[EN] Reminiscence Boulevard: MCT Zero Day 2012

Copy of MCTZeroDay2012_05Just one day before Microsoft TechEd Europe 2012 I had great opportunity to be a part of fantastic crowd of Microsoft Certified Trainers from whole Europe and not only for Europe. In Holiday Inn hotel (almost at the end of Amsterdam) almost one hundred MCT’s spent six hour on internal training, discussions, exchanging experiences and “sharing connections”. In few sessions – sorry all are under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) – in my opinion we got more practical information than on months spending on the internet forums.

Except very interesting sessions about certification, trainings, subject matter expert job and most awesomeness session about MCT’s Travels (by Thomas Lee) I was very happy and proud to had big opportunnity to meet new trainers from whole Europe (and not only), sharing experience exchange ideas and at the last grab fantastic MCT T-Shirts. If You are MCT – You must go to next Summit (In September in Warsaw) or on the biggest conferences like TechEd Europe, North America or for example New Zealand.

[EN] Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) at TechEd Europe


Based of Anders Pistaceci (GITCA EMEA Chair) mailings, I’m very happy to reminding You about forthcomming BOF sessions:

Once again INETA Europe and GITCA are organizing the Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions at TechEd Europe in Amsterdam, June 26-29, 2012. BOF sessions are moderated open discussions on technology related topics proposed by members of INETA/GITCA Community. BOF sessions are not formal presentations, no slides or software demonstrations. The format is casual and open with a microphone and whiteboard available to facilitate discussions.

The sessions are an opportunity for INETA/GITCA members to have technical conversations with their peers on technology related topics of interest. A topic may be related to conference content or any other topic that would be of interest to conference attendees. The BOF sessions are a great opportunity to meet with other attendees that have common interests and exchange ideas.

From my perspective (TechEd Europe 2010 in Berlin) those sessions are excellent place for discussions. We can talk about dozens of fantastic subjects from technology, through management, projects to back office. For TechEd North America over twenty three sessions has been choosen. I hope that minimum same sessions we could delivering in Amsterdam.

On last week of June every delegates could meet many of GITCA EMEA Board’s members: Ahmed Ezz, Anders Pistaceci, Aurélien Beautheac, Daniel Sorlov, David Nudelman, Kris Seeburn, Marcos Nogueira, Rolf Masuch and me. Find us on Communnity Booth, MVP Corner, TLC, Labs Area and of course Birds-of-a-Feather sessions!

So, if You going to Amsterdam don’t wait – send your submission:

Submit your proposal before May 31.