[EN] Save the Dates. 29 Dates… for SharePoint Community Events

Holiday is almost over. Some of you probably will spend last two weeks of August on Holiday, but generally speking forom September kids and from October students will back to classes. So adults will have a little bit more time for their education. In previous post I wrote about SQL Server Community Events. Here is time for SharePoint – my second important toping for daily workd. In this post I want listing all interesting (in my personal opinion) events till last day of the year, events focused for Wide Wild SQL World. I will focus on EMEA area with one or two extention for United States. Let see the dates, events and places. In a little different form than in previous post – because number of events is significantly lower, I change the structure.



  • sep.12|Cambridge|Penelope Coventry (MCT, MVP), Anthony Obi Corey Burke
  • sep.26|Barcelona|Martina Grom (MVP), Elio Struyf (MVP), Adis Jugo (MVP)
  • oct.10|Munich|Waldek Mastykarz (MVP), Wictor Wilén (MCSM, MCT, MVP), Jeremy Thake
  • oct.17|Durban|Carmen Nel, Dorinda Reyes
  • oct.17|Oslo|Penelope Coventry (MCT, MVP), Gokan  Ozcifci (MCT, MVP), Stefan Bauer (MCT)




  • oct.12-14|Amsterdam|Formerly SharePoint Connect, bigger and better!

European SharePoint Conference

  • nov.09-12|Stockholm|Jeff Teper, Seth Patton & Bill Baer to Keynote ESPC15

SPTechCon Boston

SharePoint Fest – Seattle

SPTechCon Boston 2015

The Digital Workplace Conference

SharePoint Connections

SharePoint Data Visualization Roundtable

SharePoint Engage

SharePoint Intersection

SharePoint Fest – Chicago


Enough? It’s just for SQL Server (previously) and SharePoint. Soon I’ll share info about other interesting events.


Anyway. If You are interesting and focused for SharePoint (and SharePint!), check you calendar, register for one, two, three or more events (or ten?), buy your tickets, find room (or not) and go!