[EN] Anorak’s Weekly Reading List

Latest weekly reading list, not too much this time, but still interesting. Enjoy:


  • LINK | The Truth About Gallipoli
  • LINK | Church Of Bacon Offers Weddings, Baptisms And Funerals To Thousands Of Meat Lovers
  • LINK | Orchestrated Knowledge > book by Peter Leeson {LINKEDIN|TWITTER}
  • LINK | „„Dlaczego nie wrócę?”
  • LINK | Polacy nadal chcą emigrować. I dobrze
  • LINK | Behind The Photo That Changed The Boston Marathon Forever
  • LINK | Miasta, których nie ma
  • LINK | That Time The United States Were Thinking Of Buying Iceland
  • LINK | Wirtualna prostytucja jest źródłem podatków dla Skarbu Państwa
  • LINK | Starbucks back in business: Internal report blames deleted database table, indicates outage was global


  • LINK | Backups, Our Most Sacred Commitment to Users & Customers by Steve Mushero
  • LINK | Big Data Learning Resources by Lara Rubbelke
  • LINK | Automated Patching for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines
  • LINK | Welcome to Server Manager … 2012-style {Ask PFE}
  • LINK | SharePoint Community
  • LINK | SQL Saturday 413 News From The Front
  • LINK | How to install Windows 10 without Microsoft account
  • LINK | SQL Saturday Exeter Keynote
  • LINK | SharePoint Enterprise Feature Activation – Unintended Consequences
  • LINK | Azure architecture guidance from patterns & practices
  • LINK | SQL Server i programista .NET–czyli jak uruchomić procedurę składowaną z getdate i nie zwariować by Marcin Borecki

NOTE: week 17 | year 2015

[EN] Neverending free-ebook-story (part6)

New post from my irregular series. Have you got/bookmark/read all books from my previous lists five parts: 1 2 3 4 5? Even if not, get the new books quickly. Today I want to share links for few new and few-almost-new books. In first part three great titles from Microsoft Press from brand new and hot Microsoft Azure Essentials series:

MAE: Fundamentals of Azure {LINK}
Michael S. Collier, Robin E. Shahan
This ebook focuses on providing essential information about the key services of Azure for developers and IT professionals who are new to cloud computing. Detailed, step-by-step demonstrations are included to help the reader understand how to get started with each of the key services. This material is useful not only for those who have no prior experience with Azure, but also for those who need a refresher and those who may be familiar with one area but not others. Each chapter is standalone; there is no requirement that you perform the hands-on demonstrations from previous chapters to understand any particular chapter.

MAE: Azure Automation {LINK}
Michael McKeown
This ebook introduces a fairly new feature of Microsoft Azure called Azure Automation. Using a highly scalable workflow execution environment, Azure Automation allows you to orchestrate frequent deployment and life cycle management tasks using runbooks based on Windows PowerShell Workflow functionality. These runbooks are stored in and backed up by Azure. By automating runbooks, you can greatly minimize the occurrence of errors when carrying out repeated tasks and more.

MAE: Azure Machine Learning {LINK}
Jeff Barnes 
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (ML) is a service that a developer can use to build predictive analytics models (using training datasets from a variety of data sources) and then easily deploy those models for consumption as cloud web services. Azure ML Studio provides rich functionality to support many end-to-end workflow scenarios for constructing predictive models, from easy access to common data sources, rich data exploration and visualization tools, application of popular ML algorithms, and powerful model evaluation, experimentation, and web publication tooling.

All three books are available for download, but only first in all three formats (as PDF, Mobi and ePub), second and third are available only in PDF format by the Microsoft Virtual Academy

In second part are for dummies. Two short book from very popular series, however each for different audience:

Vulnerability Management for Dummies {LINK}
by Qualys Limited Edition
Inside you’ll discover how to protect your network and data—preventing attacks with a successful vulnerability management program—so you can: • Find and fix threats—with a 10-point checklist for removing vulnerabilities from your key resources • Understand key steps and essential best practices of successful vulnerability management • Select an appropriate solution—with reviews of various options including the pros and cons of each.

SharePoint RBS, Backup and Archiving for Dummies {LINK}
Ken Withee, Trevor Hellebuyck, Paul LaPorte 
The amount of content within an organization is staggering—and with SharePoint, you can enlist a number of strategies to deal it. In this Dummies Guide, you’ll explore what large content means to SharePoint and how you can use Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) and Shredded Storage options to manage large and complex content. You’ll learn: • The many ways SharePoint growth impacts performance • The danger of solely relying on Microsoft’s storage guidance .

Last, but not least in third part from O’Reilly:

Graph Databases {LINK}
Ian Robinson, Jim Webber, Emil Eifrém
Graph Databases, published by O’Reilly Media, discusses the problems that are well aligned with graph databases, with examples drawn from practical, real-world use cases. This book also looks at the ecosystem of complementary technologies, highlighting what differentiates graph databases from other database technologies, both relational and NOSQL.

And one special reissued, but new book:

Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms, Preview Edition 2 {LINK}
Charles Petzold
This second Preview Edition ebook, now with 16 chapters, is about writing applications for Xamarin.Forms, the new mobile development platform for iOS, Android, and Windows phones unveiled by Xamarin in May 2014. Xamarin.Forms lets you write shared user-interface code in C# and XAML that maps to native controls on these three platforms..

[EN] T-2 weeks till ITCamp–Are You Ready?

LOGO__ITCamp2014One year ago I visited Capitol of Transylvania first tme. Cluj-Napoca. Beautiful, tourist-friendly city in Romania (but close to Hungary). I had great pleasure to speaking for dozens of hundreds attendees which chosed my session. And it was great success. I got really great feedback for my session not only from organizers, but (which is most important) from attendees.

This year I will back to IT Camp, but for more days. I’m really happy to inviting for my thee moments at this conference:

  • Wednesday, May 21st – I will presenting my first full Pre-Conf. That’s exciting, and I’m very proud to got invitation from Tudor Damian {BLOG | TWITTER} for this action. My full-day workshop subjest is simple: High Availability of SQL Server in the context of Service Level Agreement. And I’m only one non-local speaker for pre-conf day, all other three experts are:
  • Agile in practice (Radu Vunvulea)
    Automating your IT infrastructure using PowerShell (Razvan Rusu)
    Mobile Device Management with Windows Intune and SCCM (Adrian Stoian)

  • Thursday, May 22nd – first conference day with four tracks and many not speakers not only from Romania, but from many place from the world. In blue line at 5PM I will presenting session: SQL Server Source Control about controling code for SQL Server Development, using Visual Studio and more, Cloud (and no-cloud) Source Control Application, and RedGate Software.
  • Friday, May 23rd – second and last day of conference. I hope that between those two days of conference I will find time for visiting city center. Early morning at 9AM in green line I will presenting session: SQL Azure from Plan, To Backup, To Cloud about Cloud Services and Backup and Restore features.

It is one of the biggest conference in Europe, even almost all speakers are from Romania this time all sessions will be presenting in English – I hope that more attendees will be ready for activity attendance, for speaking, commenting, asking and sharing knowledge. And here is the amazing list of speakers:

Tim Huckaby, Peter Leeson, Alex Ionescu, David Giard, Raffaele Rialdi, Jonathan "J" Tower, Martin Kulov, Andy Cross, Adam Granicz, Alessandro Pilotti, Ciprian Jichici, Adrian Stoian, Cristian Lefter, Valy Greavu, Tiberiu Covaci, Tiberiu Radu, Petru Jucovschi, Lorant Domokos, Florin Cardașim, Dan Nicola, Florin Coroș, Răzvan Rusu, Florin Loghiade, Claudia Jelea, Alex Mang, Romulus Crișan, Attila-Mihaly Balazs, Silviu Niculiță, Bogdan Toporan, Dan Ardelean, Radu Vunvulea, Mihai Tătăran, Tudor Damian.

I hope that oraginizers will be ready, and they have really big speaker room (last year speaker room was awesome).


Last important and logistic data:

  • WHERE: Hotel Grand Italia, Romania, Cluj-Napoca
  • WHEN: May 21st (pre-conf), May 22nd-23rd (conference)
  • SITE and REGISTRATION: http://ITCamp.ro/