed to create kernel event for collection set” error occurs when you use Data Collection in SQL Server 2012
Management Tools

VSTSBUG: 4602046 | 3061215
FIX: “Cannot read 8 bytes from file” error occurs when you use SSIS 2012
Integration Services

VSTSBUG: 4713547 | 3064454
FIX: Hash or merge join hints may be ignored when you execute a query in SQL Server 2012
SQL performance

VSTSBUG: 4715206 | 3065060
FIX: “Unable to create restore plan due to break in the LSN chain” error when you restore differential backup in SSMS
Management Tools

VSTSBUG: 4743330 | 3068351
FIX: ROLAP Distinct Count on data source is not started when it is running from SSAS 2012 to back-end SQL Server 2014
Analysis Services

VSTSBUG: 4662556 | 3068359
FIX: “Cannot find the OLAP cube Model” error when you update the pivot table in a SharePoint document in SQL Server 2012
Analysis Services

VSTSBUG: 4520905 | 3068439
FIX: Indexed view returns incorrect result after insert or delete operation on the base table in SQL Server 2012
SQL performance

VSTSBUG: 4694348 | 3068468
FIX: Schema lock occurs on a table with large data when you delete lots of rows from it in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4804569 | 3068703
FIX: Error messages are logged when you execute a non-cacheable auto-parameterized query in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4805976 | 3068776
FIX: Incorrect results occur in a rare scenario when you run a query that contains a nested loop join and performance spool in its inner side in SQL Server 2012
SQL performance

VSTSBUG: 4524535 | 3069154
FIX: You cannot set a SQL Server 2012 database to single-user mode if the database is read-only
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4436770 | 3069155
FIX: A deadlock occurs when you execute the sp_estimate_data_compression_savings stored procedure in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4925413 | 3073530
FIX: Access Violation error occurs when you run DDL SQL statements on a database in an instance of SQL Server 2012
Analysis Services

VSTSBUG: 4500307 | 3074434
FIX: Out of memory error when the virtual address space of the SQL Server process is very low on available memory
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4928677 | 3074535
FIX: The Resource database is missing after you install updates or service packs for instances of SQL Server 2012 one after another and then restart the server
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4683321 | 3074922
FIX: Incorrect result when you execute a full-text query with parallel execution plan in SQL Server 2012
SQL performance

VSTSBUG: 4547054 | 3074425
FIX: Contention occurs when you execute many ad-hoc queries in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 5013383 | 3075176
FIX: You receive incorrect results from the CHANGETABLE() function when snapshot isolation for a SQL Server 2012 database
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4495133 | 3076444
FIX: Cannot enable “change data capture” on a table that uses a unique index with more than one included column in SQL Server 2012 SP2
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4781857 | 3075669
FIX: SSAS 2012 crashes when you execute an MDX query that contains a large number of Union expressions
Analysis Services

VSTSBUG: 4376957 | 3051243
FIX: Error 2601 occurs when you add new articles with join filters to existing merge publications
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4705249 | 3064292
FIX: SHARING VIOLATION error 6518 occurs on CLR assembly microsoft.sqlserver.types.dll in SQL Server 2012
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4933896 | 3073907
FIX: A SQL Server 2012 SSIS package with an Execute SQL Task may stop responding
Analysis Services

VSTSBUG: 4691746 | 3063438
FIX: XSLT transformation fails when you run an SSIS 2014 package that contains multiple concurrent XML tasks
Integration Services

VSTSBUG: 4716342 | 2965654
FIX: SSRS 2012 or SSRS 2014 report is cut horizontally after you apply Update MS13-088 on a computer
Reporting Services

VSTSBUG: 4939175 | 3070147
FIX: Incorrect values are included in the description column when you query the sys.dm_xe_objects dynamic management object in SQL Server
SQL service

VSTSBUG: 4759209 | 3066299
FIX: Non-English items display in the MDS Explorer when you set language settings for web browser to English
Master Data Services (MDS)

VSTSBUG: 4817323 | 3069320
FIX: A workflow never starts in a SharePoint 2013 environment when you use SQL Server 2012 Master Data Services to start the workflow

VSTSBUG: 4465179 | 972759
FIX: Installing SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 may reset the “max_worker_threads” column value for a SQL Server Agent subsystem
Management Tools

VSTSBUG: 4834221 | 2820068
FIX: Can’t install SQL Server by using InstallShield or bootstrapping application
Setup & Install


This update could be applied Microsoft SQL Server 2014, when used applies to

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2 ONLY


Microsoft has recommended to test all hotfixes before updating in production environment. More information about this release You can find with the article: Cumulative Update 7

You may have to restart the computer after you apply this cumulative update. If you use any hybrid technology, such a Replication, AlwaysOn, Clustering:  If you do not want to use the rolling update process, follow these steps in order to apply a CU or SP: step1: Install the service pack on the passive node / step2: Install the service pack on the active node (This step requests servicerestart).

If You want to go directly to download section jump to Request Hotfix Download Site where You can choose version (for both platforms: 64-bit and 32-bit) . This release is prepared as multilingual package. And here is the full list af all packages: