[EN] How to DO IT? SharePoint 2007, 64-bit Office and Data Sheet View.

I have been asked by one of my colleague: “I can’t edit my list in library in SharePoint site in excel view. Changing data are very painfull” So, let’s investigate it. I remember that this functionality worked few years ago. And one of these day or once upon a time… whatever. First targer: browser. Checking Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer (8, 9, 10) give me results none. Nothing happened: friendly sites, minimalizing security, enablling active-x – doesn’t matter. So, I thought about preparing test lab for this case (before implement something in production system).

Captura_SPListDataSheetView01Pict.1 | Creating new SharePoint 2007 list in library. Choosing option is Create List in Datasheet View.

Captura_SPListDataSheetView02Pict.2 | Choosing name of list, for exampe ConfigDatabase (everything asstandard, as user requested)

Captura_SPListDataSheetView03Pict.3 | And – unfortunatelly – receiving proof of this problem: “It cannot be dispayed in Datasheet View for one or more of the following reasons…”

Emtpy list is not a problem, but list with data? This is a probem. Changing data row-by-row it’s a hard job. Especially when we have more than five or ten rows. Or when we want change data by column in multiple rows. Let’s look for data:

Captura_SPListDataSheetView04Pict.4 | Same error with filled data. Argghhh

The solution is simple. This problem appears when we use Microsoft Office Excell (2007, 2010, 2013) in 64-bit version. Why? Because Datasheet Vie IS NOT SUPPORTED for Office application in 64-bit version. It’s not a problem of SharePoint Server, is not a problem of browser, Internet Explorer (except one exception). It’s incompability problem. Fortunately we can instal special addin on our client machine (in my case working on 64-bit Windows 8 too). We must download 25 MB file named: Microsoft Office Access Database Engine 2007 {available for download from THIS place}

Captura_SPListDataSheetView05Pict.5 | Of course after downloading and executing: accepting license terms

Captura_SPListDataSheetView06Pict.6 | Less than two minutes and go.

Even we don’t have any other Microsoft Office 2007 application we should firs going to Windows Update for getting security updates for this small package.

Captura_SPListDataSheetView07Pict.7 | We get four updates. Client restart is not necessary.


Pict.8 | And finally our list is available in Datasheet View


As we see problem wasn’t very hard to resolving, but it was important for users. So, with my Best Practices: add installation of this small application to “Must-To-Do” client’s installation disk.