[EN] The 2012 Year has finished. Time for summary.

IMG_0062As many of my friends, a lot of bloggers and persons (better or less known) I thought about writing a short summary of my last professional year. Maybe it will not be very interesting for You (hope not) but it’s important for me – to be fair with me, myself nad I. So, what’s happened?

It was very special year for my. In a standard calendar Year 2012 just finished. But The Year of The Dragos still continue… It was very hard year with some personal affairs (this blog is not good place to write about it – but if You know me – two good things happened). I will try concentrate to my professional life, with my company, with my coleagues, with my community (communities) and with my personal goals for past year:

  • Professional Job
  • Normally I’m working in Data Center in Wrocław. In non-standard hours (like 168 h per month in 24/7/365 mode). Generally nothing new happened, except… I’m living in this DC for last seven Year. In the middle of last year my branch has been sold with “all benefits of invertory”. The future is unknown, but it’s still “CORPORATION”
  • Teaching
    • I’m very happy, ‘cos I had great pleasure for providing some Microsoft Official Course Course trainings, oriented for SharePoint and SQL Server. My personal rate is pretty good: avg about 7,95 / but of course could be better. And I preffer teaching in English than in Polish.
  • Learning
    • I hadn’t enought time for lear something interesting and important for me. In this area last year has failed. I know one of my personal goals for next year is learning more, and more. However I spend some days in security training with subjects like: cryptography, wifi hacking, wireshark, big ip, back track, hsm and more.
  • User Group (s)
    • I’m worked hard (Yes I know not enough hard as possible) with my first group: Polish SQL Server User Group in Wroclaw. I provided eight meetings of my group, and I’ve plan for more in this year. Our community in Poland are still in “development” and we had better and worse times in last year.
  • Speaking
    • I’m speaker. Yes I’M SPEAKER. I had great opportunnity for speaking on User Grups Meeting in Poland (9 sessions / Wroclaw, Cracow, Warsaw), IT Conferences in Poland (5 sessions / Cracow, Warsaw, Wroclaw) and Professional Conferences across Europe (8 sessions / London, Cambridge, Sofia, Dublin, Berchtesgaden).
  • Blogging
    • I’m still blogger, sometimes more active, sometimes less. It depends on my free time. But I’m still owner of my three professional blogs: My MVP Blog {62 posts } (You are here), about Licensing {only 3 posts} (You can go here) and IT PRo {28 posts} (which is here). I also writing on another blogs…
  • Social Media
  • Conferences
    • ooppss. I was on many, many conferences last year. I provided sessions, and or supporting in “helpers” role and just was attendee. From 27 Conferences most important for me was: SQL Saturdays (Dublin, Cambridge, Munich, Sofia), SQLBits (London), SQL in the City (London), VMWare Forum, IBM IT Forum, EMC Forum, DevDays, TechEd Europe and MVP CEE & Italy Summit. Most effectivness, most influenced, most practical.
  • Travels
    • My travel diary says: “You travelled a lot, more than year before and still counting”. Summary statistics are very interesting for me:
  • Writing
    • I wrote three articles for magazines, dozens (twenty maybe thirty) news on WSS site. Nothing super special, I’ve plan for writing more this year.
  • Collaboration
    • I had great opportunnity to be an Technical Reviewer for book about MDX in SQL Server 2012. Thank You Ashim Mazumder for this project.
  • Recognizing

    imageSo, generally my professional year finished better than 2011. In 2013 I’ve plan to working more, writing more, speaking more, blogging more, more self-coaching… But where is work-life balance? Be sure, I’m controlling crowds.