[EN] Anorak’s Weekly Reading List

Another week, another reading list. This tile a little shorter than week before, bou nobody knows what will happen in next week…


  • LINK | Man comes forward after woman knocked out by drone
  • LINK | Lynda(dot)com In-Demand Skills.
  • LINK | Microsoft’s Vision for Data Analytics
  • LINK | 14 Polish phrases that British people find hilarious
  • LINK | Computer Systems Security Course by MIT
  • LINK | Surveillance and the rule of law
  • LINK | How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Succeeding
  • LINK | A Pret a Manger has opened in East London and hipsters are losing it


  • LINK | Windows Server 2003 end of support: Five options to choose from
  • LINK | Patch Tuesday Sunset Will Be a Mixed Bag for Windows Security
  • LINK | The great Politician Hack
  • LINK | One lord leaping on the government’s IT flaws
  • LINK | CLOUDSEC15: Expect The Unexpected
  • LINK | MIT udostępniło materiały z przedmiotu „Bezpieczeństwo Systemów Komputerowych”
  • LINK | A closer look at the Certified Information Security Manager certification
  • LINK | AMD vs. Intel — the war is lost, as Su’s co. bleeds badly
  • LINK | Save your money and download Microsoft’s free eBooks on Windows 10
  • LINK | Microsoft releases photodna for public use to help fight the spread of child pornography
  • LINK | How I optimised my life to make my job redundant
  • LINK | Annual Performance Palooza hosted by the Performance Virtual Chapter
  • LINK | The End of SQLRally
  • LINK | A Key Step to Improving Network Security: Challenge the Status Quo
  • LINK | #ProjectServer and #SharePoint 2010 / 2013 July 2015 Cumulative Update #PS2010 #SP2010 #PS2013 #SP2013 #MSProject

NOTE: week 30 | year 2015

[EN] Anorak’s Weekly Reading List

Another week, another Weekly List. It’s next of few holiday’s weeks, so more interesting articles I found.


  • LINK | UK could meet 2°C global warming target with uncompromising policy push
  • LINK | Relaxed Machinery Community interview to Rusty Hodge
  • LINK | The Economy Seat Concept That Will Have Passengers Booking the Middle Seat
  • LINK | What Computers Dream of When They Look at Porn (NSFW)
  • LINK | Fundacja Panoptykon
  • LINK | The Most Adorable and Awesome Sci-Fi Love Story Ever: The One-Minute Time Machine
  • LINK | Largest Model Railroad: America’s Northlandz!
  • LINK | Founded at MIT, this startup just picked Seattle for its new HQ
  • LINK | The England women’s team were welcomed home with some everyday sexism… from their own FA


  • LINK | E-Book: SharePoint Governance Best Practices
  • LINK | Comparison of e-book formats
  • LINK | The Warsaw Security Forum
  • LINK | Massive leak reveals Hacking Team’s most private moments in messy detail
  • LINK | The Collab365 “Call for Speakers”
  • LINK | Surprise! The cost of cloud is about to rise
  • LINK | What are Microservices?
  • LINK | I’m giving away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks again!
  • LINK | NYSE, United Airlines, WSJ contemporary down, cyber attacks or incidents?
  • LINK | The Inevitable Return of COBOL
  • LINK | Download all the Ignite Videos and Slides
  • LINK | Announcing Apache Spark on Azure HDInsight
  • LINK | SharePoint Migration Toolkit (2010 & 2013)
  • LINK | What is SQL Data Warehouse?
  • LINK | Defense in Depth: Windows 8.1 Security
  • LINK | Browse through our extensive list of free Security magazines
  • LINK | SharePoint Saturday London – Imperial College
  • LINK | Hacking Team 0-Day Shows Widespread Dangers Of All Offense, No Defense

NOTE: week 29 | year 2015

[EN] T-7 Days till my next session… at SQLSat Manchester

LOGO__SQLSatManchesterA week in advance annoucement. I’m very happy to be one of the speakers at upcoming SQL Saturday No 418 in Manchester (England). This conference will be hosted by my very good friend Chris Testa-O’Neill {BLOG|LINKEDIN|TWITTER} and his team in very interesting place. The event will take place at the Mechanics Institute in Manchester. Founded in 1824, it’s goal was to provide adult education to the local area, especially in the areas of science and technology.  This SQL Saturday will be splitted for two days:

Friday: with six excellent pre-conf/workshops:

  • SQL Server Business Intelligence | Chris Testa-O’Neill
  • Database source control workshop | Alex Yates
  • Practical R: A hands-on training day | Stephanie Locke
  • Building Big Data Solutions with Microsoft Azure HDInsight | Graeme Malcolm
  • SQL Server 2014 In-memory technologies – Columnstore, In-Memory OLTP | Tony Rogerson
  • Machine Learning without a PhD in statistics | Andrew Fryer

Saturday: with twenty nice more excellent sessions focused for topics: Business Intelligence, Azure, Business Analytics, Data Practices and DBA. And list of speakers is really, really impressive:

Bob Duffy + Satya Jayanty + Chris Testa-O’Neill + Gavin Campbell + Dmytro Andriychenko + Alex Whittles + Stephane Haby + Graeme Malcolm + Stephanie Locke + John Martin + Alex Yates + Ben Cooper + Steve Wharton + Ian Macdonald + David Dye + Kevan Riley + Andrew Fryer + David Williams + Terry McCann + Uwe Ricken + James Rowland-Jones + David Morrison + Adam Aspin + Neil Hambly + Emanuele Zanchettin + Tony Rogerson + Chris Adkin

International company, many experts: MVPs, MCMs. A lot of ons of discussions, coffee, comments, swags, networking opportunities and Saturday full of knowledge.

I will present one of my favourite session AD 2015. 2AM A Disaster Just Began… at 1:30 PM in Dean Room.

More details and resitration are available at the conference page: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/418/EventHome.aspx