[EN] Last Speaking… in first half of 2014

In next Saturday (21st of June) I will realize one of my plan/dream/idea which growth for last few months. In last year I have been invited for speaking in probably biggest conference in my life:

I will provide short session about: “Secure High Availability of Your Data” and I’m honored to be Chair of Info 2-7: IT Security Technologies Track. What is BIT Congress? As we can read on conference site:

InfoTech-2014 aims to strengthen the technical and business ties in information technology industries, to bring together experts and industry leaders to share technological advancements and business experiences, and to jointly explore opportunities in emerging information technologies. This congress provides an ideal platform for industrial practitioners and academia to keep up to date with current technology trends, interact with industry experts and network with peers.

InfoTech-2014 is proposing an ambitious and unique program based around major themes involving digital society and opportunities, and will feature an exciting line-up of keynote speakers and intense breakout sessions, where lively and interactive debates will take place among the delegates. The 3 Newly Launched Sectors are a well planned as Parallel Thematic Forums, Frontier Technological Program, and IT/ICT Business Matchmaking and Career Fairs

I expect that it will be very big, no… massive huge conference, based on the Keynote Speakers:

Opening Remark by Local Government Official
Keynote Speech by Senior Official from Ministry of Commerce
Title: Broadband China and Big Data Strategy
Mr. Xinmin Gao, Vice Chairman, Internet Society of China, China

Title: Sustainability and Construction and Development of Smart Cities
Mr. Vernon Turner, Senior Vice President of Research, IDC, USA

Title: Optics for Big Data Information Technology in 21st Century: A Global and Historical Perspective
Dr. El-Hang Lee, Distinguished Professor of Information Technology, INHA University, Korea

Title: From Big Data to Big Success: How Big Data is Transforming Businesses and Economy
Prof. Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Professor, University of Oxford, UK

Title: The Innovative Application of Mobile Internet Technology
Mr. Jackson He, General Manager, Intel APAC R&D Ltd., USA


Next in three days organizers prepared thirteen tracks, expo, matchmeeting area and certification area.

Sector 1: Parallel Thematic Forums
-Innovation Driven Digital Economy
Info 1-1: Smart Digital Government
Info 1-2: Smart Digital Finance
Info 1-3: Smart Digital Manufacturing
Info 1-4: Smart and Green City
Info 1-5: Smart Digital Education
Info 1-6: Smart Digital Healthcare

Sector 2: Frontier Technological Program
-Seek Next Generation Smart Solutions
Info 2-1: Advanced Computing and High-End Software Engineering
Info 2-2: 4G/5G Mobile Networks
Info 2-3: Big Data Theory, Applications and Challenges
Info 2-4: Microelectronic and Photo Electronic Technologies
Info 2-5: Artificial Intelligence Systems
Info 2-6: Network and Communication Technologies
Info 2-7: IT Security Technologies

Sector 3: IT/ICT Business Matchmaking and Career Fair
-New Software, New Hardware, New Technology, New Products and Job Openings

Sector 4: IT Certificate Training Courses and Workshops
-Making You Qualified for Better Careers

Sector 5: Social Activities
-Networking for Endless Potentials
Activity 5-1: Welcome Banquet and Art Performance
Activity 5-2: Cocktail Parties
Activity 5-3: Field Trip to Software and Industrial Parks
Activity 5-4: Culture Tour in Dalian

Sector 6: IT/ICT EXPO
-Stimulating Your Sales and Expanding your High-end Customers
System software, support software, application software, software information service, embedded software and hardware manufacture and other: animation and games , multimedia ,mobile software ,internet platform and so on.


More info about this event You can find here: http://bit.ly/InfoTech2014